Call for Global Jubilee on 21.12.2012: We Do Not Owe, We Do Not Pay! | Emergent Culture


Why and How to Celebrate (or Strike on) December 21st, 2012

A Plea for Sanity and An Event for the Entire World !

Various cultures, ancient and not so ancient, would periodically hold celebrations with the themes of equalization, forgiveness, purification and renewal in the form of debt cancellation, criminal pardons, freedom for slaves, the redistribution of wealth, and collective house cleaning.

The idea of Jubilee is most commonly associated with the ancient Hebrew tradition that took place on a cyclical basis every 50 years. At such a time all debts were cancelled, slaves were freed and those who had given up their lands as payment to creditors had the land returned to them. Jubilee has come to connote freedom, economic relief, restoration and a fresh start.

Many economists are coming to the conclusion that the only way out of our debt morass is a Global Jubilee that calls for widespread debt cancellation. [4]  Once you understand the insidious foundations of our collective debt dilemma and its implications for humankind then a Global Jubilee becomes a perfectly just solution, and an indispensable first step toward addressing so many of our other collective problems.

New York City’s Hedge Fund Manager makes the following observations.

Interestingly this economic problem is not new. In fact, it is ancient. The Bible’s book of Leviticus provides that every 50 years all mortgage debt is to be forgiven. This occurrence was called the Jubilee Year. This may seem like a shocking imposition on creditors and a free ride for debtors. Yet, consider the behavioral feedback loops. In the 10th year after the last Jubilee, lenders might lend freely for a 20-year term.

By the 45th year it seems likely that long-term credit would have dried up because the lenders were as aware of the coming Jubilee as the debtors. This was a self-regulating system that deleveraged itself before credit bubbles grew out of control and threatened a widespread collapse. It was an orderly deleveraging that seems enlightened in comparison with the disorderly and draconian deleveraging our economy is experiencing today.

It seems unlikely that creditors will voluntarily do the right thing and provide needed debt relief. Yet, by insisting on repayment in full, creditors will find that they increasingly get nothing as the liquidity trap and deleveraging metastasize into a full-fledged general debt repudiation and default. — James Rickards Hedge Fund manager for NYC

Aside from the self-correcting behavioral feedback loops that Rickards mentions there’s an enormous social justice issue at hand when you discover the utterly fraudulent and parasitic nature of our monetary-banking system.[1] More on this aspect further down.

The Potlatch

Native American Cultures of the Pacific Northwest would hold periodic wealth redistribution ceremonies known as the Potlatch. A word meaning “to give away” or “a gift”. The word potluck is derived from Potlatch. The wealthier one was then the more you were expected to give away. Prestige and honor were earned in proportion to how much one gave away. So appalling was this custom to the Canadian and U.S. Governments that they made the practice illegal.

[Excerpt from Wikipedia] Potlatching was made illegal in Canada in 1884 in an amendment to the Indian Act and the United States in the late 19th century, largely at the urging of missionaries and government agents who considered it “a worse than useless custom” that was seen as wasteful, unproductive, and contrary to civilized values. The potlatch was seen as a key target in assimilation policies and agendas. Missionary William Duncan wrote in 1875 that the potlatch was “by far the most formidable of all obstacles in the way of Indians becoming Christians, or even civilized.”

I ask who are the savages?

The New Fire

Depiction of the New Fire Ceremony from The Codex Borbonicus

The Hebrew Jubilee tradition is uncannily close to the Mesoamerican New Fire Ceremony that took place every 52 years. At the end of every 52 year cycle a 13 day ceremony was enacted and it too involved debt cancellation as well as renewal and purification rituals involving place and person. The ritual observance of the New Fire Ceremony was extinguished by the invading Spanish mission of cultural annihilation.

The closing of a 52 year cycle was ritualized by dousing all ceremonial and household fires. The fires were then rekindled to signal the start of a new cycle.  Key buildings were sometimes torn down and rebuilt and homes were repainted and/or renovated. Pottery works of ceremonial, and household value were shattered and new ones made.

December 21st is first and foremost about cyclical renewal and the extension of renewal into the human domain.[6]

Celebrating December 21st in the spirit and themes
of the New Fire, the Hebraic Jubilee and the Native
American Potlatch would be the most appropriate way to do so! 

To Revitalize or Not to Revitalize is the Question !
Again the key themes behind such Jubilesque customs are equalization, purification, forgiveness andrenewal,. The only theme that may be uniquely human is forgiveness, but the other 3 are built-in properties of all living organisms and the systems they comprise.

Cleanliness is next to…

Purification refers to waste expungement from body, abode and organizational flows. Every cell of your body attends to its own housecleaning moment by moment. Without periodic purification any system is guaranteed to breakdown, be it an organism or an organization of organisms.

Imagine that your body has lost its ability to eliminate the wastes it generates. You would soon fill with gunk and your body would gradually shut down and die. Imagine if there was no waste collection in your city.

Our systems of government and many of our largest industries are actually designed to retain, conceal, produce and distribute corrupt, parasitic, putrid and toxic elements.

Militarism, central banking, torture, espionage, thousands of untested chemicals, super addictive tobacco, agent orange, nuclear waste and nuclear anything for that matter are a few of the most disastrous products gleefully produced and sanctioned by the leadership agencies of so called advanced Western civilization.

Balance the…

Equalization in nature has to do with symmetry and the balancing of; energy flows, electro-chemical-gravitational forces and structural elements. Equalization within our context takes the form of social justice (balancing scale) wealth redistribution and debt cancellation (energy flows).

Pardon us…

Forgiveness may be seen as a facet of purification in that it involves the purging of resentments. Forgiveness is much more than a nice sounding spiritual concept. Aside from the benefits of healing relationships forgiveness has been shown to bestow whole mind-body health benefits. Bad feelings are bad for us and it behooves us to purge them from our being.

Debt cancellation also comes under the headings of forgiveness and purification. A debt may be seen as a ball and chain around the debtor. The debtor is hobbled and hampered in proportion to the debt and ones ability to pay. If the creditor absolves the debtor of his debt then the debtor is essentially forgiven. When the ball and chain come off, the debtor is relieved of his debt burden.

A major point of this writing is to affirm that we have no other option, but to absolve ourselves of this astronomical drag on human society called debt ! Well there is one other option and that’s the continuance of the status quo that got into this mess and can only plunge us into greater misery.


Every day the sun rises anew, and everyday we too arise refreshed and restored. Our bodies are humming with non-stop cellular renewal every moment of the day. On a yearly scale the solstices bring annual renewal to their respective hemisphere. And thanks to Mesoamerican culture we are discovering that there are cycles of renewal measured in bundles of days and tens, hundreds and thousands of years.

Cycles that cue us in to the spirit of the times. Cycles that tell us if we are in a period of increase or a period of decrease. Knowledge that helps us set our sails accordingly. Knowledge that can help us make the most of what life has to offer. Renewal is life reinvigorated !

Do or Die

We are talking about processes integral to the successful and optimal functioning of all living organisms. We know that ecosystems also exhibit the characteristics we’ve been discussing. Human social systems be they families, business entities, cities or nations are no different and that is why some cultures integrated these practices at the group level. Do you think the Planet would be in its current state if revitalizing customs were practiced by all cultures on a regular basis?

Our current systems of social organization don’t factor for periodic socio-economic purification, reconciliation and renewal and here we are in the midst of global economic breakdown and social chaos. The compounding problem within our society is that its designed to ensnare everybody in the debt trap.[1] It’s a lot like how tobacco companies add certain chemicals to tobacco to make nicotine even more addictive (“enhanced tobacco”).

The entire mainstream media complex is nothing more than a subliminal public indoctrination system designed to feed debt generating, wealth extracting super organisms known as Central Banking[1], and the great ponzi scheme known as stock markets.[2]

Therefore, we have every moral right and civic obligation to disavow any and all debt because everybody on the planet who uses central bank issued money has been intentionally parasitized ! [3]

Discussions about mass scale debt cancellation are being increasingly proposed by various groups and individuals, including many mainstream economists. [4] The debt situation is so absurd in certain sectors that it can’t, won’t and shouldn’t be paid off. In the mean time the entire world economy is hobbled and millions are crushed under the burden of debt and/or their countries needless austerity measures.


It’s Time for the Great Global Reset of 2012-13 !

Credit: The Monterey County Weekly

On December 21st, 2012 the Maya Long Count Cycle (LCC) aka the Mayan Calendar resets to, and that signals reset in a very profound way.

That’s a 13 stage process (baktuns) of five cyclical time scales resetting to zero on the same day! Within MMAC Time Science, 13 and its multiples signify degrees ofprocessorial completion and processorial junctures or developmental growth spurts if you will within humans and their social systems.

Novelty spikes within us and our various cultural extrusions as defined by marked changes in quantitative and qualitative measures.[5]

A Breakdown of

Thirteen baktuns equal 260 katuns equals 13 x 20; equals 5200 tun equals 13 x 400; equals 93,600 uinals equals 13 x 7200; equals 1,872,000 kin/days equals 13 x 144,000; equals 5125.26 years. Those are the 5 time scales, (baktuns, katuns, tuns, uinals, kin) indicated by My regular readers will understand cycles as stages of growth and development as they apply to humans and their cultural systems.[5]

We are talking about an event that happens only once every 5125 years. And when we consider the fact that the sun is metaphorically being reborn from the galactic womb on the December 2012 solstice, well then we are dealing with an event that comes around once every precessional cycle or once every 25,628 to 25,770 years. [6]

You will note that I added 13 to 2012 so as to also point to the year 2013.  The end of the LCC coincides with the end of the Gregorian Year, and that means that the ongoing repercussions of December 21st, 2012 will be felt more so in 2013. The number 2013 also contains 2 of the most significant numbers within Mesoamerican Time Science 20 and 13.


We have something momentous
to celebrate and the global circumstances
surrounding this time couldn’t be anymore epic !


Click to enlarge

Wiping the Slate Clean !

The LCC is coinciding with what looks like the birth and death of the Western historical narrative that presently holds the world hostage. Perhaps this is why the number 13 holds the place value of bad luck in the Western psyche? You saw all the multiples of 13 involved in the LCC breakdown.

I am referring to the historical narrative as defined by the ability to preserve memory (history) in the form of written records. The Summerians of Mesopotamia, cradle of Western Civilization, developed writing circa 3200 BCE. Egyptian hieroglyphs were developed right around the same time.

The LCC’s start date is August, 3114 BCE. Those of you closely following my work on MMAC Time Science know that most marked shifts in personal and collective domains are most apt happen near cycle junctures.[5]

It would seem that the cycle juncture of 3114 BCE corresponds to the shift point where early Western culture went from the fluidity of the mythostoric epoch (prehistory) to a static or concretized narrative that I refer to as the historiostatic epoch. There are two types of evolutionary procesess at work that concern this article.

One involves culture as behavioral customs, norms and habits and the other is about technological/artefactual innovation. It is important we distinguish between the two because highly evolved technologies do not correspond to highly evolved behaviors. Our leadership agencies are just as barbaric now as they were at any point in Western historic civilization, only their tools for war and oppression have evolved exponentially.

It is some time after 3114 BCE that Western Civilization began to set in stone ( Hammurabi’s Laws-1772 BCE, 10 Commandments 1300 BCE, ) a singular (“one true God”) and official narrative (King’s dictate, Biblical authority) of the world. And the world’s first empire (Assyrian) reared its ugly head around 2500 BCE.

Set in stone refers to rigid ideas and/or traditions fixated in the past simply because “it is written” and/or out of rote generational habit reinforced by age old written commands. In other words writing used to be the sole province of kings and kings were often times seen as incarnations of the Godhead hence the great authority, mystique and power attributed to “it is written in the… “.

Anybody who has the read the Bible encounters this constant appeal to authority known as “The Law”. The Law has no less stature in present day society. It’s been given an unquestionable aura of supreme authority and righteousness. An undeserved aura given the fact that The Law comes from men of self imposed power who have established their authority by sheer force, guile and deceit. It is interesting that New Testament Biblical lore rails against ‘The Law”.

The arrival of digital ink and paper near the end of LCC has served to begin restoring the fluidity and plurality of our mythostoric past. That is we’ve been enabled to metaphorically and literally wipe the slate clean so that we may begin writing new stories on a supremely flexible, forgiving and ultra-democratized medium—humanity’s digitized cybermind also known as the internet.

For thousands of years only the royalty could afford scribes and stone masons to write down whatever the King and his court deemed fit. His-story is quite literally a reference to the fact that history started out as the king’s story.  We now live at a time when anybody can contribute anything to the developing meta-narrative or now dawningmetastoric age.

This looks to be yet another aspect of Terence McKenna’s Archaic Revival meme. Joseph Campbell’s conclusion after spending a life time assessing the mythostoric lore of every culture on the planet was that the future of human cultural evolution lay with the creation of the Planetary Mythos.[7]

There is still much to plumb around this facet, but it exceeds the scope of this article. Nonetheless, wiping the slate clean is yet another metaphor synonymous with reset, renewal, forgiveness and purification.

The meme of reset is so pervasive at the moment that it’s even coming directly from the horse’s mouth. Two former high profile Goldman Sachs bankers have each written pieces on what they refer to as the “Big Reset” and the “Global Reset”.[8]


Welcome to Purgatory !

Our financial-monetary system (collectivized energy flow system) is constipated, rickety and rife to the hilt with every form of corruption and deceit. It should be glaringly clear that the Current World System (CWS) needs a mega-purge, and if we don’t revamp the critical elements of the CWS that have brought us to this precipice then there is no renewal and no purification, and that means a perpetuation of needless suffering, death and destruction.

We are witness to the slow motion breakdown of the CWS, though that in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is that the owners of the CWS have their own version of a “revitalized CWS” and that means more of the same and if things weren’t bad enough already.[9] So who is going to help the planet purge if not those bearing the brunt of CWS policies and that amounts to about 99% of the world’s population.


December 21st, 2012 provides us with a
unique opportunity to raise awareness and catalyze
the actions needed to course correct from our perilous path.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are preparing to participate in various events to honor and celebrate the incoming new world age. But a new world agewithin the human domain is dependent upon our actions for its manifestation. As theworlds we are referring to are the mental worlds of human beings and the cultural-artifactual constructs that go along with them.

The earth has done without humans for the vast majority of its existence and the earth will continue its existence for an almost equal amount of time after humans are gone. There is no new world age for the human domain unless we purge the parasitic and malignant operating systems from our cultural systems.

I’ve attempted to show in past writings how December 21st, 2012 is an event for the entire planet.[6]

December 21st, 2012 is
relevant to everybody because the themes
involved are universal in nature and global in scope.

They are the themes we have been discussing. December 21st, 2012 holds the potential to be the world’s largest synchronized gathering in the history of the world. Properly themed and the event could very well catalyze greater involvement in the budding revitalization movement that our Planet is in such dire need of.

There is no better time to clean house than the present and with that said I propose that we all work together to declare and begin the realization of the world’s first Global Jubilee on December 21st 2012 !

The following ideas are suggestions for event format and relevant themes. Many events are already planned and I would suggest that event planners consider incorporating what they can given their unique set of circumstances and constraints. The purpose is to give more universality, substance, credibility and visibility to the meaning of December 21st, 2012.

The idea of is to get as many people as possible to participate, even if it is just a single day affair and its something you do by yourself or with a small group.

I will later send out another post that will serve as the “event poster” and a call for action with a minimum amount of text, but with referencing links so that it may be easily and freely redistributed.  If you would like play a role in the diffusion of this idea please contact me.

The question about the year 2012
and in particular December 21st, is not— what’s going to happen—
but rather,

what are we going to make happen !!



Global Jubilee 2012

A Celebration of Life !

An Event for the Entire Planet !


  • to honor the past and to celebrate the implications of a New Cycle of Time !
  • to draw the world’s attention to the source of our most pressing collective problems !
  • to catalyze discussions/actions around what are and how to promote the most appropriate solutions to our global predicaments
  • to catalyze global participation toward the creation of a better world !
  • to inspire hope in action, co-creation and collaboration on a scale never before seen !

Event Duration: Minimum 1 day; Maximum 13 days.**

Dates: Anytime from December 10th to December 29th. What ever the event duration the 21st should of course be included in your event’s time span.**

Where: Everywhere and Anywhere. If you can organize your own event, great, and if not then find one to participate in.[a]

Themes: Planetary-Cultural Renewal, Social Reconciliation, Economic Relief and Whole Systems Transformation.

Activities: The extent and range of possible activities will depend on geographic location, availability of venue(s) and event duration. Otherwise its primarily a celebratory time so that means music, singing, dancing, sharing, conversation, network weaving, food and drink.

** Contact me for questions about event timing or any other questions about this proposal.

If event planners can secure or create space and time for presentations/speakers, group discourse “playshops” then consider including themes from the following list of New Culture topics.

  • Holistic education.
  • Story telling and myth making.
  • Full spectrum forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • New economy, new currencies and debt cancelation.
  • The Transition Town movement, community and movement building.
  • Political reform and discussions on new socio-political organizational models.
  • Earth-Nature based rituals and ceremonies to honor the old and welcome the new.
  • Environmental sensitivity-restoration, the population bomb and limits to growth issues.
  • Multilateral demilitarization and disarmament, and a cease fire demand to bring an end to all hostilities.
  • Spiritual, philosophic and scientific presentations on themes relevant to the creation of a better world.

Music, Dance and Other Artistic presentations.
Artistic presentations with an emphasis on performance art and in particular interactive performance art.

Event Economic Model: Sharing and Gifting.
Contributors and providers may charge enough to cover their material costs. Unless of course the material are also contributed then food drink or whatever is free. As in those providing food and other material support for event functions. It is suggested that we all donate our time and whatever resources we can to enable the realization of the event each person expects to participate in, be it as an organizer, contributor, performer or presenter

December 21st, 2012 event organizers and participants should forego commercialization of the event. You are however encouraged to passively distribute contact information, business cards, flyers etc. The commercial world is a mundane aspect of our everyday life. What a novelty and a blessing it would be to enter into a realm where kinship, sharing, celebration and awe is all we see and hear.

List your event and/or find events near you at has created an online resource board for organizers to list their 12/21-2012 events. You can also find events that you might consider attending.




The view from my favorite place to stay in southwestern Costa Rica.

I am organizing a multi-day event in the southwestern region of Costa Rica from December 10th through the 22nd.

If you are interested to know more please contact me for details.



Another World is possible, she is in her way.
On a quite day day, I can hear her breathing ~ Arundhati Roy

Please let us hear your ideas,
suggesting and comments about this proposal !



1. Central Banking: Reforming the Global Financial System:

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1a. Central Banking Origins: The Dark History of Modern Banking: While researching Jubilee I came across a site that tells an in depth story of modern banking starting with the infamous Rothschild family. It goes on to tell of their historic manipulations of world affairs since the 1800′s. I had come across bits and pieces of the same story in diverse articles and this person’s story is consistent with what I’ve encountered elsewhere. The difference between their story and others is that its the most complete version I’ve encountered. It references various published works. Taking from each and stitching together a still more complete story.

We must remember that we are dealing with suppressed history so this material is far out of reach. Nothing you will ever remotely encounter in any college or see promoted via mainstream channels. I will warn you though, this person has religious leanings so they mix the historical record with their religiously influenced narrative. Do you what you want with his narrative, but the facts he assembles are a very good picture of how the world is run by the Rothschild banking dynasty/Central Banking System. In other words consider not throwing the baby out with the bath water. The site also references someone called Jah, but I wouldn’t waste my time on that site.

4 thoughts on “Call for Global Jubilee on 21.12.2012: We Do Not Owe, We Do Not Pay! | Emergent Culture

  1. Pingback: Call for Global Jubilee on 21.12.2012: We Do Not Owe, We Do Not Pay! | Emergent Culture | ANOTHER WORLD IS NOW! - GLOBAL SPRING |

  2. Brilliant post – I’ve been calling for this – here’s what we’ve written: The policies of the powerful nations, from colonial times to the present, have caused great inequality in the world, both at the level of continents and regions and for individuals.

    We propose a couple of modest rebalancing policies.

    The first is that antisocial debts, whether at the international level such as money supposedly owed by poor nations to rich, or by ordinary folk to financial institutions, should all be cancelled.

    If we Default All Debts, everyone can start again. Most folk would be better off – only the rich would lose. And if we lost a few financial institutions, would anybody care or even notice?

    Second, if we want a world where everybody truly feels equal, then let’s reflect that in the economic sphere.

    We suggest a One World, One Wage policy.

    It’s a simple plan. Everybody gets paid the same salary. So cleaners get the same as bankers, teachers are equal to dinner ladies and mums valued as much as soccer stars.

    So we run society just like a big co-operative – because that’s what we are.

    And as we truly are all in this together, obviously those that can’t work will be cared for: that’s what society’s for.

    Once this is implemented, and in tandem with the debt default, much of the inequality will soon be squeezed out of the system. After the real price of labour has been factored in, the true value of any good or service can be calculated.

  3. I saw and heard a man on television in 1969 state that Jesus Christ promised and prophesied a world wide debt cancelling JUBILEE when HE quoted Isaiah 61 into Luke 4. I think that HE was promising the Age of Pisces the Fish, that age will end some where from October 2, 2016 to late September 2017. Eli Stanley Jones wrote a book in 1935 titled, “Christ’s Alternative to Communism”. This man on television must have read Jones’ book. Jones must have understood what Christ was saying on that day in the Nazareth synagogue.

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