A three-day strike happened from october 16th to 18th in primary and secondary schools. The students unions made the call and the CEAPA (coordinator for Parents associations) supported it.

For the first time ever, parents claimed that they were not going to take their children to schools on october 18th as an answer to the law project that mr. Wert, minister for education, wants to carry out and has already started to implement.

The quality of  public education is being destroyed while reinforcing private schools, by making the labor conditions for teachers worst and increasing the ratio of students. There is as well a decrease of the money dedicated to grants in 185 million euro. Besides all this, the law project wants to implement a model of education based on passing exam after exam, without taking any care of the needs of the children and teenagers. It includes also a project to finance with extra profits the schools which get better average marks, so no school will take a student with special needs or with difficulties in his learning process, increasing the possibility of social exclusion. It also plans to finance private schools which use gender segregation as a method.(See, or NL#15, 4 ). This proposal is considered a step back to outdated models of education.

This is why parents and students want Mr Wert to resign. Wert answered the call of the CEAP by accusing them of acting irresponsably, by not taking their children to school.The result was that many thousands of students, parents and teachers answered the call all over the country.

The demonstrations at 12h and concentrations at 18h in Barcelona were huge, as a lot of people attended in solidarity. In Catalonia, main slogans were against Wert and the polemic intention of  “Spanishizing” the Catalan students, but also against the Catalan councillour for education, Mrs Rigau, who on October 16th was the blank for a loud collective whistling in Sant Jaume square due to all the austerity mesures she is taking.(NL #26,4 ).

The answer to the call in universities variated from one to another. Several campus were occupied and, from the second day, many were on strike. Most university students attended the demonstrations. In Barcelona, a group of students at the University of Barcelona (UB), occupied during a day an office of Santander bank, turning it into a Study-room, under the slogan “Companies and banks, go away from university”, regarding the intentions of the Generalitat of leting companies in to finance the university- and so to decide on what should be taught and how -as well as the intentions of changing grants for loans. (NL #29,1 )




Oct 17th ; Oct 18th


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