Join Anonymous – Join Resistance

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We Are Anonymous – Join Us…

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41 Responses to Join Anonymous – Join Resistance

  1. Curtis Beardy says:

    im in ! i will join

  2. Hood says:

    You are not, nor out.
    You are anonymous.
    Do Whatever you think is right. Do not, whatever you think is wrong

  3. Python says:

    let me in i wanna be part of all of this

  4. Steven Bruno says:

    So I’m guessing that since Mr. Hood said that no one is neither in nor out, that means if we just see an operation being held somewhere all we need to do is go and wear a guy fawke mask right?

  5. Netoo Ryz says:

    let me get in i wanna be part of this too

  6. ... says:

    same here, Anonymous is so cool

  7. cavan bebbington says:

    I wanna be a part of anonymous i think its very skilled all the hacking they do

  8. Allison L says:

    Please let me join.

  9. iankropp says:

    u know what ill join.

  10. Tony Reed says:

    yo, call me

  11. Tony Reed says:

    I want in. Sign me up.

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  13. trevor says:

    you cant join watch this vid it explains it all

  14. Anon says:

    I am with you

  15. Firepower13 says:

    Hello i am a fellow believer of the police state law and i believe it will happen. I think it is good that all people of anonymous are helping the common man and slowimg down corporate companies. I am with everyone in anomymous i am not of age to be considered an adult but i still am more educated about this subject matter than most americans. I have researched hour after hour this subject. I know my stuff and personaly i think that the government it as complete fault and that a stop must happen. I know that anonymous means good and i wish to have contact with other believers.

  16. cristian says:

    dude you either ask him to join but this is not were you ask him neither i will tell you unless you know already

  17. Valesco says:

    Hello, let me know if you need once any help from Switzerland! Your cause is mine, my cause is yours!

    Fight for your right!

    An Anonymous Sympathizer

  18. koso says:

    I fully sympathize with anonymous and the goal and he is totally right😀 keep fighting (the peaceful way) for the rights of each of us

  19. freedomfighter says:

    u must join x chat 2 for our webchats. more info to come

  20. i will join. i agree that the world needs to change.

  21. jyri says:

    could i please join to u

  22. AnonymousSupporter says:

    Iwaanaa Join You Anonymus!! Go Go !! Yeahh!!!

  23. AnonymousSupporter says:

    GoGo Anonymous!!!

  24. Cowboy says:

    I put what My old co called me I am a two war vet and swore an oth that oth is for life to the defined the constitution I hate what’s going on in this country I wish to help

  25. sonic says:

    i wanna be part of anonymous i want to help

  26. anonymous says:

    I’d like to talk to other anonymous please email me how this can be done

  27. Ian says:

    I wana join anonymous there so cool

  28. Santos enrique jesus jimenez says:

    My name is santos jimenez. I am 19 yrs old , all my life I wanted to be apart of something, something that is great, something that needs to be heard. For the past 4 years I have seen and heard the corruption of the government. I know of the aluminatie. I know what is there mission for this world and for the people in it. I want to make a change, I want freedome for all, I want to be Ananymous.

  29. WaWa says:

    I want in. Sign me up.

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  32. Caitlin says:

    I want in….

  33. tabeliouna says:

    i want be a anonymous..hepl me please !!

  34. Steve says:

    Sign me up.. Lets bring down those shit corporate fats..

  35. 14398 says:

    I’m in. I wanna be anonymous.

  36. 14398 says:

    I understand what illuminate is up too. I want it to stop. Millions of people around the world aren’t aware ig what’s happening. We need to end this. I want to be anonymous. I’m in

  37. William Buchanan says:

    I’m in, anything to oppose the illuminati arseholes

  38. james says:

    I took an oath back when I was in the guard to serve protect and die for my country if needed. Not my gov. I intend on keeping that oath. I refuse to stand by and let my children grow as sheep or slaves. I am anonymous.

  39. mitchell says:

    Can I join

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