From the Silent Change to the #GlobalNoise: Let’s Rap the World on October 13

What is globalNOISE?

A branch of the occupy Wall-Street-Movement is introducing itself: Global noise making with pots and pans.
Hit the pot is an easy way to gain attention, almost internationally. In some regions it is a popular game for children. They have fun playing it on suitable occasions. Yet, making noise with an empty pot can have serious reasons, too. Such as pointing out the damaging lack of nourishment.

The motivation to roister with empty pots or pans as an occupy activity is found in Spain. In  the little town Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real region) the  first potbanging took place. From that the globalNOISE idea emerged.

Making lots of noise with kitchen equipment

The basic idea behind potbangig is plain simple. Using a cooking spoon,  you hit the bottom of an empty pot, a pan or some similar kitchen equipment. The best drum utilities you could use are metal or wooden cooking spoons.

What the empty pot is supposed to symbolise is: “Hello everyone, something is missing, my kitchen is lacking food! But my family and I need to eat!

Alternative ‘Instruments’

Drawing  attention to oneself is the motto of the globalnoise initiative. It is  essential to globalnoise. Kitchen equipment may be the first choice, but  not necessarily. The   goal is to draw attention – that is the essence of #globalNOISE. Kitchen equipment, like pots & pans, are often used but you can use   whatever makes enough noise, like a whistle, a horn, a vuvuzela or drums.

You  can use the horn of your car too. An action could be to encourage the  drivers to horn at designated places. In Spain it is called “Pitodromo”.

As  you can see there´s no limit to your imagination for the kind of  utility you choose to make some noise. If you got anything in mind that  hasn´t been considered so far, please share it with us. We´re glad about any suggestions.

In which situation is globalNOISE suitable?  

With  potbanging you can be part of group of a smaller or bigger  demonstration. The group should not be too small to create enough loudness.

Certainly groups can organise and execute potbanging-actions in their city.

It is possible to arrange national or international action days where you  call for attention with pots and other utilities concerning the grievance.

You can make noise if you´re isolated

Potbanging is particularly suited for spontaneous activities. You do not need long  planning for flyers or organisation for information material. If you  have something which makes noise you can start.


Examples of potbanging-actions 

There  has been many potbanging-protests worldwide since the formation of  Occupy Wall Street. This action is often found in the spanish [1]  protest movement.
A bigger protest action [2] was reported from the city salta in argentina on the beginning of july. The “noise making” from the students Debt Noise Brigade [3] taking place once a week. An overview with photos [4] are shown in an article from Montral.

In  October 2010 occured the demonstration ‘Krach schlagen statt Kohldampf  schieben’ (making noise instead of beeing hungry) in Oldenburg (Germany)  [5]. If  you refer to the English Wikipedia you can notice that “Cacerolazo” (equal to potpanging) [6] exists much longer in the Spanish-speaking  countries.

Worldwide globalNOISE-campaign under development

Since  June 2012 many activists getting together from different countries, movements and networks. The Occupy-activists from London, Chicago and  Hamburg (1) joined early [7] this campaign. There was also distinct  desinterest at other groups.
The  goal is to make the nonviolent noise in a worldwide campaign. On every  continent  vociferous protests should be heard. Hence the name of   globalNOISE.

Potbanging should be the connecting element on global action days. The reason is that the issues for the protest will vary from country to country – the connection is given through gloabalNOISE

A proposal [8] for the first global action day is already given. And is planned for the month of October 2012.


Assisting, making noise or being involved globally   

Everyone can be part of it. You can share the idea of globalNOISE with your family, your friends or on the internet. The assistance starts with a retweet at Twitter or a like on Facebook.
Transnational  protests requires to read the texts in different languages. We are  searching people with the knowledge of foreign languages to help with  the translation of the text.
Involved  people are people who take a pot, pan or an other device to create  noise and take locally or people who organise something like this on  their own.

For any question, the engagement at globalNOISE or simple be part of it, the crew is pleased to answer your question. You can choose between email and Twitter (see below).

Mail – potbanging (at)



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