#Occupy #Spain Introducing Project MEGAVOICE15M

Moto project: If the police-troika won’t listen … They will have to hear us loud and clear.


Every body knows that at the rallies, global events and marches “the north end” (or the head of the rally) is singing a slogan, while another is chanted at the center and the “south end” sings a different one. One solution for this (or an improvement), is to synchronize our megaphones, while attaining higher volume (in decibels) and reverb/echo effects and also to improve the message to the audience, who are sometimes “deaf as a tree”

For that we have developed the MegaVoice Kit (the more the better), please use this idea it is all yours



1 megaphone sound with good power, comprising an “Aux” audio input, for a minijack pin to connect CD or mp3.

A regular megaphone can be also modified to attach the input for a 3.5mm jack socket connected to audio.

2 A 3.5mm stereo jack cable plug to connect to the input and mobile phone (or iPhone) to the megaphone.

3 A mobile phone like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia that has audio output for headphones.

4 Batteries always fully charged, for both ourselves and the hardware


1 Zello application (free and widely known) that emulates a walky-talky via wifi or 3G for sound, music and/or voice.

This program is similar to VoIP Mumble, and available for various platforms, windows, IOsx, Android, etc..

2 Wassup application (free and widely known) messaging (SMS’s) between groups, for MegaVoicers and the “head quarters” or “control center”.

Note: these programs can run simultaneously in most mobiles, no incompatibility. This way we have internal communication between groups and “the central” for slogan ideas and suggestions to be passed on via SMS’s.

Connecting and configuring programs:

For maximum performance, it is desirable that MegaVoicers get located in direct proportion, in example, for increased power, increased distance between megaphones. Once you connect the mobile to the megaphone and proved it works, you configure the programs.


Zello can be configured to several operating modes.

You can create private and public channels where every body talks or they just listen while one person talks, the latter would be the best choice for our project. It can be password protected so that not every one can use the channel. You can also assign administrative roles to users. With a little practice you can master in no time.


Who creates the channel is the “administrator”, so we have to decide who creates and maintains it.


Wassup program is very well known already and does not need much explanation, but for MegaVoice groups would be good to structure them, as they share their phone numbers with each other, in order to create international Wassup groups and communication with the “coordinating center”.


Who are the “MegaVoicers”?


They are the key people of the project. Ideally formed by a group of at least three persons.

If we created MegaVoice WGs in every assembly, and if each one can bring a megaphone and a telephone, would be perfect.

The MegaVoicers would teach the rest of the assembly how to use the tool in order to rotate the turn.

In time we would have one or more MegaVoice trained person at each assembly, so if one can not attend the event, a deputy will.


What is the “coordination center”?


The action can be managed at the same event or from a remote location inorder to avoid noisy feed back (classic squeaking), therefore, it is convenient to isolate the source of the sound from the megaphones.


People at the coordination team, have ideally a good voice and creativity, as well as total access to enough information of the overall situation of the event at all times, obtaining real-time reporting, to transmit via rallies and marches sms’s .

The possible uses of this tool are many, it is better suited to global events (power to the imagination).


For example:


Imagine that in every street of a big city we would broadcast a coordinated message from the same source to a predetermined time and date.


Imagine that the we recorded the sound of pots and pans and played by International MegaVoicers on the day of the protest


Imagine on the Day of Direct Democracy (DDD or triple D) that will take place next Global day of action, the noise of pots and pans amplifyied in all cities in the whole world (at the same time?).


Imagine that on a football match, at the break, we could easily broadcast our demands form a remote location.


By imagining … ‘Imagine’ all the people …


We hope you like the project and make it your own.


Greetings and Solidarity

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