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Lenin and Occupy by Pham Binh | The Bullet

Many socialists have cheered Lars Lih’s demolition of the textbook interpretation of Lenin’s work in Lenin Rediscovered(2008) without examining how many of our own preconceptions on the subject are now part of the same pile of rubble. The fact that Occupy … Continue reading

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Counter-Insurgency as Insurgency by Mike King | Counter Punch

The “99% Spring” Brings Co-optation into Full Bloom As the Occupy movement begins to come into full bloom across the country this Spring – with plans for massive days of action and demonstrations on May 1st, new campaigns for transit … Continue reading

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The Landscape of May Day in New York | Nation of Change

Published: Tuesday 17 April 2012 “Such calls for a general strike raise challenging questions about what a strike could even look like in a society with the lowest rates of union membership in generations.” An Occupy Wall Street organizer I … Continue reading

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