Complete LaborTech 2012 Schedule

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LaborTech 2012 Schedule

FRIDAY, November 30

5:00 – 7:00 PM Registration – (McLaren Center rm. 252)

7:00 PM Plenary – (McLaren Center rm. 252)

Welcoming – Dorothy Kidd, Professor, Department of Media Studies, USF, AFT 4269

Spooked by the MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses)? The Boom in Online Learning and the Future of Educators & Public Education

Major computer and tech companies along with speculators are seeking high returns by removing teachers and replacing them with online learning. Who is behind this, how is being sold in public education and what will the results be of this transformation.

Danny Weil – Labor Journalist, Research on Education and Privatization

Kent Noel – University of Hawaii Professional Assembly NEA “Online Education And The NEA”

Kathleen Carroll – Attorney, Researcher, The Financial Forces and Connections Behind The Education Online Drive

SATURDAY, December 1

9:30 AM Opening & Welcoming – (McLaren 252)

Dorothy Kidd – Professor, Department of Media Studies, USF, AFT 4269

Committee Members

9:35- 10:40 AM Plenary – (McLaren 252)

Technology and Workers Organizing In The Global Economy: What’s Really Happening? What’s Needed?
What are the technology issues workers and unions face in the global economy and how can they overcome these new challenges? The digital revolution is having profound affects on the global workforce. This panel will look at these issues and what new questions labor is confronted with.

Richard Stallman – Free Software Foundation (

Making Change at Wal-Mart Organizing Campaign (

Steve Zeltzer – KPFA WorkWeek Radio & Labor Video Project, CWA Media Workers Freelance Unit

10:50 – 12:20 PM Workshop I

1) Tech Workers Organizing Globally – (McLaren 252)
Technology workers called Information Technology Workers Solidarity Network (ITWSN) are organizing in Turkey and have faced censorship by Facebook in an effort to prevent them linking up with other tech workers globally.

Presentation by ITWSN (

2) Labor Apps and Social Media In Organizing – (Cowell 106)
How can social media be put to use for workers and unions in their struggles?

Steve Dondley – Promethous Labor Communications (
Mike Daly – Ironworkers Local 377 retired

3) Communication Technology and Internet Rights On The Job – (Cowell 107)

(Presenters to be announced)

12:30 – 1:45 PM Lunch Plenary & Discussion – (McLaren 252)

An Internet of, by, and for The People: Struggles and Successes in an Emerging Global Movement infrastructure off the grid

What do trade unionists and labor have to do to defend democratic rights and communication rights on the Internet and what are some lessons in this struggle?

Chris Witteman – Staff Attorney at the California Public Utilities Commission, representing the public and member of CASE

Todd Davies – Lecturer, Stanford University, associate director of Symbolic Systems Program

Mazi Buko Jara – Marikana Miners Support Committee in South Africa

2:00 – 3:30 PM Workshops II

1) Building LaborFests in the US & Around the World – (McLaren 252)
Mehmet Bayron – LaborFest Turkey

Jimmy Kelley – ReelWorks, Coordinator of Labor Studies, San Jose City College

Kent Noel – LaborFest Hawaii

David Duckworth – LaborFest (San Francisco)

2) Democracy and Labor and the Public – (Cowell 106)

David Leadbeater – Professor, Laurentian University, Economics, Labour Studies Program “Communications, Labour and Metropolitanism”

Todd Davies – Lecturer, Stanford University, associate director of Symbolic Systems Program

3) How To Do A Labor Video and Radio For Organizing And Education – (Cowell 107)

Michael Whitty – USF, Formerly with Working Detroit Radio

Steve Zeltzer – KPFA WorkWeek Radio & Labor Video Project, CWA Media Workers Freelance Unit

3:45 – 5:15 PM Workshops III

1) Using Streaming to Get Your Stories Out and How To Build A Streaming Labor Channel – (McLaren 252)

John Parulis –, Media Workers CWA

2) Using Social Media To Organize – (Cowell 106)

Steve Dondley – Prometheus Labor Communication

Sean Gillis – IFPTE Local 21 Political Director Oakland

3) Tech Workers, Health and Safety and Internet Campaigns – (Cowell 107)

Dr. Larry Rose – Past Former Medical Unit Director Cal-Osha, formerly member of Union Of American Physicians & Dentists AFSCME

Rep from Korean Samsung Workers Health Campaign

7:00 – 9:30 PM Dinner & Cultural Event

(Location: 518 Valencia, near 16th St. in Mission District – Contact the registration desk for ride if you need)

Report on The Apple and Foxconn Workers in China

Debbie Chan – SACOM Hong Kong (

Labor Music with Carol Denney

SUNDAY, December 12

9:30 – 10:20 AM Plenary – (Cowell 107)

Protecting Media Workers And The Freedom Of Communication

Labor media workers are under threat throughout the world facing prison and even being targeted for assassination and bombings.

In this panel, journalists from Turkey and Palestine will discuss the issues facing them.

Rengin Arsian – Journalist with Turkish Journalist solidarity group “Press Out” (

Nabhan Khraishi – Communications Officer, Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (

Other journalists to be announced

10:30 – 11:45 AM Workshops IV

1) Using Streaming To Get Your Story Out And Building A Streaming Channel – (Cowell 106)

John Parulis –, Media Workers CWA

2) Building Interactive and Information Websites for union locals and labor – (Cowell 107)

Steve Dondley – Promethous Labor Communications

Sharon Higgins – Parents Across America,

11:00 – 1:00 PM Plenary – (Cowell 107)

Labor Journalism, Journalists and The Internet

Journalists and writers face an attack on their conditions and lives. The Internet is now being used as a tool to make workers temporary and part time throughout the media industry and use the internet for free labor and interns without pay. At the same time labor and our unions are fighting to get coverage of our stories and break the media blockade by the corporations and their media monopolies.

This panel will look at the attack on media workers, how their unions are grappling with these issues and how labor should be covered both by the labor press and in the struggle to get our labor stories out.

Steve Stallone – CWA-TNG Local 39521 Secretary, SEIU 1021 Communications

Steve Early – Labor journalist CWA Media Workers

Tom Ladd – NWU-UAW 1981 Bay Area Chapter Chair
Paul Burton – Editor San Mateo Labor Journal, member CWA

1:00 PM Summary & Wrap-UP – (Cowell 107)

(Organization for identification only)


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