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Info kindly sent from Barcelona

Many of you probably heard about the “25S Rodea el Congreso” campaign. This means “September 25th surround the Congress”. It was originally proposed as “OccupyCongreso” and similar things, but the name changed due to the possible wrong and violent interpretation of it.

The slogan is like: “On September 25th we sorround the Congress until they resign. Enough.”

 But what’s the Congreso?

It’s the main institution to take decisions in the spanish governmnent. A parliament.

Where does this come from?

Let’s start on the beginning. Some guy posted a date and a place in facebook. It seemed like a good idea so a platform of organized citizens called “EnPie!” (it means “stand up!”) started to promote it, as many other people in facebook did.

They were so serious about this, so their assemblies went secret to protect themselves from being treated as conspirators and terrorists or accused of sedition.

Then, the action was confirmed by them, and this opened a national debate. The conclusions were that nobody was going to support this because lack of information, unknown people organizing and other issues.

So some people started to investigate and found the organizers, talked and changed the things. Now the assemblies are on mumble and there are nodes for organization in the whole country.

This made many assemblies to change their position about this. But some people is still against the action or just don’t want to support it as a whole group.

So this change of the position because of the free information created the nodes, mine is in Barcelona, where we already did two massive assemblies to plan this. Many people is going to Madrid from here, me too.

 Why this date?

Well, the government plans are publicly published on the IMF webpage, but they announce it as great measures to save the country. Next plan is to lower pensions among other requests from the german government. They’re going to say this is confirmed just on the week of this action. It’s on the Troika’s agenda.

What’s the plan?

Just surrounding the place is not a solution, so there will be a lot of actions attached and debate. People is getting buses to go there massively from the whole country. Some people think a camp will be good, but nobody can really plan the situation.

The building has been already surrounded by police, there are walls since two months ago. Police in Madrid is getting everyday even more annoying. The government is already taking strange measures.

Yesterday, four people were arrested for carry a banner promoting the action in Madrid. Today the police asked for identification to a whole assembly in Sol sq.

So what?

Many people fears this action because it could become a coup d’etat if the wrong people comes. Many others are not sure about what’s going to happen after the government goes away. Others are promoting the constituent process to rebuild the political system. There is who said the army could come with violence and chaos.

My opinon:

I think it’s a good symbolic action, seems fun. You know, living under this “democracy” is pissing off the people and we did great things that the politicians ignored. It’s time to do a bigger action.

I’m really not sure of the result or the objective, but I’m sure of the reasons that are making this happen.

What I’m going to do is the same as always, bring everybody live information about what happens in other languages.

Why should anybody outside the country care about this?

Maybe next country to go down is yours…

Now seriously, the international press can publish more things that the spanish press, they’re not restricted by the same governors and they are manipulated on a different way, so this can help us to spread a message from Spain to the world.

Not only the press, the movement network must be watching to see what we do right or not and how this strategy can be improved. We’ll need people supporting via twitter to reach global trending topics and live translations of the info.

And help, we’ll need help from outside, solidarity, information to the people outside, translations, etc.

I know the GlobalRevolution.tv team will be in Madrid and they’ve already set up a media center, as well the OccupyTheComms group has been working on new software and protocols. It’s time to see if all this works with real action.

I know too that people from France already confirmed they’re going, as well as people from the international marches.

 Where’s the info?

EnPie! platform: http://plataformaenpie.wordpress.com/

25s proposal: http://yovoy25s.wordpress.com/

25s in Barcelona: http://25sbcn.wordpress.com/

Translated info

Manifesto in english and french: http://25sbcn.wordpress.com/material-de-difusio/25s-manifesto-espengfra/

Call out in english: http://icbcn.titanpad.com/translate-25s (Help us correct it please!)

Sorry, there’s no more information available in English.

That’s all, if I did any mistake or miss something please correct me, I haven’t all the info.




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