The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Eighteen – The Long and Unconventional History of Industrial Action | Cyberunions

The Long and Unconventional History of Industrial Action

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0:39 Walton’s impressed with the site stats

  • Thanks for your visits! We’re set to run out of bandwidth again
  • Some interesting subreddits have been directing traffic to cyberunions
  • Check out r/HackBlocr/AnarchistNews and r/Cyberunions
  • Our audience is split – one third use FOSS and seem very tech savvy
  • One third use Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Let’s bring them together and build a community of practice

03:10 Stephen geeks out over Minecraft

  • Minetest is a GPL version
  • Linux install #fail on some old hardware
  • David Rovics was at the Free Hetherington in Glasgow
  • David shares his experience of the student occupation with a Boston audience
07:45 Walton reads Little Brother on his phone
  • Cory Doctorow’s book deals with online security and the surveillance state
  • The book explains Tor well – we’ve covered it in a previous show
  • ParanoidLinux is a great idea – why not check out Tails
  • Debian + Tor = information security
14:19 The UK faces its biggest strike since 1926
  • 3 million people may strike on 30 November
  • They’re striking over pensions – why?
  • Under UK labour law you need to have a trade dispute with your employer
  • UK labour law doesn’t comply with ILO Conventions
  • In South Africa and many other countries, political and solidarity strikes are legal
  • Industrial action in the UK is legalistic and bureaucratised. This is a deliberate attempt to hamstring unions
  • If unions strike illegally they become liable for the costs of industrial action
  • There is no legal way for unions to mount proper political resistance – workers need to use civil disobedience and wildcats
19:00 Some US unions use minority unionism to get around limitations
  • Instead of winning recognition and being held liable, members act in solidarity outside on contracts
  • United Electrical Workers in North Carolina use Minority Unionism
  • NC is a Right to Work State
23:30 The pub quiz strike trivia question
  • When was the first recorded strike?
  • At the village of Set Maat near Thebes (now Luxor) in ancient Egypt, under Ramses III in 1152 BC
  • Walton is inspired to recite a poem by Bertolt Brecht
27:00 Tech update
  • Free Software Foundation’s Software Friday
  • Miro is a great FOSS tool for building a web channel
  • Do we need a #cyberunions IRC channel?
  • Email Stephen or Walton with your idea
  • Or leave an audio comment on Soundcloud
  • Unions need to use the appropriate technology – maybe we need IRC to recruit programmers
33:00 Some labo(u)r news podcasts that are worth a listen

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