The French government and the World Water Council are organizing the 6th World Water Forum (WWF) from 12th to 17th March, 2012, in Marseille (France). This forum gives a very tiny space to civil society. Thus, the opinion carried during these five days is incomplete.

In our opinion, the “social” and “ecological” approach placed at the centre of previous forums’ positions actually negatively affects the environment and populations, especially the poorest. However, an alternative is possible. Civil society actors prove this, with their actions and words everyday and around the world.

To carry this message and to reclaim water’s status as one of humanity’s common goods, a Alternative World Water Forum (FAME) is being organized in Marseille from 9th to 17th March 2012.

To increase the impact of civil society actors, France Libertés is organizing for the FAME a seminar, “Water, Planet and Peoples, for a global citizenship”, along with the French Centre of Research and Information on Development (CRID), the Coalition Eau and the Butterfly Effect. These two days of coordination of international civil society are being organized on 9th and 10th March, before the opening of the official forum, at Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

This event is an opportunity for civil society actors from around the world to discuss on the position and role of water in our society, the actions undertaken, successes and difficulties. The following themes are proposed:right to water and management methodswater different uses – sharing water.

Going beyond the traditional approach that is purely technical and financial, we wish to carry a humanist message, putting water in the heart of policies and international solidarity actions. The seminar represents a unique opportunity to send a collective call for humanist policies before the opening of the WWF and in the media.

Thus, we invite all French, European and international civil society actors to participate to these two days of coordination, in order to enrich this project and make it a participative event, in order to send out a strong collective message. This message will then be relayed during events organized in Marseille from 14th to 17th March, by those who share our ideas, in order to propose concrete alternatives and share them with the general public.

We are counting on your participation to reclaim water’s status as « common good » and to contribute to stopping water’s commercialisation. The future of the world water governance will be at stake in Marseille in March 2012 and, at the same time, there is a possibility to imagine a world made of sharing rather than predation.

Fondation France Libertés

To participate in this event or for any further information, please contact Clara Coupey clara.coupey@france-libertes.fr  (+33)

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