The process of 15M and Occupy to Florence | mariangela

The meeting organizing Florence 10+10 is going to take place in milan from the 14th to the 16th of September

People organizing the forum in Florence has prepared a special meeting inviting people from all over the world from Occupy/15M movement

“The process of 15M and Occupy to Florence”

Mumble/Occupytalk/ Open space
on the 14thof September at 19:45 pm CET time organized in Milan

I remind you that there is a pad where we are collecting proposal for the SF in Florence

and this is the website with all the information

The idea is to have from 19,45 to 20,00 two intervention from people organizing the agora 99 in madrid and Strasburg and after that carrying on with an open mic on how we can network between different movements in order to strengh our struggles

The meeting in Mumble is part of the program of Milan and all the people participating in the meeting in Milan will be participating

It is a very good chance. Please if you can participate to the meeting contact

all the best and open to meet you on the 14th


Below is the letter issued by the Firezne 10+10 coordination committee on the Milan meeting. 

Frenze 10+10 is becoming an attractive and constructive event thanks to several European processes that are the results of a common strategy and work among different actors  and convergences of local/national networks.

Here is a list of the main proposals being elaborated:

1. The European Water Network has decided (in the Brussels meeting of 15th July) to realize the first European Water Movements Assembly in Florence 10+10, and it could foresee an initiative on  the Commons.

Contact person(s): Tommaso Fattori [] –

Gabriella Zanzanaini []

2. The “Alter summit” process (born in the context of Joint Social Conference and the Labour and globalization network) is going to make its first public appearance Florence 10+10, as decided in Brussels, on the 29th of July. The idea is to build a three days initiative conference, which will mobilize networks and resources on the issues of: Alternatives to Europe’s austerity and defence of labour and democracy. On the 11/11 launch of AlterSummit (Athens, Spring 2013). Ideas for seminars on several themes:

  • 1. Against austerity, the Tax Compact and memoranda (P. Khalfa –       
  • 5. Alternative financing to socially and environmentally useful jobs

Contact person: Felipe Van Keirsbilck []


3. Also the process called “Another road for Europe” (started by Italian campaign Sbilanciamoci, and il Manifesto and Open Democracy) has decided, right after the assembly of the 28th June in the European Parliament, to build a second step in Florence 10+10, putting as core theme the proposals for an alternative economic and social Europe and its democratic approaches.

Contact person: Mario Pianta []


4. The campaigns and networks working on the Debt issue (audit of the debt, deconstruction of austerity policies, etc) are also coming together: the idea is to work on a set of initiatives and the creation of an “International tribunal against debt and austerity”, to be held in Florence 10+10.  The following organisations are involved: CADTM&ICAN network, Attac France, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK and European Alternatives. On the italian side, there are four groups working on this issue (RID, SID, Attac Italy and Re:common).

Contact person (in Italy): Roberto Errico []

5. TNI/CEO group might prepare an initiative in Florence, on Corporate Europe, as further step after the conference realized in May in Brussels ( or this could be part of the Alter summit… In any case, both organisation are involved in the preparation of Florence 10+10.

Contact person: Brid Brennan (TNI), Kenneth Haar (CEO) –


6. There is a strong interest on the issue of Democracy in Europe from many networks such as Attac, Transform Europe, European Alternatives, European Federalist movement and others.  The call “A Democratic rupture for Europe” asks for an Assembly in Florence, after a series of meetings and collaborative construction of a European democratic reform proposal.

Contact person: Franco Russo [], Transform Italia / Osservatorio Europa

7. The network of the European Federalist Movement is proposing to launch their ECI (European citizens initiative) on the “European plan for socially and ecologically sustainable development financed with the Financial Transaction Tax and the Carbon Tax”

Contact person: Grazia Borgna []

8. The Economistes Atterrées are preparing a proposal on the issues related to the financial crisis in Europe.  Connecting to this is an initiative by a group of critical political economists who is proposing session on how to facilitate the dialogue between critical/radical scholars and social movements, i.e. how to leave the ivory tower of the academia and engage with resistance, and vice versa

Contact person: Mireille Bruyere []

Angela Wigger []

9. After the Frankfurt Blockupy in May (16-19), the Occupy, M15 and other “indignados”  are preparing various types of demonstrations and actions in October (see for eg. Occupy Fake Democracy in Strasburg [– and a meeting in Madrid from the 1st to the 4th  of November [Agora99 –] which could be connected to Florence 10+10.  Proposals for what to organise in Florence are being discussed.

Contact person: Mariangela []

Web to collect proposals from Occupy/15M

10.The network reunited in Nantes for the Forum against useless infrastructures have proposed to relaunch their issues in Florence after the one of Nantes. They put it in their final declaration.

Contact person: Tiziano Cardosi []


– The network of east europe organizations such as the Subversive Forum (Croazia), the hungarian and greek movements, have still not expressed a specific proposal; surely there will be the issue of the impact of the crisis on the political, economic and social rights in South-East and Eastern Europe.

Contact person: Srecko Horvat []

Mirek Prokes []

– The organizations that have worked on Rio +20,  are proposing to work on the issue of financialization of nature and resources. Many are working on that such as Re Common and will present their proposals at the beginning of September.

Contact person: Caterina Amicucci, Re: Common []

– Students (Florence Students of the Left, Union of students, LINK, Rete della conoscenza, etc) would like to have a day long assembly dedicated to the issues of knowledge, education, research, training, etc. and probably connect to the Global Education Strike (

Contact person: Giuseppina Tucci []

Leonardo Landi []

– The European network of Solidarity Economy (RIPESS), accumulating through various events that will take place between setpember and october (Venezia / Degrowth; Milan / Urgenci), should be presenting – either directly or through some of its members – a thematic seminar on existing alternative forms of economy – local P’Acts.

Contact person: Eric Lavillelunière []

– The EFI – IFE- European Feminist Initiative – is involving various feminist organisations around Europe.  One of the focuses is the issue of secularism in Europe, in relationship with citizens’ and women’s rights.

Contact: Nicoletta Pirotta []

– The IAI – International Alliance of Inhabitants  on the issue of Housing rights, is preparing the Urban Social Forum in Naples in September (3-7), and could have an assembly involving also Unions of Inhabitants  and Zero Evictions in Firenze 10+10.

Contact person: Cesare Ottolini [

– The Italian UISP should organize the edition of World antiracist football championship and similar initiatives.

Contact person: Raffaella Chiodo []

– The net of Alternative Trade Mandate on the issue of the Business policies of the EU  and the bilateral agreements on different countries (particularly the Mediterranean areas).

Contact person: Nina Sachau []

– The Unlock-them campaign on the intellectual property rights and the fight on ACTA is preparing a thematic seminar.

Contact person: Emanuela Soldano []

Monica Di Sisto []

– The Migrant networks are probably going to work towards the Global Migrant Action (Dec.18, 2012):

Contact person: Edda Pando []

– The Italian network of NGOs is trying to bring CONCORDE (the European NGO network) in order to discuss the issue of international cooperation of the EU (Italy will have the first forum on int coop in September)

Contact person: Fabio Laurenzi []

– ‘A social Europe! Yes! But which one?’ is proposed by Global Social Justice, with possible involvement of trade unions, EAPN and Social Watch.

Contact person: Francine Mestrum [




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