The Revolution Keeps On Turning

On September 17th 2011, 

A group of people sat down in a park in Lower Manhattan and opened up a space to imagine a new world. We began to share food, clothing, shelter, and knowledge. We sought refuge in the shell of a concrete jungle, and found community. Our actions inspired people around the globe to rise up in solidarity, and for the first time in history, we realized that we are all connected. Though the original occupations have crushed by the weight of systemic repression, co-optation of our message, and violent force — Occupy cannot be stopped — not by any of this. It is a collective unleashing of anger and frustration at a dying capitalist system that points toward a new world we are creating this world together.

The Revolution Keeps On Turning 

Tomorrow, we mark the beginning of our second year by looking back on our successes, the challenges that brought us together, and the great berth of work lies ahead of us.

At 7AM, we converge on Wall Street to shut down the source of all our grievances with The People’s Wall. 

From there, we release our rage, desire and dreams and fill the streets of the Financial District with 99 Revolutions in a free-flowing decentralized spiral radiating outward from our desire to enact our visions for a better world we can create and manifest together.

At 11AM we convene in an assembly to strategically assess our options on how to move forward, and use the direct democratic process to decide how we can come together to fill this day with vibrant, empowering actions centered around the issues that connect the us all.


September 17th. Bring your friends. Bring your dreams. Leave behind the remnants of dying system that has never worked for us, because it was never designed to. Bring a fire burning in your heart with love and rage and an uncompromising drive to reject the notion that we must acquiesce to the never-ending dirge of debt, deception, austerity, and corruption of our democracy. These are our streets, we will fill them with our hearts, boots, and bodies. This is our future, we will take them back. This is our city, and we will occupy it.

Out of the parks, into the streets.

Make Liberty Square everywhere.


Year Two Starts Now.




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