Another World is Now! – A #Global Spring Strategy for a Peaceful World Revolution in 2011 – 2012

#Global Spring Strategy Proposal

1. Global Solidarity building around ‘the Commons’ [now-May 2012] 

2. Global Assemblies at the Global Square – Passing the Charters on the Commons – Collecting Petitions [#1MayDay-12 May 2012]

3. Global Mobilisation – Referendums [#12M]

4. Global Swarm Strike for Transition towards Commons based p2p civilization [#15M]

5. Another World is Now – Universal Calendar Day 1 LightYear 1 [#1A]

Dear comrades, peers,

In 2011 we have achieved something never done before. We could upside down the course of things for the elite, after they created a major systemic crisis. The conversation elite wished to see has become impossible. Real Democracy has became a commons, a globally shared slogan and ideal for the %99.  Arabian flame has spread towards the other continents and our anonymous, peer to peer, and global movement spread across the world.  It is now 15M, ‘Take the Square’, Real Democracy, Now!, and Occupy everywhere. 

In 2011 we identified the road to dignity and started to walk it. Now we know where it goes, where we are going, and how to get there.

We know that to make Real Democracy happen we have to replace current destructive and underdeveloped system with healthier, advanced, inspiring, and joyful ones. These two paths are going together.  By now we are convinced that building alternative production, distribution, ownership and governance mechanisms bottom up  is not the most realistic response to the crisis of capital but the only way we have.

Now it is time to mobilize globally for this end. In order to put immediate full stop on the austerity cuts, bail-outs, and attacks towards our natural, cultural and political commons, including water, air, land. labour, money, internet and other common values that were forcefully commercialized by the privileged. In order to say Another World, Now! 

In order to harmonize our forces, ideas, visions, demands against the global capitalist system and to realize real democracy across the world,  as GAIA peerage we call every individual to join the Occupy movement, 15M, Indignados in cyber and real spaces, organize and join positive non-violence, actions, demonstrations, hacks, strikes,  mobilizations and start building on commons, p2p production systems, cooperatives and share what every you produce with your peers and with those who is in need, And use your influence and networks in order to link all progressive and revolutionary forces to each other.

Our proposal for a Global Strategy for a peer global revolution has been updated as below:

Towards May 2012, #1, #12, #15 Global Spring

1. Encouraging trade unions and other forces, movements, activists,  hactivists to link their thinking, visioning, actions, strikes, hacks around “Programs of  Commons” which would be promoted as the reliable base for future alternative systems; as well as immediate demands against the current system. Examples: decomodification of water, land, labour, money. [alternative global demands linked to the Commons would be immediate recognition of 4 hour work day, free and open internet, decommodification public services, full stop on carbon emission, direct access to policy making. These are some of these core demands we can hold on altogether yet obviously there are many others to protect the commons. Effort towards unification and accelerating the momentum in Europe and globally can be around these days > 24-25 February, 29 February, 8 March, 28-29 March, 31 March, 1 May, 12 May, 15 M, and other mobilisations and spaces in between. see: 2012 Road to Dignity]

2. On May 1st, 2012 we gather our assemblies link them to each other on the Global Square. Stand for 1st of May, organise/join/support the Mayday global strike, in alliance globally with the labor movement, all the working people, invite them to join us, listen our alternatives and support them in #12 an #15 Global mobilizations. We invite people’s assembles to write universal people’s laws/charters, on the Commons,  Human Rights i.e  by using wiki processes, collaborative tools will be embedded  in the TGS. Start discussion on people’s charters in the assemblies and on the Global Square and issue these charters before the #12M.  [linking new and existing territorial/de-territorial peoples’ assemblies to the rising and existing territorial/de-territorial work place and neighbourhood councils, transnationally on the TGS means creating the largest community of cause, and seeds of future mechanisms of people’s global governance]

3. On the #12th of May we mobilise and rise up for those alternatives (following a similar strategy developed by the Italian water justice movement [ ]):  by utilizing the Global Square Project and using platforms like Avaaz we do petitions and collect hundreds of million of signatures to push these charter on local, national, and international polities, referendums.

4. Global Swarm-Strike #15M – Another World Now! Transition towards real alternatives, commons based p2p societies  – The last stage is launching an open ended harmonised swarm attack in order to push the people’s p2p laws forward, transnationally and peacefully.

5. Global Universal Calendar – from June, 1 2012 on = Day 1, Year 1 [non-earth centric, non-western, non-Christian, one not taking Jesus’ b-day as 0, but a universe centered calender, time commons, taking the big-bang as Zero, etc.]  

MAY the force be with us!

Hasta la siempre victoria!

GAIA – Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration / Organised Network Union for the Labour’s Others

8 thoughts on “Another World is Now! – A #Global Spring Strategy for a Peaceful World Revolution in 2011 – 2012

  1. —– Original Message —–
    From: Tom Daniell
    To: ;
    Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 2:16 PM
    Subject: [Cc-brighton] Soundbytes for social change project (needs visionsand voices)

    Hey Brightonactivists,

    (Tom Daniell here) Please take a two minutes to read about this new project, taking place over the next 6 weeks which will result in a really useful new tool for us to inspire more collective action and provide a free web archive of soundbytes for us to use alongside campaigns.

    It depends completely engagement from a diverse group of people who are active in struggle for social change / alternative futures and it’s about spreading messages for revolutionary change, in ways that will be lasting and actually get through to people, amidst the image pollution of this hyper-consumer information age.

    I need help in generating the material to create an internet archive of Sound files which will make narratives of what kind of future(s) we are fighting for, accessible to the online community; to be used for film or music projects, to spread new visions/ideas of what human progress is/could be etc..

    The slightly longer term goal is about about direct action – using the sound-system to amplify the soundbytes/soundscapes in edited compositions: on actions, at protests, in shopping centres…

    But first things first; we need to think about our alternative visions, cultural visions; ‘shared visions’ as this guy says –

    ‘Shared visions act as forces of innovation and what designers can do, what we can all do; is imagine some situation or condition that does not yet exist but describe it in sufficient detail that it appears to be a desirable new version of the real world.’ (Thackera, 2007)

    What is the best future we can imagine for our children and their children and their children and..?
    What would the future look like if we won all of our campaigns?
    We need to try and describe this…

    So what does the future are we fighting for look like?
    – I’ve broken it up into 3 questions, hopefully encompassing the key areas of our motivations for action..
    So here are the questions, id be grateful if you could start thinking about, to answering the one most relevant to you –

    1. What does a sustainable future look like?
    2. What does a post-capitalist future look like?
    3. What does a society based on equality look like?

    The soundbytes selected for use on the website will be short; each one only one or two sentences max, so try and formulate a few ideas that are condensed into sentences or a short paragraph. But don’t feel limited – if describing your thoughts to these questions text form to send back – writing a full paragraphs or two is fine.

    If you’d like to have your vision recorded to be used in this project, email me back with your phone number and we’ll arrange a time in the next three weeks to meet up and record your vision.

    If you don’t want your voice used but would like to contribute your vision to be narrated in the project – please send me back a few sentences or short paragraphs you compose which describe your alternative vision(s). This would be really valuable.

    The idea for the website is this: ~
    ‘Soundfights is a soundbyte archive to spread ideas for a positive future…’
    – An MP3 player will be embedded on the opening page, so that when you arrive a ‘soundscape’ plays a composition of all the short diverse soundbytes; spoken word descriptions of possible alternative futures. The sound bytes will be of different voices, of diverse cultures.. to reflect the diversity of global movements for change… (We Are Everywhere)
    The individual sound-bytes will also be displayed in text format as short poetic sentences, so that when you click on them they automatically download themselves onto your computer (hopefully into itunes), to mix themselves with peoples music collections..

    The thinking behind this is about re-appropriating the tools that consumer capitalism uses; to hi-jack our desires into believing we’ll be better if we buy that product – This is about making soundbytes (in the same way commercial forces make images), to create desire for visions of alternative futures, to popularize the politics of resistance and to spread the meme that believes – ‘we have it in our power, to build the world anew’…

    Heres the link to the work that this sprouted from –

    Finally, please share this around to people you think would make valuable contributions too.
    Am also searching for people on our wavelength with an interesting demographic, i.e. voice, dialect, ethnicity etc. to be narrators.
    Would be amazing if any of you have any suggestions please let me know/put me touch.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    ~ Thomas Daniell


    Cc-brighton mailing list

  2. Recognizing the divinity ?within ourselves and others

    A FREE And Peaceful WORLD

    the best we could desire for ourselves and others

    No beings freedom be bound and chained by money , government IQ religion and race.

    Where we are different but equal

    Where we celebrate our diversity by allowing freedom for everyone

    True freedom ! economic freedom !political freedom ! social freedom! Religious freedom

    Where we have equal Equity

    because we all have equal right and responsibility to the earth and its resources! That this right should manifest as free access to the decision making process free access to goods an services.

    That technology no longer be bound by consumer principles .

    that production and distribution of goods and services be based on need rather than consumerism, and decided upon democratically not economically.

    that collectively we make it our priority to ensure everyone on the planet, has free access to good and healthy foodstuffs and clean water, and first class health system.

    We should do it tomorrow as in


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  5. NO! NO! NO! – I don’t know whose bright idea it is to propose this event for November 11. It isn’t listed as a scheduled event on the OWS FB page or on that of any of the other major Occupy groups. The problem is that November 11 is Veterans Day. This is OUR day! I would be personally offended and suspect that many other vets would not only be offended but would be genuinely angry by any attempt to to steal this holiday from us! IF YOU CARE ABOUT VETERANS AND OUR SUPPORT FOR THE MOVEMENT, DO NOT CLICK “LIKE” OR “SHARE” THIS!

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