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Trade Unions, Globalisation and Internationalism

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by Ronaldo Munck This piece reports on recent research around the relationship between trade unions and internationalisation in the context of globalisation. It argues for a more open, less pessimistic view than the dominant one. This view … Continue reading

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Abundance, utopia and degrowth in popular history

24May2012 By David de Ugarte Popular utopias have always demanded abundance, and when empowered with technology, have established it in very similar terms to those we use today. Degrowth, on the other hand, only has historical roots in the Church’s reaction … Continue reading

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Degrowth or abundance?

23May2012 By David de Ugarte The changes spelled out as possible today can’t wait for the spoiled children of the middle class to feel “guilty” about enjoying economic rents in a world of growing inequality, or to realize once and for … Continue reading

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The historical origins of P2P thought on the Iberian Peninsula

21May2012 By David de Ugarte The conversations begun by Garrido, Pi i Margall and Salvochea, with Fourier, Proudhon and Kropotkin in the background, and even those of the foralismo involved in the defense of the commons it took on after the … Continue reading

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Chicago: police violence at NATO protests — in pictures

By Jerome Roos On May 22, 2012 Thousands descend upon Chicago in a large demonstration against capitalism, austerity and war during a 4-day summit of NATO leaders in the city.Original photography by Paul Weiskel. N.B.: Paul works on a volunteer basis and freely contributes … Continue reading

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15M: a year on, the struggle of the indignados continues

By Jerome Roos On May 15, 2012 Anniversary of 15-M movement marked by deepening crisis, massive bank bailout and fears of eurozone break-up. The indignation only grows stronger.  We are witnessing an remarkable convergence of historic currents. Today, as the indignados celebrate the first anniversary … Continue reading

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Blockupy Frankfurt: taking the struggle to the next level

By Jerome Roos On May 16, 2012 Tens of thousands descend upon the continent’s financial capital for one of the most anticipated pan-European demonstrations since the G8 in Genoa. There is something different about Blockupy Frankfurt, the pan-European days of action on May 16-19. … Continue reading

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Indignados take back square on movement’s anniversary

By Jerome Roos On May 13, 2012 Hundreds of thousands flock into Puerta del Sol as part of a global day of action to commemorate the first anniversary of the 15-M movement. Why would we need political parties if we can have a … Continue reading

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Blockupy Frankfurt: fotos, video, report and reflection | Occupy Amsterdam

May,22, 2012 Yesterday I came back from Frankfurt, the financial centre of Europe, home to the European Central Bank (ECB), where I participated in the demonstrations against the attack on social and economic rights as a supposed solution to the … Continue reading

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