BBC covers The Global Square: a grassroots social network

By Jerome Roos On February 22, 2012

Post image for BBC covers The Global Square: a grassroots social networkHeather Marsh, spokesperson for The Global Square, appeared on BBC radio to discuss the ongoing effort of building a secure, decentralized social network.

As we reported earlier last week, The Global Square (original project outlinehere, updated information here) has been picking up steam. The effort to build a secure, decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-source organizing platform for our movement — an ambitious experiment in creating a form of direct global democracy from the bottom up — is gathering increasing attention both from the movement, from developers, and from the international media.

Heather Marsh of WL Central, official spokesperson for the project, appeared on BBC Outriders on Tuesday and gave a very clear outline of where the project stands and where it will be headed in the next couple of months. Listen to her excellent interview below. Also, please note that we are still looking for coders — for more information on how to contribute, check out this post or contact Heather here.

Via BBC Outriders:

As we know, hackers are not all about taking down sites and cracking security, they also work hard to create connections, especially where there are communities and people who could do with some help when it comes to freedom of expression.

Secure communications over the internet have been paramount lately when it comes to both connecting and protecting people. Online groups associated with uprisings in Libya, Syria and further afield have been a focus point for organisations like Tor and Telecomix.

Another plan is currently in development to address social activity on the internet and the people involved hope to grow their network from the individual out, rather than planning a pre-set ecosystem for people to sign up to. Heather Marsh is the spokesperson for The Global Square project and we chatted about what this could be and how it should work.

Listen to the full interview here (from 6m30s onwards)

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