Water Commons, Water Citizenship and Water Security Case Studies

Water Solutions

Revolutionizing Water Management and Governance for Rio + 20 and Beyond

In Cebu City, the Philippines, public sector workers like Zosimo Salcedo at the Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD) opposed Asian Development Bank financing that would purportedly increase the burgeoning city’s water supply. The financing sounded like a water workers dream – more infrastructure funds spells more jobs. So why was Zosimo Salcedo opposing the funds?

We offer these case studies to dash pessimism that we can’t successfully govern and manage our water commons; that privatization is inevitable; and that humans can’t ensure ecosystems have their necessary share of water.


This essay introduces the 10 case studies, providing examples from the field about innovation in water management and governance.
How a government development plan for eucalyptus plantations wrecked the ecosystem and what strategies the villagers with diminishing water are using to restore their springs.
How the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee worked with citizen groups to stop a dam under construction through alliance-building, including with federal agencies, and by using good, grassroots science.
In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the public water system does not cover all neighborhoods. This case tells the story of an innovative financing tool to strengthen local water committees.
A national movement fights for water as a human right and a commons and at the same time fortifies a decentralized network of community water providers that has grown with and without public support.
How a visionary group of very ordinary villagers in a remote village of Tamil Nadu overcame the social divisions of caste to create a governance framework for managing their irrigation water
NYC partnered with upstream farmers who designed a farming program compatible with watershed stewardship. Find out how.
The Alliance of Government Workers in the Water Sector found many deficiencies with a project sponsored by the Asian Development Bank. They suggest steps for a more inclusive and productive process.


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