November 11, Occupy everything! [Releases] OWS Expands, Italian assembly supports!

[google translation from original text in Italian] 

The press TimeOut (November 3 meeting in Salaborsa), Cas (parade on November 11 from Piazza San Francesco) and “outraged and indignant” (Wednesday, November 2nd at Assembly OPT).

October 29, 2011 – 19:09

Now it’s up to us – Be Everywhere, Occupy Everything

The time of events is useful only to the expression of collective opinion. The brutality of the crisis on our lives and the remoteness of the policy (the one with lowercase p) force us to take a step further, to resume – however difficult – Politics in our hands (one with a capital P). Namely the ability to collectively solve problems that stifle our daily lives.Only by pooling our difficulties and our skills (whatever they are) will have the opportunity to change things, to have the strength to escape from the decisions of those who govern us, but just wants the profits of banks, to found a new way to democracy.

We met and met on Thursday 27 in the auditorium, packed with people, the Salaborsa.The proposals were once many: Auto Reduction, actions against banks and Equitalia, occupation of spaces to be used for public assemblies, dormitories, kindergartens, etc. .. There is apparently a widespread need to get involved because the situation is critical for all *, even if not in the same way.

Concrete proposals have emerged that try to answer this question: how do we organize to improve our living conditions? The challenge is not simple, but no one at hand, we can deal with it.

We decided to meet again Thursday, November 3 to 20 Salaborsa still working to make these proposals immediately and imagine the other, to open the battle against those forces us day after day this misery, to invent a new way of dealing with our problems and take collective decisions, to prepare, in Bologna, the Transnational Day of Action November 11, launched from the square occupied by Wallstreet who, like us, has decided to rebel against the general insecurity and impoverishment imposed by finance .

We will be everywhere, take care all!


* * * * * * * * * *

Parade Student: us 99% to 100% on the move

Friday, November 11 at 9 am in St. Francis Square

Another day of global mobilization against the cracks of the financial power to control our lives and against austerity.

11.11.11 Back to invade the streets, and we begin this new period of riots and occupations to recover the future and driven back to their senders crisis.

After the first transnational mobilizations, after the Arab riots, the UK riots, the acampadas Spanish giunsto it’s time to kick off this ruling class composed of politicians, bankers and lenders, who would have us pay the price of their debt.

Let’s start taking back the city, to go into schools and universities and to introduce a period of employment at the same time throughout Italy.

We turn our schools into places of discussion, connection and creativity, we return to coospirare together to drive them all!





Collective Individual Student

* * * * * * * * * *

Occupy The Streets. Occupy The World.

Looking at the date of October 15 we saw the emergence of a common need to look to a revival of collective word on the systemic and structural crisis that we are living in every corner of the planet: more than 1,000 events in a hundred countries around the world are opposed to policies of austerity in the global search for an alternative to the failure of this system. The 500000 and 99% are not just numbers, but they are a symptom of a chance.

In this river of outrage on common global policy is expressed through participation in large, heterogeneous and new: the Chilean student mobilizations, the acampadas Spanish occupants of Wall Street, the protagonists of the protests against the diktats of the IMF and the ECB and the 500000 Roman parade have been able to express a strong desire for cooperation and transformation. United for Global Change, this is the mood of the struggles which are tuned to the four corners of the planet.

The route which in Italy preceded the largest self-organized event of the last 40 years, saw the unit as a condition of departure. On one point we all agree is necessary to share the outcome of different struggles. This means that we can not defend the rights of labor without complaint at the same time a new welfare state, which is part of another university building that path for the protection of common goods that clearly expressed itself in the referenda of 12 and 13 June that a real redistribution of wealth passes through the great works of unnecessary conflict.

From October 15 to Bologna looked in this direction, crossing the assemblies against the financing of a project as the people mover, comparing with the precarious hit by cuts to social services, while remaining united in the struggle for the rights and dignity of migrants, screaming for a citizen’s income. And in the same direction have characterized the two public meetings subsequent to 15/10 that have opened within a yard of OPT city of ideas, comparisons, which would also take the height of the global challenge that lies ahead of us.

For this, as public meeting, we decided to take the date of mobilization launched by the occupiers of land planned Zuccotti Park on 11 / 11/11, not for cabal, but to affirm the will be the leaders and accomplices in our territory of a transformation that looks to the future of all and all of us.

The invitation is to meet Wednesday, Nov. 2 h at 21 OPT, Casarini on 17 / 5, to continue an open discussion with all the subjectivity, the associations in all parts of a city that wants to compose himself in fights, building in a shared and true practices and objectives of a common political action.

The indignant and outraged at the meeting


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