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A  monthly global action. Held on the 22nd of each month starting on October 22nd 2012.  Streets creating futures !

Student movements, Occupy, Indignados, Social Forums, # Yosoy132, Y’en a marre, social movements and environmentalists, First Nations, rural populations, civil society organizations : let’s share our knowledge and resources! Multiply the possibilities of dialog and direct action. Our indignation is our greatest source of creativity!

Objectives  :

-Formulate guidelines and processes so that our Marches around the world become places to share knowledge and to discuss alternatives by using dialogue in  both local/global settings.

-Globally question  the destructive world order imposed by the politico-economic hegemonic system, focusing  on its impact on education, health, food security, security, freedom of expression or association, etc.

-Contribute to building a respectful global conscience of human respectability and our ecosystems.

-Share and distribute information about  actions and updates by the Indignados, Occupy, the World Social Forums, #Yosoy132 and all the other initiatives which call for the need of the multiplication of open access and horizontally managed spaces.


– A Web platform (want to collaborate to create the interactif website? please contact us : via22global AT gmail DOT com) which allows for the promotion of actions around the world, the sharing of experiences and means of action. The different groups/collective/assemblies around the world are invited to share this information in their networks.

To encourage the creation of spaces/creative actions to the end of the protests, including the 22nd of each month, inviting these groups to build a longer-term process, with the month after month Implantation of action in different networks around the globe .

Therefore the initiative is to promote inspirational ideas for the creation  of open spaces for expression and action, with a view to sharing knowledge and to build sustainable alternatives, on both local and global levels.

Actions VIA22 – Invitation open to  each group, assembly or other collective

The global spring , beyond borders and seasons … Today, millions of consciences demonstrate their stimulation, engaging on our streets and on the various social networks. We consist ofmillions around the world who feel moved to demonstrate a deep and historic uneasiness.

In Quebec, we have seen  the fruit of a global spring, which persists beyond the seasons. On the  22nd of each month since March 2012, hundreds of thousands of people marched in the streets of Montreal. At the beginning, these events supported the claims of the students on strike, but very quickly the stakes have expanded, causing a deep social debate on the neo-liberal policies of the government in place. 

Our voice joined those of all the peoples around the globe questioning the devastating order imposed by the hegemonic politico-economic system. Although our local realities are different, our voices sound as a global alert! 

Education, health, food security, the physical and psychological integrity, the access to the water or to adequate housing, the respect for cultures and the environment… should not be negotiable. Not in the South, nor in the North! 

Call to creativity: believe and create our future … In the streets! 

It is time to open our eyes to the need to collectively rethink the world in which we live and that we wish to pass on to future generations. Our gatherings must, more than ever, become spaces of construction of collective conscience! For the respect for human dignity and our ecosystems. 

There are many examples of creative initiatives around the world which demonstrate that it is possible to take an active role in the construction of our societies. We therefore appeal for glocal actions (local/global) the 22nd of each month, from 22nd October 2012. 

Let’s dream further and act further. 

Each community/group/organization may embed its actions in its local contexts, within open and horizontal spaces, in wich they will share knowledges, organize direct actions… 

We are looking to build up a Web plateform where all can register , share photos, videos, records, tools for action, etc. … Groups can also register  their actions on an international level, and this platform can provide tools for sharing (photos, videos, links, documents from activities … )

This would facilitate the networking and the sharing of knowledge at a local level and internationally . Our aim will be to encourage a organic process in which local actions could have global scope. 

Let’s deploy a globally conscious view  of the source of the relevant issues so that we can compare, understand and act at both local and global levels on the  22nd of each month , and everyday.

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