CALL TO ACTION ! Dec. 21st The Judgement Day For the 1%: Most Awaited Day in History Approaches, Let’s Make It Happen!

Help Make Dec. 21st, 2012

the Most Momentous Day in the History of the World !

The day we realize it is not about nations,
and the whole world is one.. oh, that will be the grandest of days”

~ Gandhi

December 21st 2012, one of the most awaited days in the history of the World is but a few weeks away. Some of you know that the misunderstood Mayan Calendar resets on that day. The misinformed have imbued Dec. 21st and the meaning of the Mayan Calendar reset with every sort of fantasy and misconception.

But a sober academic look at the subject reveals that the present day Maya people view the end of a cycle and the start of another as a time of renewal, restoration and celebration.[1,2]

That last statement is in accord with what the anthropological and archeological records have to say about how the ancient Maya viewed the end of one cycle and the start another.[1] As you read this article millions of people around the world are making preparations to observe and celebrate December 21st with themes of personal, collective and cultural renewal at the forefront.

The question about December 21st, 2012
is not — what’s going to happen — but rather,

What are we going to make happen ??

The meaning of the Mayan Calendar’s reset is all about the social realm.[1,2]

In an effort to make the most of the momentum carried by December 21st, has sounded the call for a Global Jubilee.[3] A Debt Jubilee unifies vast swaths of the global population. No other social movement has such a broadsupport base ! [5]

A Jubilee refers to more than debt cancellation. It also refers to a time of celebration, healing, restoration and renewal.[3] Themes that most people can relate to, and approve of. The themes associated with the Mayan Calendar’s reset are intimately related to the idea of a Jubilee in general.[1,2]

We are talking about hundreds of millions of people who are already supportive of a Debt Jubilee[7] and hundreds of millions more who would readily join in to support once they are made aware of the effort.[5] Debt cancellation is an easy subject to understand, and communicate.

We have something momentous
to celebrate and the global circumstances
surrounding this time couldn’t be anymore epic !

A Debt Jubilee has been voiced by various mainstream economists and academics in a number of high profile mainstream news outlets on several continents.[5] Economic professionals and everyday people are recognizing that the only sane and humane wayout of the Global debt crisis is widespread debt cancellation.[5]

Collective debt cancellation and wealth redistribution practices have a significant and long lived historical precedence in various ancient and not so ancient cultures of the world.[4,6]

Many have and many more are coming to the conclusion that widespread debt cancellation for individuals and collectives (sovereign, student debt) is the requisite first step toward the redress of our varied and numerous collectively shared problems.[5]

The following groups are either already calling for a debt cancelling Jubilee(**) or they would happily get involved upon learning about the effort.

Organizations actively pursuing a Debt Jubilee.

As you can see there is wide spread cross cultural support for debt cancellation and the potential for even greater support is evidenced by the shared values between the various groups.

October 16, 17, and 18 of 2009 saw over a 173 Million people gather around the world to voice support for an end to poverty.[7] That gathering broke the world record for the largest mobilization in history!

The event was sponsored by the U.N.’s Millennium Campaign, and was therefore more symbolic than anything else, as it did not provide for an action plan. It was a toothless demand to world leaders that they take steps to reduce poverty.

What are we to expect from the U.N.? It does the bidding of governments, not the people. It should be clear to those paying attention to world and national affairs that we the people are on our own. It is we the people who must take action to deal with the mounting collective challenges before us.

The Governments of the world have proven themselves useless to create a sane and just world! In fact it is their very polices and so called law and order schemes that are to blame for most of the world’s collective woes and in particular the all consuming debt crisis.[8]

It is we the people, a collaborative coalition of justice seeking collectives and individuals who will forge the pathways to a better world for all concerned. It is we the people who must absolve ourselves of our individual and collective debt as the first step toward greater and brighter accomplishments !

The world’s governments are owned by the banking establishment, thus we can never expect them to take steps to reduce poverty, or debt for their purpose is to induce it in their populations and to create it themselves.[8]

The current banking-financial system derives its vast illegitimate wealth from incentivized debt induction schemes and a fraudulent monetary-banking system.[8] A 16 Trillion dollar debt for the US Government alone ! A debt paid by you the unwary tax payer. A debt created largely by imperial wars where a few profit at the expense of the many.

The “Poverty Eradication Gathering of October 2009″ demonstrated a massive degree of support for the idea of poverty reduction, and any honest economist knows that the first step to do so under our current debt laden conditions is debt cancellation.[8] But the U.N. program makes no mention of debt absolution.

Therefore it is up to the people to take the necessary measures to restore sanity to our beleaguered planet and the first step is to unload our individual and collective debt (sovereign, student debt) in order to free up the resources needed to adequately begin addressing our most pressing collective problems. Now the question of when to begin the process.

December 21st, 2012

The first step is to sound the clarion call for “Year of Jubilee 2013″ ! Discussions around how to best go about the process of debt cancellation at the collective and individual levels must begin in earnest.

The Occupy Movement has already published The Debt Resistors Operations Manual, but the debt cancellation conversation must come to the forefront within the entire Social and Environmental Justice Community as the single most important first step in the process of bringing about restoration and relief to our communities. is proposing that we bang the drums louder so as to encourage as many people and organizations as possible to observe December 21st with said themes in mind !

The purpose of which is…

  • to sound the Clarion Call for a Year of Global Jubilee 2013 !
  • to catalyze greater global participation toward the creation of a better world !
  • to honor the past and to celebrate the start of a New Cycle of Time ![1]
  • to inspire collaboration on a scale never before seen !
  • to draw the world’s attention to our most pressing collective problem. !

* A record breaking mobilization would get a great deal of press coverage. We wouldnot be protesting, blocking traffic or smashing windows.

We would be gathering in such a way as to set the stage and example for the next phase of human cultural evolution ! implores of those reading this call to action to get involved in the outreach effort by contacting as many people and organizations as possible with this proposal. Outreach Kit further down.

December 21st offers the Social and Environmental Justice Community a unparalleled opportunity to advance our agendas in a very powerful way !

Our hope is that you will contribute what you can to help make December 21st, 2012 one of the most momentous days in the history of the world !


Rohaan Solare
Founder-Author of

The Planetary Perspective
Contact via email


You are encouraged to review each article for greater appreciation and understanding behind the universal meaning of 2012 , its relation to Jubilee and the general spirit of the times in which we find ourselves.


Those of you who willing to lend a hand to the outreach effort are encouraged to use the enclosed Outreach Kit. Suggestions on how to refine and improve upon the outreach effort are most welcome. Either contact me directly or leave a comment below.

Outreach Kit contains

  • Event Poster
  • Outreach Letter
  • Supporting Articles (above references)
  • Outreach Strategies and Suggestions
  • Find a Dec. 21st event near you.
  • Register your Dec. 21st event.

You are free to copy paste images and text from this article or any other supporting article to craft your own outreach package. I only ask that you include a link back to the original article.

List your event or find events near you at has created an online resource board for organizers to list theirDecember 2st, 2012 events. You can also find events that you might consider attending.



Outreach Suggestions

Blog and website owners are encouraged to post all or part of this article as long as you include a back link to the original article.

Everyone is encouraged to reach out to as many websites, organizations and individuals as possible.

Outreach Letter

The Outreach Letter is to be used in formal submissions to individuals, organizations and Blogs/Websites by way of email. Use as the “reply to” address. will handle the replies.

Link to Outreach Letter: A Plea for Sanity and A Call to Action as the Most Awaited Day in History Approaches !!

Outreach Targets

The following types organizations, blogs and websites should be targeted for outreach. It doesn’t matter if organizations get 2 or more outreach submissions by various outreach agents as it will alert them to the level of demand for proposed actions. This is comparable to political action campaigns when you are asked to contact your senator or local representative. The more calls they get the more they listen.

  • Student Groups
  • Social-Environmental Justice Groups, i.e., Greenpeace, Avaaz, Earthfirst, etc
  • Better World Advocates, i.e.,, Worldshift, Humanity’s Team
  • Human Rights Organizations.
  • Indigenous Orgs.
  • Labor Unions
  • Peace and Anti-War Orgs
  • Spiritual Communities
  • Demilitarization and Disarmament Groups
  • Relevant NGO’s
  • Jubilee Orgs such as those listed above
  • Alternative New Websites

First contact the communities, organizations and websites closest to you. Once you have exhausted your personal collection of contacts then search key words such as the terms used to describe the target organizations in the above list.

Also search key words such as debt jubilee, debt forgiveness, debt cancellation, jubilee 2012, native american, first nations, activism, solidarity, gandhi, Martin Luther King, global shift, shift of ages, new world, new earth, new age, gaia, gaian, imaginal cells, derek jensen, deep green resistance, anonymous, zietgiest, venus project, terrence mckenna, mayan calendar, earth changes, 11:11, eleven eleven, pagan, wicca, astrology, ascension 2012, aztec calendar, Hopi Prophecies, tzolkin, burningman, dreamspell, galactic alignment, timewave,

Outreach via Twitter

Target your most receptive followers with a link to this page. An outreach tweet looks something like this.  CALL TO ACTION!  The Most Awaited Day in History Approaches ! ! @TweepA @TweepB @TweepC.  The provided link is good feel free to copy paste title and link. Using the suggested alternative title allows for more twitter profile names.

When targeting large numbers of users within a short period of time place the profile names first such as… @TweepA @TweepB @TweepC  CALL TO ACTION!  The Most Awaited Day in History Approaches !

When you place the user names before the link then only they see the post. This prevents your followers from being bombarded by repetitive Tweets.

When posting about Jubilee or december 21st use the hashtag #D21

You can also target those using certain hashtags, as in the following list, for those using them will be the most receptive to your outreach effort. In the process you are bound to gain new followers and enrich your network.

Some of the more populated Twitter hashtags to target are #activism#ows #soldarity#indigenous #peace#antiwar#anonymous#strikedebt, #earthchanges,#decolonization #sankara.


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