NO to the EU Fiscal Treaty-Solidarity with Blockupy

No to the EU Fiscal Treaty – No to cutbacks

TODAY in Spain Friday, 18th May – 1900h Location: European Commission Offices – Irish Embassy

Against the Financial Coup d’Etat


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Pan banging today Demonstration

Friday, 18th May – 1900h Location: European Commission Offices – Irish Embassy   Paseo de la Castellana, 46, Madrid – Metro: Rubén Darío (L5)
Calling initiative: EconomiaSol 15M Working Group from Madrid Sol assembly

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Against European institutions that are undemocratic, opaque and beyond society’s control, and which work in the interests of capital.

Against a European Central Bank that exists to promote speculation by the private banking sector, increases in public debt, privatisations, and cutbacks in public services.

Against the Fiscal Pact and the collection of policies and treaties that construct a Europe of capital against the rights of persons, peoples and ecosystems. For a derogation from the Lisbon Treaty that incorporates and institutionalises all these policies.

We are joining with the mobilisations presently taking place against the European Central Bank in Frankfurt (Germany), against the G8 summit in Camp David (United States) and in support of the No campaign in the referendum in Ireland on the “Austerity Treaty”

Friday, 18th May – 1900h Location: European Commission Offices – Irish Embassy   Paseo de la Castellana, 46, Madrid – Metro: Rubén Darío (L5) Called by: EconomiaSol 15M Working Group

The construction of the European Union has been a project of political, economic and financial elites. Therefore the institutions and legislative frameworks that have been created are mere mechanisms for subordinating citizens to… the interests of capital. This has led to the centralisation of political power in undemocratic entities that lie beyond society’s control, such as the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which means a loss of popular sovereignty.

The distancing of centres of power from the citizens has brought about the creation of opaque decision-making mechanisms, the loss of transparency in public affairs, and a rise in corruption and in the powers of influence of business and financial lobbies (it is calculated that there are 15,000 lobbyists in Brusssels).

Figures from the banking sector and large corporations sit at the helm of institutions such as the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as well as various ministries and public positions of power across 16 EU countries, including Spain. Beyond this, in Italy and Greece, heads of government elected by the people have been replaced by technocrats from the banking sector.

In the opposite direction, there are numerous cases of senior public officials who go on to sit on the executive boards of big banks and transnationals, rendering obvious the close relationships and common interests that exist between political and economic powers.

Within this framework, the European Central Bank exists as an institution in the service of capital. As the sole issuer of money, instead of funding states it lends money to the banking sector at very low interest rates (currently at 1%), money that is then used to patch up the banking sector itself and to speculate on states’ public debt.

This is the speculative game in which ratings agencies, risk premiums and highly profitable financial derivatives for betting on the bankruptcy of entire states come into play. States take on the enormous private debt of banks …and private corporations, who are the beneficiaries and ultimate causes of the crisis. This debt can be considered illegitimate, because its creation has not been for the benefit of citizens, but for private interests.

Debt thereby becomes a mechanism for subordination to economic powers, which through the Euro Pact and the Fiscal Pact (Austerity Treaty) impose cuts and privatisations on basic public services, the deregulation of the labour market, the lowering of salaries, pensions and welfare payments and the prioritisation of the payment of debt over and above any other public expenditure, as implemented with the reform of article 135 of our constitution. All this entails the dismantling of the present and future welfare state; the loss of citizen rights so that they can be put in the service of capital.

We will not continue to allow this crisis to be paid for by working people, the unemployed, the retired, the sick, migrants, and students! Let those who created the crisis pay for it! For a Europe of people and not of capital!


Ireland please vote NO on our behalf”

Solidarity action on Ireland’s Referendum on the “Austerity Treaty” 

Ireland stands out as the only country among the 25 signatories to the EU Fiscal Pact that will submit the treaty to a referendum. On the 31st of May, the Irish people will have the opportunity to decide on its future, to say NO to austerity and cuts in social spending, through a rejection of the treaty.

Ireland is currently immersed in an economic recession which it will not be able to exit should the EU Austerity Treaty be applied. This treaty imposes deep cuts and rises in taxes which will especially affect the poorest and most vulnerable. The Fiscal Pact stipulates that Ireland must ensure that its ‘structural deficit’ does not exceed 0.5% of GDP. The Irish government claims that the deficit will reach 3.7% in 2015, which means that cuts in spending on public services will rise by more than 5 billion euro in order to meet the deficit target; a rise in the austerity applied to social spending that had already been planned for the next three years and which has caused a rise in unemployment and emigration.

The second reason for voting NO to the Austerity Treaty is the struggle for a real democracy. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared that the stipulations in the treaty will be ‘valid forever’. Even if one is in favour of the treaty, is it right to allow that this should be valid forever? Is it right to accept that those countries that go above the ceiling set for spending can be reported to the European Court of Justice by any of the other participants in the pact, and can be subjected to fines of up to 0.1% of their GDP? Certain crucial aspects of government policy would be removed even further from public debate and placed in the hands of judges and technocrats who have not been democratically elected.

Across Europe there is a growing movement in support of the vote against the Fiscal Pact in the Irish referendum. We are counting on the Irish people to vote against this treaty in the name of all those people who have been deprived of their voice, who have been denied the opportunity to vote in a referendum in their own countries. We ask the Irish people to vote NO to the Austerity Treaty.

Blockupy Frankfurt!

Resistence against the austerity policies of the Troika and governments – For international solidarity and the democratisation of all spheres of life.

From the 15M movement we join with the protests from the 16th to the 19th of May in Frankfurt against the anti-crisis policies of the European Union, policies that are driving millions of people into unemployment, precarity and misery. We will bring our outrage to one of the epicentres of power: the financial district of Frankfurt, headquarters of the European Central Bank and of many other powerful banks and financial conglomerates.

All across Europe mobilisations and protests are taking place against the massive programmes of cutbcks and privatisations, of wage cuts, increases in the retirement age, the elimination of public sector jobs and rescue packages for the banking sector.

The policies imposed by the EU promote division and xenophobia, they feed confrontation among working people, the unemployed and the precarious in different European countries. With these events we demonstrate our rejection of these policies, sending a signal of solidarity alongside all those people and movements who have been long fighting against the attacks on our rights and our future.

The protest events in Frankfurt are a continuation of the mobilisations of the Global Day of Action of 12M. At the same time in the US, actions will take place against the G8 summit, a summit that out of fear of popular protests has been moved from Chicago to Camp David.

Against global oppression, a global response! No to the Fiscal Pact! For a derogation from article 136 of our Constitution! For a derogation from the Lisbon Treaty!

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