#15M Global WikiStrike: Let’s Alter the System Peacefully by Joining All Social Mobilisations and Begin Transitions

Anonymous & Open Ended


Global WikiStrike 

Decommodify the Commons, Build P2P Economies, Reclaim Life, Peace and Justice on Earth





We are ONE; connected without leaving the ‘self’ aside we rise up and work together in solidarity in order to create a mature and advanced human civilization for all! 

We declare that we are taking over the planet, to shape our future together in a bottom-up, horizontal and egalitarian way, in order to make real democracy a concrete reality. We are the end of the ‘ancient regime’ owned by the elite.

We are Occupy/Democracy Real Ya!/Take The Square/15O/15M Movements, we are Open and Free Software and Hardware activists, we are Anonymous, LulzSec, WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks, Yes Man, Avaaz, The Zeitgeist Movements, Zapatistas, Water Warriors, Slum Dwellers, Immigrants, Street Traders, Free Culture and information activists, environmentalists, unionists, feminists, anti-war activists, landless farmers, we are the base of political parties, and all other like-minded groups and individuals from every country, who support this cause by engaging in transition strikes going to take place through  occupy assemblies around the world on May 15!

We are certain that the current uprising can and need eventually replace the current production, ownership and distribution relationships across the globe with fundamentally egalitarian ways of distributed, peer to peer economies through which we could protect the planet, realise justice and maintain peace.

In such P2P economies we could reclaim the Commons from the grip of greed. We could contribute to work needed to be done for collective good, not more than 4 hours a day. This way we could physically reproduce ourselves and maintain life for others. We could use the rest of the time to flourish and thrive. Today we have the material conditions to realize these transition.

Replacing the old rotten system with a new, healthy, productive, joyful and inspiring one what we need today: This is not only possible, but also much more realistic response to the crisis. We need to build,  build and lead the transition towards mature and advanced alternatives civilizations that are in harmony with each other and with the nature, starting this May.

On the 15the May we are launching a world wide and continuous  Wiki General Strikes involving traditional industrial actions as well as new generation media actions, leaks, hacktions, occupations, meditations, art strikes, student strikes, teachers’strikes, women’s strikes, peace strikes, nudity strikes and many other creative and peaceful forms of self-expression to start the transition.

Understanding the world is not enough, we need to change it and we must to do it now! 

Join the world wide and open ended strikes that will begin,  on 15 May 2012!

People United as One, Divided by Zero

 All for one, one for all! 

What is WikiStrike! 

WikiStrike is an open ended and open to all form of strike different from traditional methods used mainly by unionised workers and aimed at improving working conditions and living standards by changing the behaviour of the employer or political ruler.

In addition to using the power we have in terms of the production process, with WikiStrikes we utilize the power coming from hyper-connectivity and the collective hyper intelligence/creativity we posses today in order to protect life, justice and peace -be it at local, national or international level.

All forces of social change can join in the global WikiStrike process and work in a collaborative way to achieve these objectives.

14 thoughts on “#15M Global WikiStrike: Let’s Alter the System Peacefully by Joining All Social Mobilisations and Begin Transitions

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  2. My feeling is that this is a great rhetorical statement, the aims and sentiments of which I thoroughly agree. But I am quite unclear about what this means in practical terms. In what way are, for example, feminists or street-workers or (unlisted) peasants and indigenous movements, many without internet access, supposed to take online (?) strike action? Does, further, the idea of a 4-hr working day, relate to the possibilities of the 85 percent or more outside the unionised/unionisable sector of labouring people? Are rural people able to work a 4-hr day? Or street-workers? I feel that there is a significant difference between a statement of belief and a call to action. I would suggest comparing this appeal to the (multilingual) Women’s Global Charter for Humanity (at http://www.worldmarchofwomen.org/publications/charte/charte/en). That is a declaration of principle indicating discrete issues or areas of possible action. It can be signed up to by those agreeing with the whole, or its separate ‘affirmations’ translated into (a variety of) actions by those so moved. Does not this call, for everything by everybody at once, echo – in admitedly contemporary and peaceful form – the apocalypticism of previous revolutionary movements? These are not rhetorical questions or challenges. My own attempt to launch a Global Labour Charter Movement (http://www.netzwerkit.de/projekte/waterman/gc) has not even reached take-off. So let us use this Wikistrike Appeal as a stimulus to discussion.

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  4. Hi Peter, let me start from the end. Followings are the links to the sites that are currently in progress. First one brings all the practical info in order to build more assemblies and occu[ations. The second one is to link all the assemblies and occupations globally through the net: http://howtocamp.takethesquare.net/ http://occupyassembly.org/
    There is a planned global mass action on the 10th December ‘World Human’s Right’ day. and an idea to use the existingcommunication channels and tools to right down a wikiHuman Rights Charter of the %99 by the 99%. I can see a direct link between your Global Labour Charter idea and Women’s Charterand other existing charters to that hopefully process to take off, which is hoped eventually turn into tansnational law making mechanisms of the peoples.
    In terms of access, I don”t think that everybody has to be online, for this and for the actions we have to put forward to enforce the possible outcomes of the law making processes. I believe wikistrikes will be open to all, and very well grounded mass actions than to push people’s laws forward against the 1% resistance.
    There are already overlappings in many anti-systemic actions and strikes. The wikistrike notice aims at linking them together from those overlappings,
    The latest post on this blog -from ROAR on ‘from wikileaks to the squares’- gives a good picture of how the new generation mass actions evloved and linked to eachother within the year 2011. From Tahrir, to Oakland, to Greece, [plus Israel, portugal and the UK] it is proven that ‘strike’ is still powerfull method. Hopefully WikiStrike framework will rise and going to combine older form with the new ones. Many offline actions/processes [including those lead by many not listed ones as indigenous, landless movements, and others] can harmonised in an open framework and can make the general stirkes/actions organised in ‘wiki’ form.
    4 hours work day and global basic income for ALL now! would be able to adress that ‘we are asking the money and time stolen from the people by the 1%’ and hence if we get these can provide income and secure job for alll, as well as so we/some of us can invest the rest of the work day for building future structures -and be able to join in the horizontal decision making processes that are rising. these needs to be asked for all globally without exception, not only for the uninonised workers. demand could be made and written down by the assemblies -as law too- and be pushed with wikistrikes by the network of movements, Not by collective agreements and unions recognied by the system.


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