Join us together with grassroots movements from Europe and the US to curb corporate influence and reclaim democracy!

Annabel Park of the ‘Coffee Party’, Susan George, Public Citizen’s Craig Holman, 15May / Indignados activists, UK Uncut, Italian referendum activist Tommaso Fattori, Austrian political scientist
Hubert Sickinger and many more!


Dear friends,

We are pleased to invite you to ALTER-EU’s conference ‘Curb corporate influence and reclaim democracy’ that is held on 13-14 October, 2011. 

These are exciting times for transparency and ethics campaigners. Early in the year the European Commission announced (rather poor) rules for its 1000+ external expert groups, it revised the code of conduct to which (ex-)commissioners have to adhere and it launched a joint lobby transparency register together with the European Parliament. Additionally the European Parliament has published its new code of conduct for members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in early July, following the cash-for-influence scandal which saw three MEPs caught red-handed accepting well-paid second jobs in return for tabling legislative amendments. No doubt, these are some of the most important lobbying transparency and ethical reforms in the European Union (EU) since ALTER-EU’s inception back in 2005. 

ALTER-EU has been tracking these processes closely, increasing political pressure to ban lobbying secrecy and corporate privileges in the EU’s institutions. While the final results do not deliver all that ALTER-EU wanted to see (far from), some of these are important steps forward. Overall the developments offer our network of 180 member groups plenty of scope to expose other and challenge existing conflicts of interests in the future. 

We will continue to campaign for better checks and balances in European decision-making to reverse the loss of democracy that corporate power causes, one of the first occasions being the upcoming ALTER-EU assembly. Here grassroots organisations from both sides of the Atlantic will help us to identify new ways of cooperation to put people and planet first. Environmental, social, and consumer protection have been second-rate considerations for too long.

A range of speakers will make the case as to how corporations affect the public interest, and what we can do to stop them. The assembly will also organise workshops that will illustrate the impacts of corporate power on pressing issues like climate change, financial reform, peace initiatives and access to medicines, giving member groups the opportunity to actively contribute to stocktaking and drawing up new plans for joint work. For a full
overview, see the attached draft programme.

Thank you for your registration and we look forward to see you on the 13-14 October.
Nina Katzemich (LobbyControl) 
Monika Kosinska (EPHA)
Paul de Clerck (FoE Europe)
Jorgo Riss (Greenpeace European Unit)
Gildas Jossec (AITEC)
William Dinan (Strathclyde University & Spinwatch)
Marc Gruber (European Federation of Journalists)
Erik Wesselius (Corporate Europe Observatory)

Practical information


Location: Mundo-B building. Rue d’Edimbourg, 26. 1050 Brussels.


Travel and lodging: with the exception of the travel costs of a limited number of participantfrom organisations unable to cover the coststhemselves, ALTER-EU is unfortunately not able to reimburse travel and accommodation costs. A list of cheap accommodation in Brusselscan be found attachedSolidarity lodging with Brussels-based campaigners might also be a possibility. Please Koen Roovers – our coalition coordinator – to learn more about this.


Register online, via the following link: Please complete your registration form before October 8, 2011.

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