List of actions of the EPSU coordinated day of action #N30

- ETUC press release: Enough is enough! European workers fight against austerity and for a better and fairer future



A unanimous resolution of the EPSU affiliated Union of Municipal Employees (GdG-KMSfB passed a motion for action on December 5th together with the other EPSU affiliated union VIDA (Health workers). The campaign launch is the direct consequence of the beginning of the effects of the crisis. The cuts in wages is the expression of the crisis in Austria.


On 30 November, Belgian affiliates hold a meeting with its members in Brussels in the morning and then they organized a picket Greek and British embassy in Solidarity. Two days later, on Friday 2 December, a national demonstration organized by the three national confederations will take place.

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Left = Luc Hamelinck – President of Belgian EPSU affiliate ACV-Openbare Diensten / CSC- Services Publics Right = Jean-Paul Devos – same union – President of the EPSU Standing Committee on National and European Administration

European Waste workers say no to austerity, 28 November, Brussels(click to enlarge)

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A national demonstration took place on 30 November outside the Parliament. In the country austerity measures have its expression in the modification of the pension system. Already in the transport sector strikes took place last week in the same sense.


Pasydy, Public Employees Trade Union, is doing solidarity actions with the public sector general strike on November 30th.

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PASYDY General Secretary, Glafkos Hadjipetrou (click to enlarge)

Czech Republic

EPSU affiliated unions in the Czech Republic are campaigning for the respect of the promised pay rise. For the entire month of November several meeting have taken place up and down the country and in the framework of the Coordinated day of action an event took place in Ústí nad Labem with the support of German DGB to support the Czech demands and to highlight the European level of awareness of the austerity measures and its alarming impact on public services.

An international event of middle European trade union representatives (from headquarters as well as from branches) of the Czech Trade Union of Health Service and Social Care. Polish, German, Austrian, Slovak and Czech unions participated.

- One Hundred does not always mean One Hundred” denounce Czech health unions

Trade unionists gathered at the main square in Usti nad Labem to raise the awareness of EPSU campaign “NO to austerity” and the national health trade unions´ campaign: “WE STAY – we want promises completed” (click to enlarge).

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On November 25, more than 150 trade unions delegates have met the Government representative and EPSU affiliates raised the issue of the upcoming European day of action of November 30.




In Finland all EPSU affiliated union have sent a joint letter to the Government regarding the current policies in Europe. This was done together with a media and online campaign to give visibility to the EPSU action day.

PDF - 123.3 kb
Finnish unions letter to Ministers

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The above letter being handed out to Tuire Santamäki-Vuori, Secretary of State to the Minister of Finance, Jutta Urpilainen, by representatives of the Finnish Public Services Unions’ EU Working Party FIPSU. Government Palace, Helsinki, November 29, 2011 (FIPSU includes the Finnish EPSU-PSI affiliates and OAJ, Trade Union of Education in Finland, affiliate of ETUCE-EI)

- Pardia’s solidarity message to PCS and unions in UK (click to enlarge)

PDF - 1.1 Mb
PARDIA solidarity with UK
PNG - 173.5 kb



Several EPSU affiliated unions (UNSA, FSU & CGT) have organised a national day of action for November 30th with events in many French Departments. The main protests were in Strasbourg in front of the European Parliament building, in Paris trade unions demonstrated outside Moody’s (one of the real rulers of Europe) and in Marseille there was a mass demonstration. In other cities such as Lille there was a collection of signatures and picketing. On December 13th a national all-union joint mobilisation will take place against the austerity plans.

PDF - 189 kb
CGT Solidarity message with UNISON

- Message de soutien de la CGT

CGT action in front of Moody’s agency in Paris (click to enlarge)

JPEG - 537.3 kb


- Message de soutien de FGF-FO

PDF - 384.5 kb
Communiqué FO





Ver.di film about the crisis :




On December 1st, Greece will live through its 15th General strike since the beginning of the crisis. You can see the statement of ADEDY regarding this action.

PDF - 217.5 kb
ADEDY 1st December
PDF - 48.9 kb


Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, EPSU General Secretary and Anne-Marie Perret, EPSU President at the Greek in Embassy (click to enlarge)

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PDF - 196.7 kb
EPSU letter to Greek Embassy



On Hungary several confederations (ESZT, MSZOSZ, SZEF & LIGA) will organise a rally in central Budapest at noon to protest against austerity

PDF - 164.1 kb
Hungary poster



Public sector unions followed the ICTU and the Dublin Trades Council to march against austerity on November 26. Thousands joined in the protest.

On November 29th a protest outside the Dail [Parliament] took place with demonstrators in green shirts.




A real week of mobilisation started on November 26 with a national demonstrating for public water. EPSU sent its solidarity greetings. On November 30 a joint demonstration wass organised outside of the European Commission building in Rome by all Italian EPSU affiliates. The week will finish with a national demonstration by the CGIL against austerity (click to enlarge).

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Joint letter of Italian affiliates to EU office in Rome :

PDF - 139.7 kb
Lettera a Barroso IT



LVSADA, the main health trade union in the country, wrote an open letter explaining the reasons of devastating situation in health care and calling upon people to support TU demands by an urgent letters to the National Parliament, published in national mass-media in November 29. Afterwards, the unions organized actions of hundreds in front of the Parliament building .




On the 10th December the Lithuanian trade unions plan a rally on December 10. The list of demands to the Government include: increase the basic monthly salary, increase employment by creating new jobs and Restart payments for low-income families raising children, to see the entire list in the documents below.

PDF - 79.9 kb
Lithuanian TU message





In the Netherlands EPSU affiliated unions organised an online and media campaign to defend the positions agreed at the last EPSU Executive committee.


- Press release




EPSU affiliated Norwegian unions organized a big public sector conference last week and a media event to support workers on strike and struggle across Europe this week. The President of the public sector union Ms Rønoldtangen handed over a letter to the Prime Minister of Norway (click to enlarge).

JPEG - 36.8 kb
PDF - 506 kb
Nei til kutt





In Warsaw EPSU affiliates organised an informative picket outside the trade union offices on November 30th to distribute information and talk to citizens to talk about austerity and the Government plans to modify retirement age. The unions published an open letter to Polish authorities against the blind European austerity.

Photos album by Robert Gruda on behalf of the Polish Labour Notes

A letter of FZZPGKiT President to public sector workers in Poland was presented and passed to Polish press

JPEG - 2.8 Mb
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After the most successful general strike on November 24th, the trade unions demonstrated outside of the Parliament building on November 30th as the Members of Parliaments voted the most deep cuts in the history of the country.

PDF - 224 kb
PR STAL Portugal

(click to enlarge)

JPEG - 98.1 kb

- more photos of November 30 action in Portugal here




EPSU affiliated trade unions delivered in a personal way letters of protests due to the austerity measures that have been applied to Government institutions.

Stefan Teoroc, president of FSAP Publisind (click to enlarge) – Solidarity with PCS (click to enlarge)

JPEG - 700.7 kb





EPSU affiliated trade unions in Slovakia held a press campaign with a press conference in the framework of meeting of European trade unionists.



In Spain EPSU affiliated trade union organised a protest outside the official representation of the European Commission in Madrid.

PDF - 1 Mb
solidarity message from Spanish affiliates


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Action from UGT in Spain (click to enlarge)

JPEG - 64.6 kb

- Para una Europa social, ¡Servicios Públicos de calidad!

- Interview of Secretary General of FEP-USE, Luis Deleito : USO pide que se solucione el caos retributivo

PNG - 261.8 kb
PDF - 1.4 Mb
FEP-USO Jornada de Accion photos
PDF - 1.5 Mb
FEP-USO leaflet





In Sweden also a joint letter of all EPSU affiliates has been sent to the government as well as the main news papers to mobilise against austerity although Sweden is one of the few European countries not touch by it.

- for the letter

- Unofficial translation of a newspaper article, Svenska Dagbladet, 30 Nov 2011: “Higher growth in Europe requires increased welfare investments” (EN/SV)

PDF - 93.8 kb




In Britain public sector trade unions have balloted for the biggest industrial action in decades. There were rallies, demonstrations and protests up and down the countries. Like in several other countries the issue at stake is pension but unions make a link between pensions and austerity.

Socialist and Democrats support EPSU coordinated day of action:

PDF - 82.9 kb
Solidarity message S&D to TUC

Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, EPSU General Secretary bringing EPSU letter at the British Embassy (click to enlarge)

PDF - 195.7 kb
EPSU letter British Embassy
JPEG - 598.3 kb



Out of EU





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JPEG - 3 Mb

Russian trade unions demanded for permission to protest against austerity and to show solidarity with the actions taking place in other European countries, unfortunately the police did not allow such event and trade unionists started a photo campaign of solidarity.

(click to enlarge)

PDF - 217.5 kb
RCA Joint statement



Ukranian public service unions supporting the EPSU Day of action (click to enlarge)

JPEG - 318.8 kb
PDF - 118.8 kb
Message from Ukrainian union

In other Central Asian republics the same photo campaign has been done :




(click to enlarge)

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(click to enlarge)

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Mexican electricity workers unions sends it solidarity to EPSU with mass demonstration (click to enlarge)

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US unions in support of workers in Europe and striking UK public services workers

In the United States the appeal of Public Service unions has reached the Public Services International (PSI) affiliated union NNU (National Nurses United) pickets in the British embassies and consulates across the country

- NNU in front of the British Embassy in Washington:

JPEG - 495.6 kb


- National Nurses Unites – message of solidarity with UK nurses, public workers

PDF - 352.9 kb
US nurses stand by UK nurses – press advisory

- Blog article

- Video round-up of yesterday’s solidarity actions in the US

Group of Teamsters in front of UK embassy in Washington, USA. Around 120 picketers showed their support and said “Stop the War on Workers” (click to enlarge)

JPEG - 186.1 kb
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