General Strike – Report from Lisbon | TTS

Posted by Niel – O.T.R.O on 03/23/2012 in Report · 0 Comments

If membership has been very good in some areas, many workers have not joined the strike in fear of losing even a day on their miserable wage (purchasing power is lower than in Greece).

The media had censored the general strike. They obtained successful.
Very few protesters, also stung by calls from confused CGTP. The ultra-majoritarian union, for example, decided three days before the general strike to organize an event (she refused previously face to the “indignant” insisting) on the same route but two hours before the demonstration of “indignant”. Divide and conquer.
However, the honor is saved and the repression was important. If the picketing strikers were attacked with taser during the morning, the
events have been riddled with fierce repression.
Thus, in Porto, peaceful students were assaulted by police. In Lisbon “outraged”, bystanders and journalists (including a photographer AFP) were severely beaten while handcuffed.


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