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Important Call #15O Mobilisation: #OccupyPublicTransportation

Dear change makers, comrades, revolutionaries! Tomorrow, the 15th October, will be the most special day in human history after the day occupation was invented. Tomorrow will be the symbol of awakening of humankind. After suffering from long during elite rule, humanity is … Continue reading

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Agora Brussels : 8th to 15th October

Via Scoop.it – Mapping Social Network Unionism WorldwideAgora Brussels continues its activities. Yesterday, during the day, workshops about horizontality and assemblies, european austerity measures and influence of financial lobbies took place for the fourth day. In the context with the … Continue reading

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Unions and the Occupy Mvt (Lee Sustar, Socialist Worker, USA) | via Peter Waterman

Same struggle, same fight Lee Sustar looks at the dynamics of the unions’ support for the Occupy movement. October 11, 2011 Nurses bring their solidarity to Occupy Wall Street (Bob Jagendorf) A SPIRITED labor protest against a mortgage bankers’ meeting in … Continue reading

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