Creating Freedom

Creating Freedom’ is a project comprising a series of films, essays, and paintings on the subjects of power, control and freedom.

The Films:

The independently produced documentary series explores the relationship between freedom and power in democratic society, drawing together interviews with some of the world’s leading intellectuals, academics, journalists and activists. A wide-ranging analysis of the mechanisms and manifestations of power, ‘Creating Freedom’ joins the dots between the education system, the media, PR, democracy, and economics to offer an alternative perspective on today’s society and the future we are creating.

All the films will ultimately be freely available on this site.

The Essays:

The author of the series, Raoul Martinez, will periodically be writing essays developing and expanding on various ideas explored in the films. These will be sent to all those on the mailing list and catalogued on this site.

The Paintings:

The ‘Creating Freedom’ project began with an idea for a multi-media exhibition on freedom and control. It was to include a series of symbolic paintings, essays, video interviews with, and painted portraits of, thinkers and activists. In time, ambitions for the project grew and the video interviews evolved into a film, and then a series of films.

Elements of the original concept remain, including a growing number of paintings and portraits. These elements have been integrated into this site.

The Aims:

The series of films aims to be an introduction to an important perspective on ourselves and our world – a perspective often lacking in the mainstream, though increasingly sought out by many people disillusioned with today’s society and the systems that perpetuate it.

The growing number of essays on the site are intended to provide a more in-depth analysis of the ideas and facts explored in the films.

From films to essays to paintings, the project aims to be a catalyst for self-education, creativity and social participation.



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