Against the crisis: P2P Industrial Revolution!



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Join this campaign. In all likelihood, the markets and States of the Iberian Peninsula, more than those of Ireland or Greece, are going to show the limits and horrors of this crisis. What happens in this part of Europe is in our hands — and there are also shining alternatives.

Creating real change from the current situation, the building of an economic foundation for social cohesion — these are not things we can expect from macroeconomic government policies. That’s not what the peninsular States, and a good part of the European States, are there for any more. Rather, they are debating the rent captures that public debts represent, and the pressure from a few Big Businesses made more powerful (and irresponsible) by the crisis, in a general framework of job destruction.

We should have no illusions that the process will be turned back at the macro level. Today, the levers of Macroeconomics, the economic devices traditionally used as control levers for national economies, are broken or blocked.

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“Os quiero, os respeto, os necesito”- 15M “FROM THE INSIDE” (Doc)

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I love you, I respect you, I need you (15M from inside)” DOCUMENTARY. 77 Min


“I love you, I respect you, I need you”. With these words, Roman began his speech. This is the story of a generation who waited for change to come all his life, to finally find it in the squares of Spanish Revolution, as the young generation wake up from it`s slumber into moral indignation. On May 15, 2011, thousands of young people, previously assumed to be asleep and indifferent, swarmed Puerta Del Sol square and opened a door into a new society – to be joined by their elders.The “15-M” Movement or “Spanish Revolution” has lead many spaniards like Roman away from the frustration they suffered for so many years. This is the story of a collective awakening. The “Indignant People” as they call themselves, have taken Spain’s main squares and started a revolution that has been extended worldwide. Yes, they camp, that’s how they organise themselves into commissions and a daily assembly focused on achieving consensus through a horizontal system that proposes a change of paradigm. “They call it democracy, and it´s not” “People from Europe rise up!” “They don’t represent us” The squares are listening to all their protests. Directed by a group of members from the Audiovisual Commission of the 15M Movement, this documentary reveals the inside of the revolution through their own protagonist and people like Roman, who falls in love with this young generation that has decided to change the world.

The meaning and necessity of revolution in the 21st century

By Jerome Roos On May 11, 2012

Post image for The meaning and necessity of revolution in the 21st centuryThe global day of action on May 12 will mark the resurgence of our resistance. But what is the way forward for our movement in these times of crisis?

This is the transcript of a presentation given at the OVNI 2012 festival in theCentre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona on May 11, 2012.

It’s amazing to be here in Barcelona – home to one of the most inspiringrevolutionary episodes in European history and today once again a hotbed of popular resistance against market fundamentalism and a false democracy. Before I start, I would like to thank the OVNI organization and Carlos Delclós — a lecturer at Pompeu Fabra, an active member of the movement here in Barcelona, and a contributor to — for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today, on the eve of the global day of action of May 12.

On the Edge of History

We are living through historic times. While the future may look bleak and uncertain, we are – in our own particular way – blessed to live through an era in which the very word ‘revolution’ is no longer just the abstract obsession of some fringe romantics inside the Old Left. We are living through a time in which the word capitalism no longer invokes hard work and ample reward, but the lack of work and opportunity for a growing number of people around the world. This is a time in which the very existence of revolutionary theory and practice is no longer considered just an academic or activist privilege, but a pressing global necessity and – increasingly – a factual reality on the ground.

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