Video Report of the Preparatory Seminar for Firenze 10+10 held on September 14 15 16 in Milano

Preparatory discussion for florence10+10  held on September 14-15-16 in milano

discussions préparatoires sur florence10+10
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Milano meeting report and video link _  Plan

Friday    Announced program

  •  Presentation by OC Questions about Firenze 10+10    Why    What    Who?    Where?    When?    How?    How much?

  • Giulia ( speaking with a series of photos behind her)    jason
  • Agenda – visions and expectations    Mirek :    Eric    Giuzzeppe    Sheer    Jean michel    Gerik –    Felipet    Alexandra    Pierre –    Occupy man   Occupy woman    Francine    Gian luca    Matilde    Natascha    Walter

  • Jason – national OC little time    Attempt of mumble Connection with Madrid ( see Sunday)

Saturday    Announced adapted program

  • Morning of Saturday – Convergence groups/block  meeting see photos and written report    Alexandra – Gabriela    democracy    austerity debt   social and labor rights    Europe and the world    commons    presentation of the outcomes of parallel block sessions

  • Walter – group 1    ??    alessandra – goupe 4    Alessandra –    Vittorio     Rafaella    Helene    Marc    Kelly    john    Mariangela    piero    Renato –    Vittorio   Hugo    Alessandra   Piero,    answers from OC
  •     Jason – tommaso    further discussion on methodology towards and in Florence     Eric    Renato:    Francine:    ?Movimiento NOTAV    Rafaella :    Franco   Sophie :    Mariangela    Attac    Pierre :    Josu    Piero    Vica –    Brid    Gabriella    Attac germany    John    Natasha    Alice    end of discussion on methodology input by OC    Jason – tommaso
  • Mumble meeting with occupy 15M

Sunday morning    Announced program

  • Adapted proposal from OC after discussion of saturday    Tomaso –    Jason    Thursday and Friday    on Saturday    on Sunday
  • Discussion    ?    Piero –    Alessandra    Rafaela    Marc    Pierre    Feminist    CGIL    Orsan    ?    Annick    England –    Attac germany    Renato –    Franco   15M ?    Tomaso    Jason    last meeting of blocks

state of Florence building blocks a few days before Milano meeting

  • [1] The European Water Network    2] The process of “Alter summit”    [3] Also the process called “Another road for Europe”    [4] The campaigns and networks working on the Debt issue  [5] CEO and TNI    [6] There is a strong interest on the issue of Democracy in Europe from manynetworks    [7] The network of the European Federalist Movement    [8] The Economistes Atterrées    [9] After the Frankfurt Blockupy in May (16-19),    [10] The network reunited in Nantes for the Forum against useless infrastructures    [11] The networks ofeast europe organizations    [12] The European Financialization of Nature Network    [13] Student movements    [14] The European network of Solidarity Economy (RIPESS),    [15] The EFI – IFE- European Feminist Initiative –    [16] The IAI – International Alliance of Inhabitants    [17] The Italian UISP (Sports and culture union)    [18] The net of Alternative Trade Mandate    [19] The Unlock-them campaign on the intellectual property rights    [20] The Migrant networks    [21] The Italian network of NGOs    [22] ‘A social Europe! Yes! But which one?’    [23] The Forum of the Theatres    [24] European Civic Forum    [25] Engineers wihout Fronteers


Announced program

14 September

5.00pm Opening session

“What is Firenze 10+10?”: sharing visions & joining forces

Intro by the Organising Committee for Firenze 10+10

5.30pm Discussion starters: context, contents, methods, actors

Suggestions to begin work on strategies, tools and a common “vocabulary”

6.00pm Debate

8.00 pm Closing


1 friday



2 friday



Saturday 3


Friday : Presentation by OC Questions about Firenze 10+10




East west

South Mediterranean

Long term vision +10 years



action oriented space, common European mobilization, is not an ESF, it starts from the social actors on the ground today, not a space filled with hundreds of parallel workshops

blocks of initiatives, we identify 5 thematic blocks

-1/democracy and post-democracy

-2/finance debt austerity


-4/natural and social common goods

-5/warpeace social struggles

gender is transversal

5 final session to converge held sequentially

self organized events in the first two days, hardcore of proposal

launch a common European demonstration, idenfying something we can do al together


Standard actors and New movements 2011- JSC Altersummit



Florence municipality has a neo liberal agenda

-Fortezza da basso given a certain number of dayfor cultural event

-5 halls 250 1000 people

-30 smaller rooms 20-100 people ( palazzino de venezzia – to break in small groups)

-2 small event will be in the fortezza at the same time

Open Florence


20 sept registration

Register common actions presented in the plenary already with some support around them


10 october close


ssturday 1


15 october convergence facilitation ( tricky issue discussed tomorrow)

Post Florence dynamics

Florence is an event is not a process ….. it is just a moment


Spreading the news

Defining a format and a methodology

Proposal that every block have

Two days on convergence – to prioritize common actions



what kind of decision making methods

( collective platforms undersigned by who subscribes)

Final moment

What form



Define a common vocabulary –

some locked in esf wsf meaning

Agree on what words mean

It is not a trivial issue


Linguistic facilitation – babels born in the preparation of Florence


How much?

No sponsor

Italian committee 50000 euros

Discuss participant contributions

Solidarity funding


Giulia ( speaking with a series of photos behind her)

Babels is a political actor

By providing we change the outcome of the events

We are happy

Travel cost interpretation and food of interpreters to be covered

Say we

We want to have an event – workshop of on the technical side on how to set up technical solution for organization- a more philosophical workshop on language rights website : contact info at babels .org


Go through proposal and convergences of European networks

How to organize the public space for convergence

Who is responsible for their facilitation

Common proposals for common actions

what form of public event in Firenze


Saturday 3-2


Agenda – visions and expectations

Friday Discussion on Expectation – priorities – goals

Mirek :

Event need to be environmentally friendly event – I came by train to Milano ( sustainable way)- (to Notav movement ) please do not criticize high speed train- it is much better than freeway and airport – high speed strain are 50 time more environmentally friendly


CADTM je trouve le cadre bien –quelle est la présence du mouvement social italien ?


titulo personale – pace e guerra – non parliamo de guerra atomica


expectations ?

Jean michel

CGT – 5 block oui – mais le risque est de retomber – limiter a 5 block- la Notion de programme elle même est critiquable

Gerik –

corporate europe – TNI CEO we had a trial in may –

Felipe –

60 organisations yc personnalités politiques  belge alter summit


Peuples européens se sont battus séparément et ont été battus séparément

Alexandra –

Attac Austria – have a methodology team – via campesina

Pierre –

nous devons avoir une clarté dans le processus de décision, clarté des mots, clarté de situations proposée durant Florence et anticipation dans le processus de convergence (….)

Occupy man

Occupy woman

– learn from each other


ne pas séparer labour du reste on divise

Gian luca

intercultural – intercultural respect, should be a main topic – Arab spring is also profound ly religious – live in Egypt – would bring movements closer and able to discuss other themes – I organized a meeting in Luxembourg between occupy and Arab spring activist – have a special session on Syrian crisis – friends of Syria at civil society levels – 754 pacific demonstration reported last Friday in Syria while at the beginning they were 50 -and this is not covered by our media


tilt – grafica e precarieta- redito ( revenu minimum)



Ne pas revenir sur le passé qui a été bon forum sociaux

On est incapable de travailler ensemble

Chercher les raisons de cet échec plutôt que de préparer des activités

Vous croyez que les grecs vont se mobiliser pour venir à Florence pour « parler »?On fait les débats tous les jours en Grèce sur touts ces thèmes

Si on m’avait dit en 2002 que dans dix ans j’allais gagner 50% de mon salaire de 10 ans avant, et que la gauche radicale raterait le gouvernement de 2% je l’aurais pris pour un fou

Attirer l’attention des gens qui luttent sur place, pour qu’il se sentent partie de quelque choses, Que ça vaut le coup de sacrifier du temps et de l’argent pour venir a Florence, Que il y aura un plan efficace

On a beaucoup de solidarité « par mail » et de visite sur place ….Il nous faut un réseau de solidarité européen – aider les gens au niveau juridiques, des besoins de tous les jours


transform – previous social forum format: Respectfully collect opinions about another possible world, while Now we are in a fierce struggle

Collective actions is banned in Slovakia Hungary, soon Czech republic, and we would not have imagined that years ago

Everybody agrees on yes we need 5 points and everybody agrees on this point

It does not require negotiation but precision

In each city of Europe, I will reach agreement on words, but behind the words people ting about different things

We will use this space that you have provided in Florence

Jason – national OC little time

5 blocks are suggestions

Need common discussions on goals we can achieve together

Plenaries in a sequential way on Saturday –

We want get to these plenaries as prepared as possible

Those who organized them, those who go to them

Alexandra facilitating team could be an idea

Attempt of mumble Connection with Madrid ( see Sunday)

“joining the club” Arci de la rua bellezza for a dinner


Announced adapted program

15 September

9.30am Agenda presentation and introduction

10am “European networks and campaigns proposals: priorities and themes”Work by 5 blocks

11.45 Plenary debate

1pm Lunch Break

2pm “A Public Space for common strategies: how to organise the convergences” Facilitation, methodology and conviviality: how are we going to work together?[Working Groups]

4.30pm Coffee Break

5.00pm PUBLIC EVENT“Joining forces for another Europe. Citizens’ and movements’ responses to the European policies on Crisis, Debt,Democracy”

7.30pm Closing

[8 – 9 pm] Online conference meeting with Occupy-Indignados

Morning of Saturday – Convergence groups meeting see photos and written report


Saturday 3(3


saturday 2

Alexandra – Gabriela

5 themes – meeting 1h30mn

Collect initiatives that you want to bring to Florence

Which actors should be in Florence that are not here in Milano

Brainstorming what could be slogans that your constituency would be engage




austerity debt



social and labor rights



Europe and the world








saturday 4


presentation of the outcomes of parallel block sessions

Walter – group 1

Long term goal short term goals slogan nothing about us without us

50 relevant and interesting proposals on democracy put them in 6 basket

Crisis/ reinventing



saturday 5

 (…no notes=)??Groupe 4 commons


Lier tous les processus est une action

Lier local au global

Jeunes de blockupy

Coordination de résistance en grande Bretagne

Mouvement environnementaux

Protégeons les commons

“No one will be left alone”

“Commons are not for sale”

alessandra – goupe 5

Guerre et paix et mouvements sociaux

Cohérence des politiques gouvernementales

Roles des mouvements sociaux dans et hors europe

Conflits dans la région

Slogan .. desoccupy !


1930 -2012

Banks are ours


Alessandra –

link with fsm13



Ten years ago – in Florence ESF 2002, all we said might happen has happened, and we cannot have the same forum – people do not have to eat , 10% of Greece has cut electricity

We have the duty to launch strong messages


The journey we are doing

the 5 groups go on by mail and 2 networks in each group take charge of stimulating the discussion

Who want to join those thematic bloc join


attac – initiative qui embarquent un maximum de monde


attention a la Recupération de nos slogans – par la droite et le front national –


20th october meeting blockupy Frankfurt

We are going to “agora99” in Madrid 2nd of November, and will have a workshop in Florence


Occupy London- Brussels


saturday 6


Beyond thematic


15M en Madrid -15M has Modality of work totally different from here- need to have will to build together – We use squares, we do not pay or ask permission to use public space to make politics

in 2012, The forum social in Madrid was done outside in the street- No flags no parties no unions


Cobas – The truth is that in Europe we are minority, Florence is to Put together the minority, those that think differently against the government and the majority of population

We have not spoken together In Italy one year among ourselves in the movement

Let us not ask Florence what it cannot give

Renato –

in Malmo ESF2008 we decided to create a European water network, but it is did not work – Only Italy had a mass movement on water, now from Marseille FAME forum 2012, we see more organized movements – and we want to re-launch the European movement in Florence

I propose to all that each European network announces what it is ready to organize and support

The movement in Italy is way low ….let us move!


am from 15M Barcelona – we have no common vocabulary and imaginary – There is a strategy

Three themes –


attac Germany – Dissatisfied with the discussion

We are repeated the same way we did for ten years and get to failure of esf process

Everybody speaks of his own project

we need to Find the slogan that could mobilize masses

the slogans I have heard will not take my German neighbor to the streets


The session showed from the message we have developed we need to go further, We come from a way of doing things

There is something behind Florence


European on the debt

Process for constituent assembly

Solidarity strategy


Not expect more from Florence than what is can bring, but it is possible to organize to get all it can bring

Good energy seen in some groups, realizing that the array of actors is wide in the group

Magic formula unifying masses

Concrete proposals

answers from OC

Jason – tommaso

Discussion shows how fragmented and weak we are

Try to imagine how

Methodology is very concrete : how to design the space

Preparation online is part of the space

Challenge: More efficient process of preparation


Methodology we are going to use


it is Not the OC who is in charge of the blocks facilitation

Some network must be in charge of the block process in the next months

Also We collect proposals for action

Blocks Come up with a commonly agreed format

Who will be responsible for what


We have a Cloud logo


-How to work on the 5 blocks from now on?

-Who is the convenor of the converging moments

-What facilitation tools

-How to collect the proposals for common actions

-What is the timing and the formal process

-What is the role of organizing committee


Designing the space setting : frontal circular setting of rooms

Collect the proposal for actions before

-15 october activity deadline

-30 october actions deadline

Converging block at least 3 networks 3 countries to take responsibility to facilitate

further discussion on methodology towards and in Florence


Will there be an office in Florence? can we Send people beforehand to help you?


message: “In Florence we can unite to build European level campaigns, That is why you need to come, and Not make national demonstration against something, but European demonstration against who, and for what


we should avoid the 5 blocks, or 1 interlinking block

We want to communicate with people in the street: we have only one and a half common topic: people in Europe care about their pensions, wages, social rights, and also democracy, although to a lesser extent

?Movimiento NOTAV

NOTAV= no train de alta velocita high speed train

Rafaella :

Methodology has to be useful to start a political permanent process, we need involvement enlargement dialogue and consensus that need to be discussed and created

The 5 thematic blocks have to play this role – we choose the three network which convene the blocks – they have 6 tasks

-Involving other organization receive proposal of activities

-Search for actors

-Organize the “space” of their block ( meaning content of activities related to this block ?) retro creation of the activities linked to the block

Produce a longer list of proposals, and from this long list, try to arrive to one

The plenary session of 5 block can be one hour each well organized, in a fresh way

Sunday for searching the common action – altersummit in Greece can be a successful one


carminati attac wallonie : Block 2 – processus de le convergence austérité – JSC et altersummit entamé depuis 4 ans, on a converge sur 5 demandes – socialization des banques et autre banque central – réseau économistes atterrés cadtm et attac

cadtm et attac ok pour etre convenor du bloc 2

Sophie :

FSU France – on fait pas « business as usual » – on peut pas être prétentieux non plus – ce qui m’inquiéterait c’est un longue liste de campagne et de dates

Initiative altersummit reconstruire le mouvement social européen – il faut un espace de débat stratégique – comme en 2003 guerre social grande manifestation – mais je sais que ça ne marche pas comme ça – il faut un espace a Florence pour discuter de l’action qui rassemble tout le monde



Pierre :

Not fall in a thematic trap, it can be relevant to have on convergences on transversal issues  eg solidarity , have a transversal block also

Susbsidiarity : the convergence session on Saturday is to examine the few actions that have received most convergence in each block other action can be promoted in the self organized activities in the first two days

Convergence session at the end : the convergence proposals could be handed out by Written to audience and there can be a questions and answer session one hour

Final moment: with a clear transparent support making process from participants to proposals – I can help in this can be a tool for block dynamics to create autonomous space for discussion and be visible on line

Call for steaming enlarging activities and not only those by OC , and arrange some rooms for tele-meeting


2008 début de la crise des mouvements sociaux européens – la dimension européenne n’existe pas comme une nécessité

J’ai le souci que ça finisse comme un forum comme un autre

La CES ne bougera que si la société civile bouge


how we choose thematic coordinator

Sunday morning dedicated to searching for one action


Vica –

Solidarity and action is happening ! we need not talk about it – we have to make an event every week

Issues are thousands, solutions are thousands – I am confused – what are the strength of the people that are here ? – you have very powerful connections – we need your connections! – we need the forum! Don’t be afraid of the word forum, also- we should not be afraid to be In the streets


Only one day for self organized workshops

Fourth day a big convergence assembly outside the fortezza


Fishbowl technique in the water movement

Don’t want to be in the common block all the time

Attac germany

as Susan George said on Friday-it is not the time to make a summer university

Have a plenary at the beginning to focus people on the urgency


occupy – need to give a clear message we do not want to repeat esf – give a clear call out that this , it is Not a seminar event

millions of Climate jobs is not a thematic subject

On line polling technique et sort priority allocation

Where is the energy


J’étais excite de me retrouver sur la place a syntagma avec 100 000 -mais on parlait tous grec !

Si on veut faire ça a Florence, c’est du théâtre : ce ne sera pas une vraie assemblée

On devrait se mettre d’accord que Florence est le moment de remettre en route une coordination européenne

On peut pas faire une rencontre en Grèce juste pour exprimer la solidarité

On organise les séminaires pour préparer la convergence – je pense que une proposition par bloc, ou des convergence entre les blocs avec 3 4 7 points – un agenda concret pour travailler a Athènes ou ailleurs et Une action commune avant le sommet alternatif ce serait le maximum


Rete conocenza

Florence need to give consolidation time to new networks

Importance of the “knowledge” theme –

end of discussion on methodology input by OC

Jason – tommaso

A lot have come out

Tomorrow we keep on the program and come back with our thoughts

Answering what vica said : we have to reword our appeal

The European dimension is missing a pan European link between the different active part of society against neoliberal Europe on the streets lobbying in different way we express our activism

There are many things happening everyday

By issue or thematically relinking them at European level

There have been some conferences in the past years with call out for European dimension

This is a strategic dimension needs a long term vision

We cannot organize this event like a party congress

We need time and ways to meet, not necessary in person – when meeting in person, we build trust and can work in a distance

Florence wants to be an opportunity to rebuild and bring news actors in cross fertilize and come out some strong message together. Can be one? May be

Defining areas of convergence is strategic

Not make the same errors as in the past

We will work in a way open to new inputs

Certainly plénaries are problematic

Plenaries might be not frontal – proposals are chartered and people can be active, and one hour could be enough

Maybe have a moment about final result on the first two days



slogan by alessandra “Enough is enough let us move Europe is ours !”

Mumble meeting

held in a café – Jason and tommaso pierre mariangela orsan vica john and others

in the morning a group has listed some ways to bridge between Occupy15M and Florence

-make assembly in Florence city

-make a pedagogic assembly in the fortezza on struggles with occupy methodology

-call for assemblies in London spain to assess if they want to participate in Florence formally and arrange tele meeting activities to meet with the participants in Florence through occupy 15M delegates there

-be included in the organisaiton of the moment where there will be a event outside fortezza

decision to start a mailing list , and around it a documentation space called “Occupy15M in Firenze10+10”


saturday 9

OC updating its proposal in a restaurant napkin on saturday night


Sunday morning

Announced program

16 September – Third Day

10am “Firenze methodology planning discussion”

The alliance towards Firenze 10+10: ten years to build a citizen’s Europe

With what form and when to do joint European mobilizations and

demonstrations, with a common platform?

Can the final event in Florence be the beginning of these mobilizations?

Debate and conclusions

Adapted proposal from OC after discussion of saturday


Tomaso –


Building the convergences

We want to build up a political process

We are convening Firenze10+10 why? because we want a rupture fight common enemies

Register activities

Constraints : put together 3 networks from possibly 3 different countries in order to register

Activities will enter the discussions blocks that will create convergences

Collect the proposals for common action

When you register you choose a block where to be in

Facilitators help to see if the activity can be relevant?

As organizing committee we try to send every week through newsletter info on the new proposal that are coming

Sixth block is the common proposal block ( position separate from others)

Each block has 2/3 convenors /facilitators from different networks + 1 facilitator from organizing team


-Reach out and include new relevant actors

-Organize the space of their block, how you work together


Thursday and Friday


Warm up moment – plenary assembly – with some people speaking – charismatic start up : why we are what we want


Network activities

Toward convergences ( open space)

Theater events

institute 5 or 6 spaces ( 5 thematic plus the interlinking space- things that do not fit in one theme)

spaces where to Distribute material – have talk shop- be visible and identified spaces

How these block spaces should be animated is up to the working groups and blocks to decide

We will help to make

Is the “towards convergence” slot one space or several

Sort of both

We will have 4 5 rooms for improvised meetings

on Saturday

Block time on Saturday – is not a discussion – actions are presented and consensed as much as possible

Also the interlink part (here or next day)

In the square in Florence – more occupy kind of moment


on Sunday

Those spaces for the block becomes the exchange moment everybody can go to partners exchange contact sign up on common actions

2hours on the final moment which we need to discuss now




Les blocs commencent a travailler en réseau autour de ces 5 blocks – avant Florence

Dans le towards convergence discussion pour une discussion politique pour un, avec des modérateurs


Piero –

bloco en italiano ??

First day evening on exchange inside the 6 blocks

Second day convergence common action


On Sunday I do not like it

There are a lot o people looking for visibility

Day in


2000 people coming

If we say you can register an activity , people understand, they will have an audience, We are giving the wrong impression

Strategic discussion

All the reports of blocks here have identified

Not register actions – ask about what are your strategies, not about your actions

One hour lunch time is too short

I would not commit to go to the square

We are progressing – it is not easy for us

Let us get out of Firenze

Not overloaded

what about the +10 aspect


We cannot prevent to register activities

We have already planned activities

We negotiate with them : Participate involve yourself in the network

I would say Common agenda instead of convergences

agree with piero : Thursday block meeting and Friday toward a common agenda

Saturday : only the morning – then one plenary for the 5

Plenaries have to be vibrant strong

Sunday morning “follow up discussion” rather then assembly


FSU – Il a été convenu que le dernier jours serait la mise en visibilité du processus altersummit – Altersummit processus qui a vocation a catalyser le mouvement social – rendre visible que en Europe il existe un autre projet – qui est porté par des organisations importantes et soutenu par des organisation politique , ceci doit sortir du dernier jour

On ne parle pas assez de stratégie – avoir un block sur la stratégie – affaiblir la stratégie de l’adversaire – travailler sur le savoir – et la mondialisation


Instead of word block – why not use Notion of “gathering”

Each “gathering process needs to define two actions with as wide support as possible, one short term – one long term to take care of the +10 aspect

“Gathering session” on Saturday can handing out written text describing the proposal + splitting the audience in small groups to give feedback on post it – towards the promoters of the proposals – plus ending with vibrant intervention

Need to have spaces for Tele meetings

Term “follow-up” is good for the sunday- Follow up session in the gathering spaces is a unique opportunity for promoters of action to have a face to face personal exchange with hundreds of organizations to see how they intend to support the action



– last day doit se consacrer a la préparation du processus altersummit





some want to put the hat on Florence


This is the time of collaboration spread the slogan “real democracy now!”


Filtrer les inscriptions par les blocks


Relancer le processus – Florence doit sortir avec un appel ….

Convergence dans les blocks et entre les blocks

On ne peut pas avoir une liste de 50 mobilisations, ça c’est l’affaire des réseaux

Comment on met en œuvre l’appel est aussi important que l’appel lui-même, Nous avons pas beaucoup de temps

Nous avons besoin d’un mot d’ordre politique clair qui montre l’enjeu poltique de Florence

Un réseau c’est

On veut que Florence

De mon point de vue c’est un mini forum social qui donnera peut etre quelque chose

la Liste européen fse-esf est la et peut être a utilisée

J’ai du mal a donner l’objectif 1000 ou 10000 personnes ?

England –

coalition agains cuts – the slogan can be changed to “enough is enough people’s future not banks’” which is more appealing to people than Europe is ours especially in england

Attac germany

let us face the fact that Blockupy is a point of reference in germany altersummit is not

Practices of resistance on the plaza

Renato –

we have to respect the time of all and culture of all participants

In the people assembly

We need to do 5 – 6 things that we can do together that respect all

Make demonstration for something, make demonstration for – go from me and go towards others

Assamblea in the square – other speeches – let us have a good reconciliation in the square



on avait convenu que le dernier jour serait consacré a alter summit

15M ?

Reunion 25S a Madrid

17 octobre CES grande mobilisation


Thursday meeting

Organize better Saturday – present the work of the block and elements of common work


2 weeks to define a slogan


Firenze wants to be a short process, we will pass the baton after November

Try to relaunch a long term process, alter summit can be a vehicle for this, and certainly will have its space

The event is an alliance building moment

If we open activity we can have talk shop but we cannot….

There can be a “way between” – register something, enables to get in a discussions

note that On Saturday other activities could happen in parallel of the blocks


last meeting of blocks

Last meeting of blocks to define facilitators network and make a mailing list

1pm Closing

state of Florence building blocks a few days before Milano meeting

Firenze 10+10

Overview of European networks and campaigns,


in yellow those might be ready to act as bigger size “assemblies”, inside the convergence building process

in bluethose that are from the wording here seem to be more acting networking and in worshop size


“Firenze 10+10” is becoming an attractive event thanks to several European

processes that are the results of a common strategy and work among different

actors and convergences of local/national networks on European scale.

Here is a summary of the proposals for seminars and activities which we have

received until now (in no particular order).

We invite to integrate, change or add information and send it back to:

info at firenze1010

The document is also available at the following link (were it can be co-edited):


[1] The European Water Network

has decided (in the Brussels meeting of 15thJuly) to realize the first European Water Movements Assembly in Florence 10+10,and it could foresee aninitiative on the Commons. (with other building blocks)

Contact person(s): Tommaso Fattori [tommaso.fattori at] -Gabriella Zanzanaini [gzanzanaini at]


[2] The process of “Alter summit”

(born in the context of Joint Social Conference and the Labour and globalization network) will start within the conference of Florence 10+10, as decided in Brussels, on the 29th of July. The idea is to build a three days

initiative conference, which will mobilize networks and resources on the issues of: Alternatives to Europe’s austerity and defence of labour and democracy. On the 11/11 launch of AlterSummit.

Ideas for seminars on several themes:

1. Against austerity, the Tax Compact and memoranda (P. Khalfa -khalfa at

2. Court debt (Th Coutrot – thomascoutrot at / M. Bourgy -myriam at

3. Labour Law (A. Della Vecchia – andrea.dellavecchia at

4. Water as a common good (Pablo Sanchez -psanchez at

5. Alternative financing to socially and environmentally useful jobs(F. Boccara – frederic.boccara at; F. Carminati – franco.carminati at skynet.bef)

Contact person: Felipe Van Keirsbilck [info at]



[3] Also the process called “Another road for Europe”

(started by Italian campaign Sbilanciamoci, and il Manifesto and Open Democracy) has decided, right after the assembly of the 28th June in the European Parliament, to build a second step in Florence 10+10, putting as core theme the proposals for an alternative way of economic and social Europe and its democratic approaches.

Contact person: Mario Pianta [anotherroadforeurope at]



[4] The campaigns and networks working on the Debt issue

(audit of the debt,deconstruction of austerity policies, etc) are also coming together: the idea is to work on a set of initiatives and the creation of an “International tribunal against debt and austerity”, to be held in Florence 10+10. The following organisations are involved: CADTM&ICAN network, European Attac Network, Jubilee Debt Campaign UK and European Alternatives. Contact person: Hugo Braun [braun at]

On the italian side, there are four groups working on this issue (RID, SID, Attac Italy and Re:common).

Contact person (in Italy): Roberto Errico [erricoroberto at]


[5] CEO and TNI

will prepare a proposal for stepping up resistance and coordination to counter the undemocratic and neoliberal EU response to the crisis. Over the past couple of years, major changes have taken place at the EU level. A large number of laws on ‘economic governance (sixpack, European Semester, Europlus Pact, fiscal compact etc.) have been adopted which imposes neoliberal economic policies on member states, and which constitutes a major attack on social rights, democracy and welfare. There is a strong need for developing European campaigning and resistance to these policies. Proposals will be tabled on actions both in the short term and in 2013. It’s the hope of CEO and TNI to develop the proposal further in Milan and Florence with the other groups not least those in the Joint Social Conference/Altersummit.

Contact person: Brid Brennan (TNI), Kenneth Haar (CEO) –[info at]Web:


[6] There is a strong interest on the issue of Democracy in Europe from manynetworks

such as Attac, Transform Europe, European Alternatives, European

Federalist movement and others. The call “A Democratic rupture for Europe” asks for an Assembly in Florence, after a series of meetings and collaborative construction of a European democratic reform proposal.

Contact person: Franco Russo (Transform Italia / Osservatorio Europa)

[fs.russo at tiscali.itfs.russo at ],


[7] The network of the European Federalist Movement

is proposing to launch their ECI (European citizens initiative) on the “european plan for socially and ecologically sustainable development financed with the Financial Transaction Tax and the Carbon Tax”

Contact person: Grazia Borgna [grazia.borgna at]


[8] The Economistes Atterrées

are preparing a proposal on the issues related to the financial crisis in Europe. Connecting to this is an initiative by a group of critical political economistswho is proposing session on how to facilitate the dialogue between critical/radical scholars and social movements, i.e. how to leave the ivory tower of the academia and engage with resistance, and vice versa

Contact person: Mireille Bruyere [Mireille.Bruyere at] Angela Wigger [a.wigger at]


[9] After the Frankfurt Blockupy in May (16-19),

the Occupy, M15 and other”indignados” are preparing various types of demonstrations and actions in October(see for eg. Occupy Fake Democracy in Strasburg [] – and a meeting in Madrid from the 1st to the 4th of November [Agora99 – which could be connected to Florence 10+10. Proposals for what to organise in Florence are being discussed.

Contact person: Mariangela [maciacia50 at]

Web to collect proposals from Occupy/15M


[10] The network reunited in Nantes for the Forum against useless infrastructures

and the Italian No-Tav movement have proposed to relaunch their issues in Florence after the one of Nantes (in their final declaration (final declaration of a forum…)

Contact person: Tiziano Cardosi [tcardosi at] Sabine Brautigam [s.brautigam at]


[11] The networks of east europe organizations

such as the Subversive Forum (Croazia), the Prague Spring 2 and the Greek movements, have still not expressed a specific proposal; surely there will be the issue of the impact of the crisis on the political, economic and social rights in South-East and Eastern Europe.

Contact person: Srecko Horvat [srecko.horvat at] Mirek Prokes [prokes at] Vicky Skoumbi [vicky.skoumbi at] ( ?)

 [12] The European Financialization of Nature Network

is also proposing to organize an activity and take part in convergence moments.

Contact person: Caterina Amicucci, Re: Common [camicucci at]


 [13] Student movements

(Florence Students of the Left, Union of students, LINK,Rete della conoscenza, etc) would like to have a day long assembly dedicated to the issues of knowledge, education, research, training, etc. and probably connect to the Global Education Strike (

Contact person: Giuseppina Tucci [g.tucci at] Leonardo Landi [firenze1010 at]


[14] The European network of Solidarity Economy (RIPESS),

accumulating through various events that will take place between setpember and october (Venezia /Degrowth; Milan / Urgenci), should be presenting – either directly or through some of its members – a thematic seminar on alternative forms of economy / Local P’Acts (may be they could transform it in assembly process)

Contact person: David Marchiori [david_marchiori at]


[15] The EFI – IFE- European Feminist Initiative –

is involving various feminist organisations around Europe. One of the focuses is the issue of secularism in Europe, in relationship with citizens’ and women’s rights. ?

Contact: Nicoletta Pirotta [nicoletta.pirotta at]


[16] The IAI – International Alliance of Inhabitants

on the issue of Housing rights, has organised the Urban Social Forum in Naples in September (3-7), and could have an assembly involving also Unions of Inhabitants and Zero Evictions in Firenze 10+10.

Contact person: Cesare Ottolini [info at]


[17] The Italian UISP (Sports and culture union)

should organize the edition of World antiracist football championship and similar initiatives. ?

Contact person: Raffaella Chiodo [raffaella.chiodo at]


[18] The net of Alternative Trade Mandate

on the issue of the Business policies of the EU and the bilateral agreements on different countries (particularly the Mediterranean areas). ?

Contact person: Nina Sachau [info at]


[19] The Unlock-them campaign on the intellectual property rights

and the fight on ACTA is preparing a thematic seminar. ?

Contact person: Emanuela Soldano [e.soldano at] Monica Di Sisto [monica.disisto at]


[20] The Migrant networks

are probably going to work towards the Global Migrant Action (Dec.18, 2012):

Contact person: Edda Pando [eddapando at]


[21] The Italian network of NGOs

is trying to bring CONCORDE (the European NGO network) in order to discuss the issue of international cooperation of the EU (Italy will have the first forum on int coop in September)

Contact person: Fabio Laurenzi [laurenzi at] ?


[22] ‘A social Europe! Yes! But which one?’

is proposed by Global Social Justice, with possible involvement of trade unions, EAPN and Social Watch. ?

Contact person: Francine Mestrum [mestrum at]


[23] The Forum of the Theatres

(which was organised in the ESF 2002 in Florence) is promosing a meeting of artistis, actors and performers to discuss the situation of theatres and culture in Europe as Commons and their role in the movements (taking from recent experiences in Italy and other Eu countries). An appeal is being drafted.

Contact person: Tatjana Saltarello (Teatranti dei Popoli) [tatjana_saltarello at] Jacopo Del Sole [jacopodelsole at]


[24] European Civic Forum

(a network of more than 100 associations of all the European countries for cicic participation and partecipatory democracy) with Solidar (a European network of associations committed to social justice and solidarity), the Ligue de l’Einsegnement, Arci and other associations of the Italian Third Sector will promote a seminar-event oriented to improve coalitions and actions to defend the associative rights, to stop the democratic desertification of Europe, to stop the attack against the intermediate bodies, to relaunch civic participation and participatory democracy which are the conditions to defend and affirm social rights and to save the European integration. Trade unionists, representatives of local authorities, and all the ones who share the problem and the idea of alternative, will be invited.

Contact person: raffaella bolini [bolini at], jan robert Suesser[jrsues at]


[25] Engineers wihout Fronteers

will hold their meeting within Firenze10+10.



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