Interviewing John Robb: how to build your DIY bright Future while the Big Reset is coming.


(Italian translation of the post follows here – La traduzione in italiano è disponibile qui)

John Robb is a former American military, counter-terrorism expert and awriter, blogger and entrepreneur. John is considered by many “futurists’ futurist” and his theories talk about a future world fated to radical and somehow traumatic changes.

Amongfinancial crash, cyberwarfare and guerrillas democratization, according to John we going to face a rising global instability and the best way to face it is to become resilient and learn how to create our new stability thanks to interactions with our very same communities, the ability to generate wealth locally, even inside your own homes.

You can follow John on his two blogsResilient CommunitiesandGlobal Guerrillasin the meantime have a look at this interview: I hope it will make you think about reality with a different point of view, one that’s more…

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