Moving towards a peaceful ‘war of manoeuvre’ in a global class warfare

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As P2P Foundation has also been closely following and reporting on it, P2P Global Revolutions has already been taking a momentum globally, since the historical event of Tahrir Square.The time table can also be read as the crystallisation of a P2P revolutionary work which can also be linked back to feminist uprising, environmentalist awakening, Zapatistas, the Battle of Seattle, Social Forums, the anti-war movement and others. Yet the process of global rising up has been accelerated by besides the Icelandian and Tunisian events, the Egyptian, Spaniard, Greek and UK city square occupations. The 2011 International Road to Dignity reflects this momentum of taking over the city centres. So we are moving from war of position to the war of manoeuvre.
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Violent clashes during general strike in Athens — in pictures | ROARMAG

By Jérôme E. Roos On October 5, 2011

Post image for Violent clashes during general strike in Athens — in picturesAs a 24-hour general strike paralyzed Greece and thousands of anti-austerity protesters marched on Parliament, violent clashes broke out at Syntagma.


For news on the strike, the New York Times has a (pretty bad) front-page storyhere. For our own analysis on the current situation in Greece, and a dire warning of what lies ahead as the EU, ECB, IMF and Papandreou government continue to pursue their disastrous austerity policies, read this article.

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Occupy Wall Street welcomes union involvement in weeks-long rally | The Raw Story

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NEW YORK — On the 18th day of Occupy Wall Street, the protest against corporate greed that began as a small group of grassroots activists and spread to dozens of cities across the U.S. and abroad, several big names joined the shouting masses in Liberty Square. Groups such as progressive political action group MoveOn, as well as several teachers, construction, nurses and other labor unions latched on to the protest, planning a highly visible march toward the end of the work day Wednesday. Those associated with Occupy Wall Street, however, said they had no problem with welcoming new comrades in the form of professional activist groups.
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Live coverage: Occupy Wall Street marches with unions | The Raw Story

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The video below is a live stream of the protest ongoing in New York City, courtesy of Laura Flanders, Free Speech TV and The UpTake.