Samir Amin: the era of social compromise is over | via Michel Bauwens

At the start of this important essaySamir Amin writes that:

“Contemporary capitalism is a capitalism of generalized monopolies. By this I mean that monopolies are now no longer islands (albeit important) in a sea of other still relatively autonomous companies, but are an integrated system. Therefore, these monopolies now tightly control all the systems of production. Small and medium enterprises, and even the large corporations that are not strictly speaking oligopolies are locked in a network of control put in place by the monopolies. Their degree of autonomy has shrunk to the point that they are nothing more than subcontractors of the monopolies.”

One of the important consequences of this total power, is that “Monopolies Have Declared War”.

Therefore, the classic responses, outlined here below, will no longer work, and ‘audacity’ in formulating alternatives is required:

We are not living in a historical moment in which the search for a ‘social compromise’ is a possible option. There have been such moments in the past, such as the post-war social compromise between capital and labour specific to the social democratic state in the West, the actually existing socialism in the East, and the popular national projects of the South. But our present historical moment is not the same. So the conflict is between monopoly capital and workers and people who are invited to an unconditional surrender. Defensive strategies of resistance under these conditions are ineffective and bound to be eventually defeated. In the face of war declared by monopoly capital, workers and peoples must develop strategies that allow them to take the offensive.

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III. International Labor and Communication Conference 2012

III. International Labor and Communication Conference (May 7th-8th 2012, Ankara, TURKEY)

As a part of The Seventh International Labor Film & Video Festival

Labor communication academics and activists will come together during the III. International Labor and Communication Conference as a part of the Seventh International Labor Film Festival on the 7th and 8th of May 2012, in Ankara, Turkey. 

Call for Papers

At the beginning of 21th century, the interaction of communication, technology and labor, on the one hand, leads to new forms of economic, political and ideological structures of capitalism. On the other hand, this interaction means new possibilities in the organisation, solidarity and resistance practices of labor. LaborComm 2012 focuses on the new forms of capitalism and the possibilities of organisation, solidarity and resistance of labor within the context of communication. Moreover, LaborComm 2012 aims to discuss new forms of work and class formation within the context of ICTs. This conference targets to follow up the footprints of the interaction of communication, technology and labor in politics, economics, daily life and culture and to develop “pro-labor” conceptual and theoretical frameworks to explain these footprints.

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