The Cyberunions Podcast – Episode Twenty One: Organise, Network, Occupy!


Organise, Network, Occupy!

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0:30 Walton and Stephen’s updates

  • Stephen visits Occupy Boston
  • Coalition of Resistance in Glasgow had a teleconference with Occupy Wall Street
  • Occupy Manchester and People First in Glasgow
  • The Occupy movement is more than just a march – it’s opening political space
  • The unions have come on board too
  • Is this the birth of the Green Tea Party?
  • Occupy Wall Street has a good manifesto
  • The union busters have noticed us! They’re worried about swarm organising, Worth a show in future?
10:00 Tech updates
  • No, we’re not reviewing the iPhone 4S
  • This isn’t a lament for Steve Jobs either
  • We bang on about Facebook privacy
  • Open Graph tracks any website you visit that has a ‘like’ button – whether you click it or not
  • “Frictionless sharing” or total surveillance?
  • We suspect Google does the same, but can’t be sure
  • We hope to get server space soon, so we can provide some solutions
14:00 We have a guest – welcome Örsan
  • Walton and Örsan say something weird in a foreign language
  • Örsan is Turkish but lives in The Netherlands
  • First hand experience of marginalised and vulnerable existence as a migrant worker in a country with a resurgent right wing
  • Works with TIE-Netherlands – Transnational Information Exchange – autonomous nodes get us excited!
  • Peter Waterman is the original cyberunionist – he wroteInternational labour communication by computer : the fifth international? back in 1992
  • Waterman is at the GLU conference in Johannesburg right now
  • Initiated two projects inspired by Waterman – Social Network Unionism – mapping the ability of technology to facilitate workers’ self-organisation to create a hyperempowered working class
  • GAIA is an attempt to create a network of activists and practioners
  • Let’s have a discussion – what’s the best way to use technology to organise?
  • There is now a #cyberunions IRC channel on – join us and have your say
  • Use Facebook and Twitter to communicate – but work on an exit strategy
33:10 Feedback
  • Walton has been having wireless issues on Debian since the last kernel upgrade
  • Just installed Chakra Linux – it’s Arch with a KDE interface
  • Plot Tracer of Second Life Left Unity says there are solidarity occupations in SL
  • We are mentioned in an article in the latest edition ofLabour Research
  • The trade union education department at Stow Collegehave been using cyberunions as a resource – welcome visitors!

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