12 May – Flood the City! #GlobalSpring

On 12 May people around the world will rise up again responding to the global call for action. In London we’ll visit those who gambled with our futures and we’ll deliver our very own personal messages to them.www.occupylondon.org.uk
Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/occupylondon
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/occupylondon
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Towards a European Charter of the Commons

Responding to the current wave of privatisations, European Alternatives together with the International University College and its Institute for the Study of Political Economy and Law together with the Municipality of Naples, and the Institut international D’etudes et recherches sur les biens communsare launching a process of forums and metings throughout Europe to draft a European Charter of the Commons.

In May/June meetings will take place in Zagreb, Cluj-Napoca, Sofia, Berlin, London, Paris, and Rome. More information coming soon!
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Between Translation and Action – New forms of political mobilisation

This article is part of the Transeuropa Journal, the official publication of the Transeuropa Festival

by Niccolo Milanese

The various protests, occupations and viral internet campaigns that have seized the imagination of the media and many citizens since the Arab uprisings in 2010-2011 challenge the current system of power by articulating alternative political manifestos and practising (re)newed forms of politics. “Occupy!” is understood as a political protest against certain specific policies as well as a new way of being political, of doing politics that does not fit with the current political institutions. The consequence is that political mobilisation can now take the more traditional forms of holding placards, addressing politicians and decision-makers through protest, lobbying or raising awareness, but also organising a political alternative on the ground through alternative currencies, public agoras, protest picnics, flash-mobs, public-space university courses etc.

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Growing Movement Rejects EU Austerity Treaty

Brussels, Monday 7th May – A new pan-European network committed to opposing the European Union’s Austerity Treaty was launched today at the end of a two-day conference on the EU crisis [1].

Some 300 people from across Europe joined the two day event in Brussels to discuss the EU in Crisis – analysis, resistance and alternatives.

There was broad support for joined up action to oppose the Austerity Treaty, officially known as the Fiscal Pact, which was condemned for the damage it will inflict on European society, and there were calls to work together for the roll-back of undemocratic reforms on economic policy that promote austerity and attack social rights.

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