Open Space for the evaluation of May 2012 and the future of our global process

The global wave of actions of May 2012 was a great success in many ways. From Mayday to the 12th-15th Days of Action, from Blockupy Frankfurt to anti-NATO in Chicago, we have shown that our movements are determined to continue the struggles for real democracy.

Of course, we have also experienced difficulties during our recent mobilizations. Some of us have seen brutal police repression, lack of interest of the public and the media, or internal conflicts about the goals and means.

We invite you all to bring together our experiences from May 2012, to share our various plans for the future, and to discuss ways to continue and evolve our global processes of communication.

 The suggested AGENDA:

– block 1: several evaluation rooms for M1, M12, M15, Blockupy Frankfurt, etc etc > with the goal to compile a May evaluation report to publish and spread for further discussion
– block 2: open rooms for future plans: specific events or campaigns during the summer, general discussion about future strategies and communiction and our process.

of course, we can also organise it in two or more separate meetings, and/or have some plenary sessions as well, please feel free to suggest more points, subjects, rooms, etc, we biuld this together.

Date Saturday June 2nd 2012 – Time 19:00 pm UTC ( check you local time using a timezone converter: )

Server: Occupytalk

Mumble instructions how to connect to the occupii server:

After you have installed the program, if you regisrter at  you will then be able to get to the server just by clicking this link:mumble:// 

The room/channel where we meet: OPEN SPACE

For any specific questions and troubleshooting with mumble please

Please help us spreading the invitation through your Occupy mailing lists and please invite people to the Facebook event:!/events/360735620647791/?context=create, etc, Thanks!!


2 thoughts on “Open Space for the evaluation of May 2012 and the future of our global process

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