Spain is Ground Zero for the P2P Revolution | Michel Bauwens

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Within Spain, the organization of these camps is striking: they work like small kibbutzim where everybody shares what they have and where the decisions are adopted by consensual agreement. Their posters carry slogans as imaginative as those from May ‘68 in Paris: “Our dreams are too big for their polls”, “I think, therefore I disturb”, “No house, no job, no retirement, no fear”, “Take the street”, “Read more”, “I am not against the system, the system is against me”, “Your booty, my crack” (Botín, the family name of the owner of the Santander Bank, the biggest Spanish bank and one of the biggest all over the world, means ‘booty’ in Spanish). Reading the slogans, you will find few complaints lodged about particular political leaders as one might have expected. Instead, people are focused on the lack of participation in decision-making processes and market tyranny over the entire political class. These protesters are by no means apolitical: they like to refer to themselves as ‘superpolitical’. – Pedro Moreno
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Unidentified Revolutionary Objects (UROs) Appear with Thunderstrikes and Take Over Major Cities across the World!

“Toma la Plaza”: Frustration with Unemployment, BudgetCuts Fuels Grassroots Protests in Spain / Democracy Now! May 26, 2011

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Tens of thousands of Spanish protesters are demonstrating across the country calling for better economic opportunities, a more representative electoral system, and an end to political corruption. The pro-democracy protests started on May 15 in Madrid when people gathered in the central plaza to advocate for change, calling the budding movement “Toma la Plaza,” or “Take the Square.”In the past week, protests have spread to more than a dozen cities across Spain. The country has the highest unemployment rate in Europe—nearly half of its population under 30 years old is jobless. Protesters are sustaining their decentralized movement through donations of food, fuel and even computers. Continue reading

iWorkers Union International – Internet Labour Union

Via Scoop.itMapping Social Network Unionism Worldwide

The iWorkers Union unites and represents internet, information technology, and remote presence workers around the world with one clear voice. We encourage industry and service sector standardization, and classification of job descriptions, and working conditions across a broad range of internet employment situations.

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