#S30: a European event against austerity! | STOP AUSTERITY


The event of September 30 ”  for a Europe of solidarity and against the austerity treaty  “concludes a great week of mobilization against austerity across Europe:

  • – Tuesday, September 25, the indignant Spaniards protested massively before Parliament against the drastic austerity measures implemented by the government, they peacefully demanded the resignation;
  • – Today, Wednesday, September 26 great events are planned in Greece to protest against austerity measures and a general strike in the majority of the private sector and the public sector;
  • – Saturday, September 29th several demonstrations to impose a tax on the richest and the redistribution of wealth will be held in five German cities;
  • – The same day, the Portuguese trade unions called for a mass demonstration in Lisbon, which could lead to a general strike. The Portuguese government pressure has already announced it would waive certain austerity measures.

Many Europeans will be present to testify to the Sunday solidarity with the struggle against austerity including representatives from PGE and Attac Europe. Other European networks have already announced their support for the event of 30 September: Spanish indignant 15M of the collective European economists EuroMemo the network in EU crisis (TNI / CEO).



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