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  2. james says:

    count me in

    • ~~~ says:

      To all of you who are asking to join: You don’t join. You don’t get recruited. If you want to play a part in what anonymous does, make an honest effort to keep a look out. If you see any injustices, corruption, or Big Brotherly acts going on, you can be sure that they will be there to do something about it.

      To all of you who think that Anonymous is just a group of hackers: You are very misinformed. You do not need to be a hacker to be anonymous. There are some situations where it would be beneficial, but it is not necessary.

      To those who want to be anonymous: You have to learn to be anonymous. There are many resources available to explain how to do so. Once you establish an anonymous presence online, you’ll find it is a bit easier to establish communication with people who perpetuate the Anonymous movement.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. andruw pagano says:

    can someone mess this guy up he is so annoying lil kid making fun of anonymous screw him overr pls

  5. annonymous says:

    i am on it

  6. Yakov Lebedev says:

    I am in

  7. Looking for change says:

    this is amazing I’m soo in so any advice on what I can do to help you guys

  8. xXAONOTRYXx says:

    the only thing i dont hack is video games thts all i can say

  9. Doug says:

    You guys rock
    Anytime you guys need a hand in Australia i,m down for what ever

  10. Stavros says:

    I beg to be one of them!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    You don’t become one of ‘them’…You just have to support/help the cause. Learn your computers and keep an eye out for anything involving ‘Anonymous’ and you should know what to do. Something is gonna have to be done about this attack on Torrent sites soon…*Hint*

    -Doing it for the lulz since ’92

  12. dowa says:

    hey how to join anonymous

    • Anonymous says:

      You are anonymous

    • john smith says:

      i would like to help before there is a violent revelution we can do this peacefully if we all work together but we need to do it now as the nwo will try to divide us and cause race wars

  13. bstanonymous says:

    i hackes 1 or 2 sites ithnk im capable……………….tak me in

  14. jose says:

    what if you know littel about hacking

  15. TheAnoymousfan says:

    can anoymous hack all school pc in swedien pleace ;) i am a big fan

  16. TheAnoymousfan says:

    so waht i need to join only can you say i am in pleace?

  17. Secret says:

    i want to be a part of this …

  18. silence says:

    i got the ip of oak creek high schools ip can u hack all the schools pc’s for me

  19. ANONYMOUSS says:

    I am in.

  20. ANONYMOUSS says:

    i am learning the ways in hacking and then i will contact you.

  21. Daniel John says:

    i just want to learn im only a low class hacker like hacking school servers and games i want to learn more (this is pretty stupid) its not like you might reply but if you do i want to learn more

  22. ISPs have started to put in place content filtering. Several have received the filters and are in the process of getting them in place. We wish to pass this along to those that can make a difference.
    By months end testing begins and systems will be online. Redirection of these filters and re-purposing to point to RIAA and studios as well as others sites as pirate sites is recommended.

  23. Unknown says:

    annonymous isnt about hacking its about revealing information for the good of humanity. if you want to join you never will. you must simply be apart of it.

  24. Lexi Shadows (anonymous) says:

    It’s a pity what the world has come to. Finally, there’s anonymous, we are anonymous. I will do what’s right.

  25. Hutson says:

    I don’t know shit about computers, but if you need a bit of manpower in College Station just ring me.

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  27. ronald says:

    Its time for a change… es hora de un cambio

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  29. Enigma says:

    I’m willing to help out however I can.

  30. Mark says:

    My fathers owns a large company that would be more than happy to support annonymous just wish I could find a way to donate funds and advertismemt

  31. noah says:

    i like what anommyous is doing. i dont think ide be good hacker so i cant really “join” if u can there all one group its not like a club you just support them

  32. mark jason beg to be one says:

    im begging to be a anonymous

  33. gary says:

    We need revolution.we need to show the world the truth

  34. Anonymous8241995 says:

    Fools.. We Are Anonymous, and you are not, you do not ask, you do not go searching, you just know.


  35. Baldvin says:

    Iceland fully supports Anonymous

  36. kayron says:

    yeah cool to be anonymous im hacker now

  37. Abeginghacker says:

    I can help from Virginia Arlington VA though i am young only in middle school

  38. Cyber Geddon Anonymous says:

    Do what you stand for.

  39. james smith says:

    I will show the truth to all when i find it we ARE legion I am Anonymous

  40. joe says:

    i want to support the cause and help in any way how do I go on about doing it

  41. Truthmatters67 says:

    Ok I want to join and let people know the truth I’m 16 and have no experience in hacking does that matter??!

  42. Anonymous says:

    If you feel as we feel, If you seek what we seek and your mind is open as is ours. Than you are anonymous. Anonymous is not a group neither is it a gang. We just exist Understand?

  43. Anonymous says:

    To help the cause do what you feel is right. Protect sites like and Hide your Identities from the internet. Do not watch too much tv or listen to Backmasked music. Further your education in Computers and Political events. Always remember your rights. Do not break the Law for it just gives a reason to the government to take your rights.

  44. 0 S3gr3d0 says:

    Would anyone have a good way to get around FB wanting me to register my account with a phone#? Thanks,
    o Segredo

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hope you guy’s got those addresses for WBC, if not, they are popular on pastebin, harass *hint*

    Expect Us.

    • Rees says:

      cool all that anonymous and hacking but the world isnt going to change..
      why : humans are disgusting creatures
      you guys are awesome and the light for alot of people but remember
      where light strikes there wil always be darkness

  46. James Aloner says:

    We are legion!

  47. psiwolf says:

    so like i can see there is no way to join but still i am a part anonymous .I have only 1 friend i have no girlfriend and i am a lone wolf.The last yeah i have became realy spiritual .I know all about the worlds conspiracyes.I am no loneg blind.maybe this is the reason i want to be part of this.

  48. psiwolf says:

    Can someone answear me???I have questions

  49. ANONYMOUS says:

    who ever wants to be in ANONYMOUS you cont you will never find out who we are

  50. psiwolf says:

    why not
    dont u want people to be part of u and know the truth?or u want them to remain blind
    Personaly i have nothing more to learn from this world and i am no longer blind.If you want me to tell you more just say it

  51. psiwolf says:

    I dont want to know who you are i just want from you to spread the truth,and from there people will decide to believe or not

  52. psiwolf says:

    also anonymous guy,i am pretty much interesed what do u think will happen this year?

  53. All your base belong to us says:

    Stupid children playing at revolution…..

  54. psiwolf says:

    someone say something

  55. Rod says:

    Nice. Love anon

  56. Anonymous says:

    Expect me

  57. psiwolf says:

    are you calling me a kid ??????????????????????????????????

    • Nothing says:

      You missed the entire point of the short video. There is no way in or out. You help them or you ignore them. Watch again and listen without eyes unclouded or leave them be to do their work. They are legion. They do not forgive. They do not forgive.

  58. The Blood Hound says:

    Certain things are to not be un-veiled, Anonymous, for it will scar all who look at i t.Your actions have been right, so far, that is why you have been left alone. As long as you continue to do these acts of justice, you will have The Agency’s support.

  59. anonymous i have some very credible information and i would like to share it with you, for the sake of my fellow american people. if they are going to take on one of us then they are going to take on all of us. epanastáti̱s signing off

  60. John says:

    I’m in

  61. Nathan says:

    I want to join who do I?

    • OrsanSenalp says:

      you :) just open your heart and mind

    • VivaLaRevolution says:

      We [Anonymous] just happen to be a group of people on the internet who need—just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that we wouldn’t be able to do in regular society. …That’s more or less the point of it. Do as you wish. … There’s a common phrase: ‘we are doing it for the lulz.

  62. Anominous says:

    count me in

  63. Anon says:

    You dont join a group dumbasses its a cause

  64. Hello anonymous, my name is ςяýŝŦàĹ VїÞệŘ. I have been looking into the “Anonymous” and you guys are running well but they are catching on to your secrets by putting this stupid shit all over the internet for the government to see! You need to watch you backs, you may think you are but you’re really not on the second count. keep ahead!

  65. anthony valentine says:

    Finally. Somthing that can take what we rightfully want. I was fucking banned because of jailbreaking and FINED. Im in!

  66. QEP says:

    Im in. Ill always be there. ANONYMOUS 4-eva :).

  67. devin johnson says:

    for those who think you must hack to be one of us (whoever we are) you do not need to be hacker you are already here when you were born. there is no joining. their is no interviews. there is only your thoughts. i myself am rising up against the government and have been a known hacker but it was what i believed was right do whatever you believe YOU ARE YOUR LEADER.

  68. Idris says:

    We share a common goal… Change, We are not joined, nor are we found. we just are….. We are legion, expect us.

  69. Michael says:

    haha someone jailbreaking (fail!!!) lol.. I can get passwords for email addresses on my phone… I can hijack cookies to get instagrams on my phone. Ive turned my psp into a universal remote control when I was in middle school. I can get past school filtering. I can stop pause and execute programs in a small network if admin share is enabled. I can hack wifi passwords. I can lockpick. I can remove the login password to any account on a computer just by booting a cd. I have the universal default user and passwords for almost all routers. I can do man in the middle attacks on my phone as well as denial of service. I’m barely 17. Im just some poor boy with a lot of time… I would love to join anonymous… My email is

  70. minwoo says:

    I got caught rooting my android. I want revenge.

  71. minwoo says:

    IM SO IN

  72. anonyo' says:

    anything in south Africa im in

  73. nobody says:

    Good for all of you who want in! You are choosing the right decision. But, you can’t join anonymous. It’s not a group to be joined. Its a group to belive and to aknowledge. Good luck you guys!

  74. Lord Eaglesomme The second says:

    who is running anonymous someone must be running it and someone must be taking credit for doing so

  75. Hello Everyone and Special thanks TO Anonymous Brazil
    For allowing Me To post On their Page,

    I am Calingo Flanc, As a Professional Hacker i Always Wanted to Join The Anonymous Guys The real ones, I searched a lot of websites But Hardly Found Some Fake Groups,Communities Etc
    But Then I thought y don’t I create My own Anonymous Social Network, For Those Who are Interested
    And Share Ideas And Knowledge,
    I request Everyone Over here TO please Join My Social Network
    And lets Make Our Own Anonymous Community,
    Together We Can, Share Knowledge, Exchange Likes And Follows, Make Money, Flood Sites and Help each other,
    As For Noobs, If You Join My page I am Ready To teach you

  76. Anonymous-new1 says:

    I’m in

  77. anontrol says:

    I am new to this but im in just someone from anonymous to help me

  78. sumusikooo says:

    Well I just wanted to tell you guys about my website, I have made also another guide on how to join Anonymous for those that still aren’t 100% convinced, feel free to stop by if you still wanna join.

  79. sumusikooo says:

    Just to let you know I wrote another guide too for those that aren’t 100% convinced, hope you guys like the info about how to join anonymous.


  81. Is there any anonymous activists? out there who can teach a 12 year old kid how to be a little bit better at technology? And I live in pomona california and email me if i can ran away and live with you for a while i dont each much but i will steal my brothers laptop and charger and im tired of this bullshit here i wanna fight for freedom and freedom of speech and make the world a better place email: (not my anonymous one) (email me if i can stay for like a while) (only if ur in anonymous) (and not a sexual offender)

  82. aiah17 says:

    I dare you to hack the Federal Reserve’s website.

  83. Spencer says:

    i am not a hacker but i would love to learn i am decent with computers and i support the cause the government is unjust

  84. No joe says:

    People… one goal. Freedom of man kind

  85. Austin Connor Podeszek says:

    my cpu framer does not compute and i do nt understand dis? i cannot understand the we will be there well ik were the thingy is and how could i tell of the corruption.

  86. but I’m put up wit dem bow shizz wit dem goverment’s laws as they take our freedom

  87. -------- says:

    Can even kids become anonymous?

  88. A.Z.V. says:

    After 5 years of look for people who will stand up for what is right I’m in

  89. A.Z.V. says:

    Anonymous for ever

  90. C00kieL0ver says:

    Can someone teah me how 2 hack into someones computer ???

  91. The Change says:

    I want to be Anonymous! :)

  92. Quasar 177 says:

    Can u teach me how to hack someone’s laptop?

  93. Quasar 177 says:

    I get bullied and I want to screw up their laptops

  94. Let’s get in touch anonymous im not police just so ou know my number is 3252424051

  95. Let’s get in touch 3252424051 I want to know how to hack

  96. juggernaut121 says:

    count me in as well I’ve had enough of this slavery the new world order will not go through without a war WE ARE LEGION

  97. Anonymous says:

    We do not forget or forgive

  98. Johannes says:

    Forever anonymous

  99. Troy says:

    Do you know anyone in Newport News, Hampton or Norfolk?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Hey, anonymous, I respect you

  101. anonymous says:

    In my opinion, I feel we don’t know anything about history, science and perhaps religion. Everything is hidden from us and I’ve always felt like something needs to be done, it’s clear to me now though that only the “anonymous” can do something, only we can. Anonymous is an idea that I want to follow in every way, boy just hacking, however how does one even go about that, hacking a group or organisation or whatever like the CIA to name one, how does one not get traced and found out, because they will literly wipe you from existence, or is that it? To be anonymous you must be prepared to give your life to bring the truth to the world?

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