New RPW chapter: Networked model of PUP in Mauritania | Reclaiming Public Water

A new chapter contributed to the Reclaiming Public Water book (online collection of chapters). The PUP project which is the focus of this article is primarily a cooperation between ONEP and public state company SNDE (Mauritania). The dynamic characteristics of this project is that several public companies (from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Burkina Faso) are also on board and that they have created a ‘networked model’ of PUP. Satoko Kishimoto of TNI’s Water Justice project believes that this article contributes tremendously to our understanding of and thinking about public public partnerships.

Summary of article:
While both North–South partnerships and South-South Partnerships have strengths and limitations, linking these in networked models is an effective way to mobilise expertise and funding and achieve success. Such a networked partnership, involving six public water operators from Europe and two from Africa, was developed to improve access to water in Mauritania. The partnership rests on a solid basis of shared public service principles. A crucial factor in the partnership is the contribution of the Moroccan state water company ONEP, one of Africa’s best performing public water operators. Continue reading