From Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration to all global justice and solidarity activists, rank and file union members, labour activists and progressive union executives

Dear fellow workers, comrades,

We are ordinary people. We are outraged, like you. We are called Indigrandos and/or Occupy Movement across the World, describing those who stand at the edge or outside of the disastrous global system.

We are sometimes highly educated, mostly working precariously, unemployed, homeless people who have risen up in 2011 globally; not only to defend the rights of people like us but also for all the others, the 99% who has worse or relatively better conditions than ourselves, as well as for the planet.

We do not claim to represent others, or even each other. We just choose to struggle not only for ourselves but also for others who can not do it at the moment.

We have stood up against the bankers on Wall Street, wars lords in Egypt and Israel, environmental murderers in Monsanto, the business and state elite globally, for the good of all alive and not alive, women and men, young and old, working or not working.

We have formed, distributed and self-organised egalitarian networks in order to lead this struggle and build credible alternatives to the failing system. Before it falls down on top of all of us.

We believe that a system excluding us also threatens the people with relatively secure jobs and contracts. Their job and income, their today and future. It also leaves millions of innocent children and elderly to die every second.

Some of you are a part of a union that should be protecting your rights and ‘representing you’ against those forces robbing all of us and destroying all of our futures.

We honestly believe that, because of the legal and professional constraints, professional union cadre can posses very limited power to lead a strong struggle. Especially without you, rank and file members being strongly self-organised in your workplaces, in your neighbourhoods and within your unions.

We do not agree with the ‘limited democratic’ structures be it local government, national parliament, United Nations, or even the labour union board to which you pass your voice and your power to do. These structures were designed by the elite thinkers for the sake of the class, bourgeoisie, that they were tied to and that has been leading today’s offensive towards the 99%.

Since we are very well aware of the pitfalls of the dominant representative system, especially for the people at the bottom, we believe that unless we ourselves are strong enough at the grass-roots level, self-organised, make our own decisions and enforce them, people at the top will always have a possibility to reach a consensus among them that would go against our will.

Therefore, while we declare that we see you as part of the 99% and we will support your struggle without pre-condition, wherever possible, be it general strikes, protests, marches, collective bargains we want you and everybody to know that our support is to those at the bottom, the rank and file workers, not the end will of union executives and officials, not to their demands and programs seeking consensus and return to business as usual.

Our vision is a wider one and goes beyond the production and distribution system globally with its structures, cultures, and all other aspects. We want to build a much healthier, inspiring, free, and advanced system that works for and gives equal possibilities to all. Today we have the knowledge and infrastructure we need to realise this.

With this text we call all Indignados and Occupy assemblies to consider, discuss and if accepted, give unconditional support to the working peoples’ struggle in events like 24-26 February European Action Confernce, 29 February [European Trade Union Day of Action, Shutdown the Corporations Day in the US}, 31March European Action Against Capitalism, 28-29 March 2. Spring Conference , 1st of May celebrations or local, national, international general strikes.

Then we call all the workers, rank and file union members, justice activiists to get involved in citizen-worker assemblies in your city center or neighborhoods, or form your own workplace assemblies, exercise direct democracy, collective decision making, horizontal self-organizing and support Indignados/Occupy Movement where and however you can. Join us on #12May global mobilization and #15May networked global general strike for transition to the another world we have been calling for since the beginning of the millennium.

Remember that this is a common fight for:



GAIA – Global Alliance for Immediate Alteration / Organised Network Union of Labours’ Others


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