The characteristics of the 15M Movement: the key to changing the world and our own lives | Take the Square

In the wake of the recent police-mediated eviction of Punto Sol (our information centre at Puerta del Sol, Madrid) and subsequent developments (police siege of Puerta del Sol, closure of the square’s underground and train stations, spontaneous demonstrations on surrounding streets, police repression), a group of us decided to lay down a series of thoughts prompted by those events. The result is the text below. While aware that there are many things in our movement which need to be improved and certainly not oblivious to the tension that has cropped up on occasion, we drafted the text to proclaim that this strong and powerful movement refuses to be cast as a victim and that the time has now come to do more than just protest: we need to retake the initiative, come back to the things we want to do.

Text read at the Puerta del Sol General Assembly on 7 August 2011:

When the local and national governments provocatively closed Puerta del Sol to the public at large, the 15M Movement responded with a strength and intelligence that we should continue to develop in the future. With that attitude, we ultimately succeeded in freeing the square, not only for  ourselves, but for everyone. In the process, we set off a wave of criticism (even among the media and the police force itself) that questioned the legitimacy of the authorities’ preposterous decisions. In effect, we thwarted an attempt to institute a state of emergency.


By practising the 15M values that have characterised the movement since 15th May: collective intelligence, horizontality, inclusivity and non-violence. Continue reading