Occupy the Future of the Pillars Sunday Evening

Posted by alex | Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Location: Piazza della Vetra

Sunday, September 16
Colonne di San Lorenzo – Milan
from 18 to 22 about

democracy, communication, revolution

A year from Occupy Wall Street and on the eve of the resumption of the protest movement that besiege the Spanish government on September 25, ZAM and MilanoX organize a public square to discuss the future of the global conflict against austerity and bankers, financiers, technocrats and politicians who support it.

The public debate will be introduced and moderated
MilanoinMovimento and collect contributions from:

Dan Salvini (Autistici.org, in connection skype from New York)
John Sinha (Occupy London)
Danilo De Biasio (People’s Radio)
Alex Foti (MilanoX & Precarious United)
Aitor (Democracia Real Ya Barcelona Universitat & Nomada)
Toret (Democracia Real Ya in connection skype from Seville)


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