Posted 14 hours ago on April 10, 2012, 4:01 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

mayday poster

To the activist, the rebel, the revolutionary, the dreamer. To all who believe in a better world. To those who  have found their voice, and those voices that have been met with the sniper’s bullet. To those whose voices have been taken from them. To the peaceful who have been met with brutality and violence, the loving who have been met with hatred. Those who beg for understanding, but are met with ridicule. The free thinkers, the questioners, the dissenters, those who have woken up, and now rattle the chains that have held us down. To the freedom fighters all around the globe.

Raise your fists, break your chains. Shake the world under your feet, and make a noise so loud, that the 1% will cower in their marble halls. For the time of The People has come. Those who consider themselves our masters will find themselves standing in the path of a force the likes of which the world has never seen. For the world relied on our compliance. Our silence, our sheepish ways of living how we are told, for our acceptance of the oppressor’s so called power. But this  power was an illusion. Yes the power did not lie in the bank accounts, the pockets of CEOs, the chambers of Ivory towers under lock and key. No. the power has been with The People. The people who survive day to day. The children who cry at night from the pains of hunger, the students who dreams were stolen from them, or sold at prices so high, there is no hope of escape. Those who face violence and weaponry, and defend themselves with nothing but an idea. But it is this idea you see, that makes them strong. An idea cannot be beaten. An idea cannot be gassed, or shot. For it lives in our very souls, and no matter what stands against us, this idea cannot be destroyed.

So my fellow people, rise up without fear. Take back what is rightfully yours. This world belongs to you. You are powerful. You are a force so strong that Mother Nature herself cowers in your presence. This world will bend to your demands, and begin anew. Our battle cries will be heard in every street, echo off every building, and shatter the very foundations of all those who enslave us. For we are many. We are strong. We are awake. We are above your fear mongering, you who seek to silence us. You cannot threaten us with lies of alarm and panic. Your words are mist that dissipates as we march. Though the night may be long, and the oppressive darkness may seem so deep, that the dawn seems an impossible distant dream, we shall march. We will take to the streets, and march on until we reach a dawn that mankind has never been witness to. This dawn will produce a light so strong that the fear hatred and doubt in our hearts will vanish like the early morning dew upon a blade of grass. Our hearts will instead be a raging inferno that cannot be extinguished. Fear us you 1%, for we are coming, and we are already here. We are many, and We are one. We are here, and everywhere. We are united and cannot be divided. You are no longer our masters, and we no longer bend to your will.

My fellow freedom fighters. Do not despair. No laws can choke out the fire that is already raging around this world. They will ridicule you, they will fight against you. Your peaceful actions will be met with such force, it may seem as if there truly is no chance. But I am telling you now. This fear is the sound of the world changing. It is the sound of the wings of change ushering in a new era. The People’s era. Do not despair youth of this world. This new world belongs to you. We will carry this world into the light of truth and equality. Our time has come. Your time has come. Stand with me my brothers and sisters, it is time to celebrate. No longer feel your pain and sufferings. For the world is changing. Yes, the old world is slipping away, and in its stead a new world has arisen. The world as it truly should be. Be strong, my comrades, and we shall see the dawn of the People.

Solidarity to the freedom fighters across this world.

Join us on May 1st to take the streets ///

Written by Maddie from Occupy Naperville

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4 Responses to MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!


  2. hayley says:

    Can you drop the communistic overtones? I agree with your sentiment – but consider myself a brother or rather sister to you and not a comrade. Certain laws are for our protection and civil rights. It’s exposing hypocracy and deposing self enriching legacy that will allow a fair existence for us all. Learning from history we will see that there is no new thing under the sun. Allow people to self govern, regulate and express without building hatered and fear. Otherwise we are just swopping one set of idealism for another. Let peace be the way – that is the price of real freedom

  3. Barb says:

    I basically agree with everything you said here, except for one very important difference. Mother Nature is on our side and we need to be on hers. She does not cower in our presence. Her displeasure with our destructive habits is quite obvious. She gives us abundance as long as we respect her. We freedom fighters must also fight for preservation of our planet.

  4. hayley says:

    Well said Barb. We most definately need to shift our thinking of ‘Saving the Planet’ – to ‘Saving Ourselves’. Mother Nature does a wonderful job of restoring and renewing all by herself. It’s us mortals that need to adjust our behaviour and respect her or else WE lose

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