29 February 2012: Decentralised European day of action

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Enough is enough! Alternatives do exist. For employment and social justice 

 Why take this action?

In collaboration with its member organisations, the Confederation has decided on a European day of action on 29 February on the eve of the European Council scheduled for 1 and 2 March.

The European trade union intends to send out a strong message to Europe’s decision-makers: enough is enough! Alternatives to austerity do exist. We need to put employment and social justice at the heart of the priorities.

The response to the crisis, for which there is universal political consensus in Europe today, is austerity and budgetary discipline. Slashing wages and social protection, attacking collective bargaining mechanisms and making employment contracts ultra-flexible are what the neoliberal ideologists are putting forward as the only prospect!

As recently as 30 January 2012 the European Summit put the finishing touches to a new international treaty bringing EU one step nearer to austerity providing for punishment in the event of deficits. This treaty, which will probably be adopted by the European Council on 1 and 2 March, sets budgetary discipline in stone and threatens to get Europe bogged down in recession.

That is why European trade unions will be mobilising on 29 February all across Europe to stress that solutions other than budgetary discipline do exist. What we need is a recovery plan for employment and sustainable growth.

Support material


To download the Poster , please click on the link below.

- Poster


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Actions in Belgium

- Preliminary meeting, on 28 February, of a delegation of trade union leaders with José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

- On 29 February, the trade union delegation will meet the President of the European Council, Mr Herman Van Rompuy and the President of the European Parliament, Mr Martin Schultz.

- The ETUC and its Belgian members (FGTB – CSC – CGSLB) will be gathering in front of the Council of the European Union (175, rue de la Loi) between 12 noon and 1 pm.

- Actions in Brussels

Information for the Press

A Press meeting point will be available in front of the EU Council.

You will also have the opportunity to meet and interview the trade union leaders in attendance. Further information will be supplied later.

- Press releases

Decentralised actions across Europe

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European industrial federations

The European industrial federations have called on their members to support the European day of action.

Audio-visual gallery
The videos and photos are free of copyright.

ETUC press contacts

Patricia Grillo Head of Press and Communications +32 (0) 2 22 40 430 +32 (0) 477 77 01 64

Emanuela Bonacina Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 432 +32 (0) 473 94 26 47

Daniele Melli Press officer +32 (0) 2 22 40 431 +32 (0) 473 94 25 63

Press contacts for the Belgian trade union


David Vanbellinghen +32 2 246 32 84 +32 (0)477 37 88 17

Myreine Kint +32 2 246 32 84 +32 (0)494/074 695


Audrey Lhoest +32 2 506 83 65 +32 (0) 476 90 16 30

Nora Cassiers +32 2 506 82 43 +32 (0) 477 18 50 06


Dirk Mertens +32 2 558 51 50 +32 (0) 476 22 16 19

Didier Seghin +32 2 558 51 50 +32 (0) 473 78 06 18

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