Global Revolution Agenda (1st Flier)



GAIA – Activation for the upcoming Wall Street and Paris occupations on 17 September 2011, #Networganise!

Dear comrades,

War or Revolution!

Apparently these are the two options capital and state elite put before the humanity. If we people do not intervene on time to create possibility for the letter better option; world revolution, many more will suffer in near future!

In order to contribute to the second option to rise, a peaceful world revolution, we would like to encourage you to activate all your networks for the upcoming Paris and Wall Street Occupations on 17 September 2011.

We need to bring as much labour people as possible in, by connecting our people and networks to each other and to the existing movements in Egypt, Spain, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Latin American countries, and elsewhere.

Peter Hall-Jones and NUN provides a frontier space at to this aim.

There are many others as Take the Square, European Revolution, Spanish Revolution, some of the links can be found here [] and here [] at the bottom of the page.

It is time to effort more concretely on building bridges between movements and networks in order to form a grand alliance of the subaltern forces.

As Peter W. would say; May the Force be with us!

In solidarity