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(last updated March 2010)    

This page looks at some of the free tools you can use to start networking with your co-workers and other unionists. Many of these tools have competitors. Generally we’ve named our favourite, along with a ranking (in descending order), along with an example of how it might be used, and some alternatives. Please use the form at right to tell us what we’ve missed, why we’re wrong, and/or what your own experience has been with these tools. And if you want to keep up with all this, keep an eye on Mashable.


iGoogleiGoogle allows you to create a passworded web space which you can then share with others as the perfect environment for small collectives (such as fellow union members). For my money, this is the killer app of unions wanting to get the best out of Web 2.0. It’s easier to set up and much more user-friendly than GoogleSites. There are hundreds of gadgetsyou can add to your site, and all of it is free. Continue reading