List of planned actions, meetings and events being prepared by various social movements 2012-2013 | #Acampadasol

This is a list of planned actions, meetings and events being prepared by various social movements




Room or channel: Assemblies and Rountables/OPEN SPACE

Register After Installation:

Visual Tutorial:

Schedule a Personal Walk Through Setup: Email we willbe happy to help. If you are new to mumbe please join the server one hour in advance so we can give you an introductory chat

(last actualization 22 august 2012)

n-1 working group:

Squares mailing list (15M, Occupy)

for subscribe/etc:


If you can not attend the planning meetings, please add dates, events, campaigns, so that we are all aware of projects on your end, thank you!

Banner and space is free to ALL occupy events at, meets, sites, etc.. contact @ghostofzigz with your 780px X 152px banner image and link. :) he makes HUGE effort to spread!!! and does a good work


9  August Occupy Los Angeles Calls for Solidarity in a Global Day of Action

6-13 August, International Anti nuclear camp and Olkiluoto Blockade 11, August, Finland

 17 August, Free Pussy Riot (worldwide)

18 August meeting in Mumble: Occupytalk/round tables and assemblies/ open space

The idea is that people from Spain, Italy, Greece and other countries gather for international coordination at the next meeting on 18 August. To organize a joint mobilization against Global Debt that combines the different struggles against budget cuts, privatization, nationalizing banks, etc. The event would end at the EU headquarters in Madrid. It will work for either joint mobilization, at least, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland. We invite people from the PIIGS countries to form a working group to promote this action. Proposal from Madrid and . After this agenda item we will also discuss other international events and summits that are listed in this pad (Global actions from our comrades in the US and Canda and the Education global strike also included there)

 August 23-26 Antimperialist camp in Assisi, Italy Campo Antiimperialista

Encuentro con los protagonistas de los levantamientos populares.Revolución democrática en Tunesia: Islam político, la izquierda y la cuestión socio-economica. Restauración o revolución en Egipto: el triangulo de poder entre militares, islámicos y la izquierda del Tahrir
Orígenes, dinámicas y perspectivas del levantamiento popular en Siria, Hezbollah, la resistencia popular y la geopolítica, La Resistencia palestina, la primavera árabe y el movimiento de solidaridad, la Turquía de Erdogan entre neo-otomanismo y la crisis de la OTAN, La crisis de la izquierda ante Libia: el ataque OTAN y la Guerra civil, Grecia: elecciones o revolución?, Italia: nuevos movimientos en emergerespuestas ante la crisis de la Unión Europeancia – es possible un frente unido?, Globalisazíon vs. soberanía nacional call in English

26th August Continuing Coordinations for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE

To coordinate the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE 18th October + Nov.14-21

on the ISM platform:

international joint statement: 

Call to Action:

If groups join send an email to  or to the global ISM mailing list (don’t worry if comes back, the message will arrive to the list)

to stay connected and participate in coordinations for the GES subscribe to the global ISM mailing list:

27 august teleconference preparing Milan meeting for the ESF in Florence.

To get information about the meeting

3-7 september Urban forum in Naples, Italy

September 8th meeting in Mumble: Occupytalk/round tables and assemblies/ open space focusing on October 12-20 around the world

Sept 14 – 16 Milano HUB meeting + Prep Florence ESF

to collect proposals from Occupy/15M

16th of September h 18:00 meeting in Mumble meeting in Mumble: Occupytalk/round tables and assemblies/ open space on the Florence SF


Dear all,

We are very glad to confirm you the invitation to Milan on September 14th-16th, to take part in the European meeting aiming to prepare together “Florence 10+10″. The meeting will start on Friday 14th at 5.00 p.m. and it will finish on Sunday 16th at 1.00 p.m. During the past months we tried to involve as many European networks as possible into the process. We receive good responses to the proposal to come to Florence on November 8th-11th at the Fortezza da Basso, in the tenth anniversary of the first European Social Forum. The need to improve our capability to converge and to rebuild the democratic common space seems to be very strong, in front of dramatical democratic and social emergency Europe is living, at all levels: a European popular counter power is a necessity, and everybody is trying to contribute to this goal. A good number of networks and movements are ready to come to Florence, and the seminar in Milan should help us to better commonly mobilize at the European level to have others actors on board. Together, in Milan, we will discuss the methodology and the format of Florence 10+10, and we will share between the involved networks and coalitions the responsibility to prepare the program. In order to give you the possibility to start to think about it, and to send us ideas and proposals from now, we give here some elements for our discussion.

1) We think that we should devote a part of the program to self organized convergences promoted by different networks and coalitions, according to their work plans and their agenda. Many networks and coalitions are already working on it.

2) Then, we should discuss how to organize the other part of the program, aiming to produce “convergence for common action”. We have to identity the main issues we wants to prioritize and the methodology of these convergence meetings.

3) Finally, we need to identify for each convergence meeting a group of networks to prepare them.

4) Of course, our common discussion in Florence is aimed to improve common actions. So, we hope to have in Milan a debate on the possible and realistic follow up which eventually can come out from Florence.

As you can see, there is no detailed program proposal. We really believe that Florence can have a good result only if it will be based on the real strength and potential of the existing networks, coalitions, struggles, social actors which are trying to save our continent from the democratic and social devastation which is taking place as the neoliberal answer to the crisis.

And now, some requests to start:

A. We warmly invite you to send us your comments and ideas about the four points on the program.

B. We also ask you to send us details about what you are already planning to bring in Florence, in terms of presence as well as of initiatives.

C. We of course ask you to confirm your presence in Milan as soon as possible.

D. We’d like to have a first preliminary common discussion through a teleconference, which will take place on AUGUST 27 at 1pm (CET) – in English. Please, confirm your presence, and we will send you additional information.

Lastly, here you can find some logistical details of the Milan meeting:

The seminar will take place at Palazzo Reale (,

which is in Piazza Duomo 12. Metro 3 (yellow) and 1 (green) go there.

Translation will be in English and French.

You can use the following address for information and all communication:

In solidarity The Italian Network of the WSF, The organizing Committee for “Firenze 10+10”,

pad to work on this meeting

O. and M. will facilitate a network, going to Milan, faciilitating the collection of proposals, being in Milan, and facilitating the participation to Florence

open a pad to collect proposals for milan and Florence

(methodology, tools to be used, facilitate people participation through Mumble or other tools, ….)

organize a mumble meeting in Milan during the days of the preparatory meeting

organize an open meeting/event in Florence

14-18 September, WSF Future from WSF experiences, Forum of Fora, Galicia

 15-17 September Occupy Wall Street 1 Year, New York, US,

Internal planning:

19 September Good Food March Manifestation and Conference Brussels

19-23 September – 3rd International conference on Degrowth, Venezia, (Bike tour before that date)

21st September International day for PEACE  Peace one day

22 september antifracking global day supported by:

23 September Anniversary of Occupy Chicago

29 September A Mumble meeting will be held in Occupy talk, Open Space at h 20:00 CET time and Disarmament : Necessity to create the biggest anti-war/anti-imperialist/post-capitalist movement of human history. Needs to interlink these issues [war on terror- war for resources-military internventions-financial crimes-debt-asterity-labour issues – objection to military expences, nuclear armaments, Middle East, Iraq,……]


We kindly invite people from the US and Moscow in order to join forces.

5-11 october against Fake democracy in Strasbourg

(activists marching on foot way before the date – 2th/5th october from Lille to Strasbourg)  for translation (there are alredy En, Sp, Nl,Gr, Ita….)

Organisation of a GAs meeting about dynamization, debt, democracy (think tank, benchmark) – streaming/mumble for people who cannot be here

12-20 October all over the world

12 october indignant Native People day- pueblos originarios indignados Global day

supported by:,

Also for 12 october in Madrid the “Desarmed march”

13O: Global day of Action in October #GlobalNoise potbanging proposal

The International Network suggests Saturday 13th as the GDoA, but assemblies are free to decide when, and we suggest them to organize a week of activities (for large assemblies with many WGs) starting with the 12th of october (original people day) getting to 20O

Madrid big rally against debt  NO debemos No pagamos, We don’t owe, we don’t pay

Next meeting in Mumble to discuss this proposal 8th September

in Open space at 20:00 CET time

contact: (gdt politicainternacional madrid), (gdt in Madrid)

It is also proposed to include in the week of actions, the week against the debt and for a comprehensive audit on the anniversary of murder of Thomas Shankara (15O)

18 October: Global Day of Action for Education [in preparation for the Global Education Strike: next meeting in Mumble 26 august

19-20 October Europe, Crisis, Democracy: Central and Eastern European

social movements, Bucharest,

20-21 October London march

20O Referendum on Iceland’s new constitution directly confirmed by H Torfason.

2-4 november Meeting occupy/15M in Madrid  call in English


next organizing meeting in Madrid on the 7th of September h19,30

8-11 november (preparatory meeting in Milan 14-16S) Social forum 10+10 in Florence


24 November, Buy Nothing Day

28 nov-1 dec World social forum for Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil


1st of December international mobilisation on the workers/precarious people’s rights and dignity, against precarity, unemployment, lay off, and sufferance at work with a preparatory workshop at the Madrid meeting in november

8 December 3rd European Day against Imposed Useless Major Projects, Thematic Social Forum against Imposed Useless Major Projects in July in France,

12th december referendum (?)

23-28 March 2013 World Social Forum In Tunes, Tunisia

Enregistrez-vous et choisissez une commission ou plus pour participer à l’organisation du Forum Social Mondial 2013.

Date to be announced:

1st half-year 2013 Alter Summit in Athens,

Regional Social Forum Austria/Chechia/Hungary

For the spring  and the autumn:

to add events

Calendar of planning meetings for these actions and summits


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