A Trotskyist Take on the New Anti-Capitalism – and Networking (P. Waterman)

The shock of the new: anti-capitalism and the crisis

Issue: 134
Posted: 27 March 12

Jonny Jones

In February of this year the Tory employment minister, Chris Grayling, launched an astonishing attack on the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) while live on national radio. Responding to a campaign against a government “workfare” scheme which puts unemployed people to work for no pay, Grayling claimed that the SWP were “part of a broader anti-capitalist trend on our society. Campaign groups are waging war very deliberately against big business”.1 The fact that the government were spooked enough by the campaign against workfare to say such a thing indicates that anti-capitalism is indeed back on the agenda.

The past 18 months have seen the transformation of anti-capitalist politics across the world. The period has given rise to a multiplicity of struggles: from the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to the movement of the indignados in Spain and the similar protests in Greece; from the student revolt in Britain to the rise of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to the global explosion of occupations that took place after the 15 October day of action. Across the world battle lines were drawn in the popular consciousness of millions, in the terms first popularised at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York, between, on the one hand, the “1 percent of the population [who] have ended up with all the benefits of the last ten years of economic growth, control the wealth, own the politicians”, and, on the other, everybody else: the 99 percent.2

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Extreme Manufacturing | Factor e Farm Blog

A brief introduction to the method by Aaron (see script)

We are proud to announce the beta release of an the Extreme Manufacturing platformfor Open Source Ecology. We are now testing the platform.

Extreme Manufacturing (XM) is an open source hardware development methodology based on the principles of Extreme Programming in the field of software. XM focuses open source design and collaboration, and the revenue model is Distributive Enterprise. Extreme Manufacturing is lean in all respects, while retaining sufficient structure to anable scalability. The platform is currently in development. Joe Justice of Team Wikispeed and I have coined the term. We’re here to change the paradigm of how things are made – by unleashing economic collaboration and eliminating competitive waste. My fundamental motivation stems  from a conclusion that the rate of innovation could increase significantly – if open collaboration were the norm for doing business.

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Indignad@s Occupy Biennale

Anonymous – Mon, 2012-04-16 01:59

We create an aesthetic and political experiment in the Berlin Biennale space for people from all over the world to gather, organize assemblies, direct action, interactive self-education, strategy-development and other forms of politico-social engagement. Thus we create a Global Square to connect and interrelate the revolts and thus contributing to the coordination and strengthening of social culture opposed to the arrogance of power.

Wir errichten einen politisch-gesellschaftlichen Raum, in dem Menschen aus Berlin und aller Welt zusammenkommen, um Versammlungen, interaktive Wissensaneignung, gemeinsame Strategieentwicklung, direkte Aktionen politischer Intervention sowie andere Formen politisch-gesellschaftlichen Engagements auf die Beine zu stellen. Es geht dabei um die Schaffung eines Global Square, der die Aufstände miteinander vernetzt, in Beziehung bringt und so der Koordinierung und Stärkung sozialer Kultur gegenüber der Arroganz der Macht dienen soll.