The Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism

The Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism was established at the International Conference on ‘Global Capitalism and Transnational Class Formation’, which took place in Prague on September 16-18,  2011. Sponsored by the Centre of Global Studies (Prague), the Global Studies Association of North America, and the International Sociological Association Research Committee RC02 (Economy and Society), this was the first international conference devoted to transnational capitalist class (TCC) theory and global class formation. Over the past decade a growing body of work has established TCC theory as an important theoretical approach for examining global capitalism. The conference set out to provide a place to share research, debate and explore this newly emerging network of scholars and activists focused around global capitalism and transnational class analysis. Around 70 scholars from 20 countries came to Prague from Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, North and South America, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Turkey and Iran.

The panels and sessions covered a wide variety of topics in the context of critical studies of global capitalism, notably transnational capitalist class and working class formations; transnational capitalist class and national capitalist class relations; elite networks; immigration and migration; global capitalism; production networks and commodity chains; global finance; transformation of the nation-state; the transnational state; transnational governance; information technology and globalization; the military/industrial complex and the state.

The conference concluded with a business meeting that established the Network for Critical Studies on Global Capitalism as a framework to facilitate ongoing contact among the 70 who came to Prague, many others who were unable to attend but would have liked tohave done so, and to inform others with an interest in global capitalism and transnational class formation. Another conference is set for 2013 in Australia.

All those interested in joining the Network and/or participating in forthcoming activities are invited to contact Jerry Harris at


2 thoughts on “The Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism

  1. Unless we’re changing the definition of capitalism that I was brought up with (individual freedom over corporate freedom), global capitalism is an oxymoron. Sounds like global FASCISM or corporatism to me. But what to do I know. I am but a lone reed.

  2. Thanks, I’ll look into this and maybe join.
    With regard to the comment above, That is a very narrow definition of capitalism, although I agree with your analysis of the global situation. For a brilliant historical analysis of the word ‘capitalism’ (and other important and difficult words) I can recommend ‘New Keywords: A revised vocabulary of culture and society’ ed. Bennett, Grossberg and Morris.

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