Important Call #15O Mobilisation: #OccupyPublicTransportation

Dear change makers, comrades, revolutionaries!

Tomorrow, the 15th October, will be the most special day in human history after the day occupation was invented. Tomorrow will be the symbol of awakening of humankind. After suffering from long during elite rule, humanity is finally standing up. This time we are very decisive on putting a full stop to the injustice, we are %99!

In order to reach the public spaces you want to occupy with comrades, we would like to encourage you to use peaceful occupation tactics for public transportation that we actually own.

Use civil obedience principles to occupy collectively one or two compartments only in each train or tramway to reach targeted city centre, so that not yet awakened ones can also use these vehicles.

Pay special attention to not being emotional and negative when conductor approach you to ask tickets. Tell him/her that you have the right to do so, and if you want you can say European public sector unions and other big unions supports the mobilisation.

Meanwhile we are going to be trying, you might do the same, to influence other national public service unions from below, to support the Occupy movement of the indignant ones which include almost all union members by providing free transportation.

Hasta la victoria!


Agora Brussels : 8th to 15th October

Via Scoop.itMapping Social Network Unionism Worldwide

Agora Brussels continues its activities. Yesterday, during the day, workshops about horizontality and assemblies, european austerity measures and influence of financial lobbies took place for the fourth day. In the context with the international Anti-Capitalist Day a group of 30 Indignant took Dexia Bank’s main building in Brussels, which was privatized and rescued. The action was to occupy symbolically the bank, to do an assembly and then go peacefully but leaving some banners. When the Indignants were about to leave, the police arrived and closed the doors. 6 people were handcuffed and detained. After a small time they were released without charge. A girl was injured.
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Unions and the Occupy Mvt (Lee Sustar, Socialist Worker, USA) | via Peter Waterman

Same struggle, same fight

Lee Sustar looks at the dynamics of the unions’ support for the Occupy movement.

October 11, 2011

Nurses bring their solidarity to Occupy Wall Street (Bob Jagendorf)Nurses bring their solidarity to Occupy Wall Street (Bob Jagendorf)

A SPIRITED labor protest against a mortgage bankers’ meeting in Chicago on October 10 got a boost in numbers and energy from the local Occupy movement–highlighting the growing potential to build a fighting working-class movement for economic justice across the U.S.

Since its beginnings close to a month ago, the Occupy Wall Street action in Manhattan’s financial district has become a rallying point for growing numbers of New Yorkers fed up with the greed and power of the bankers and bosses–and it has inspired similar protests in cities around the country.

The October 10 march on the American Mortgage Bankers Association–sponsored by Stand Up Chicago, a coalition of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and a range of community groups–was planned weeks before Chicago activists started an Occupy encampment.

As it happened, the Occupy activists established their round-the-clock protest outside the Federal Reserve Bank, just around the corner from the CTU’s gathering spot outside the Chicago Board Options Exchange. By 3 p.m. on October 10–an hour before the march was to set off–around 300 people were jamming the sidewalks outside the Fed and the Bank of America building across the street. Continue reading