FIRENZE 10+10: Reports, videos, reflections compiled by Jasper Teuinissen

A very incomplete collection of reports from Firenze 10+10, 8-11 november, Florence, Italy,

Reports of workshops and events

Report of the Food Sovereignty Meeting on Land Issues

Report of the European Water Movement Assembly at Firenze 10+10 (videos see below)

As a result of seminars at “Firenze 10 plus 10” on the far right this common text was elaborated and adopted in the final plenum.


Livestream recordings from European water movement assembly:ública

The Financial Transaction Tax in Europe (9 nov 2012)

Firenze 10+10: Resistenza popolare Palestinese (10 nov 2012)
Mahmoud Zahware [ENG]
Hasan Barghouti [AR]
Luisa Morgantini [IT]
Gianni Tognoni [IT]
Roni Ben Efrat [ENG]

Occupy Assembly on a square in Florence (10 nov 2012) (part 1) (part 2)
Also see:

Final assembly, full broadcast (11 nov 2012)

Firenze, il forum europeo torna dopo 10 anni [IT] (9 nov 2012)

GlobalProject interviews on the first day of Firenze 10+10:
Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives) Matyas Beniyk (Attac Hungary), Tommaso Fattori, Mario Pianta (Sbilanciamoci),

GlobalProject interviews on the second day of Firenze 10+10:
Argiris Papadopoulos (Greece), Lidia Fernandez (Portugal), GianMarco De Pieri (TPO Bologna), Corinne (BlockupyFranfurt), Marco Bersani (Attac), Beppe Caccia, Roberto Musacchio, Carlo Balestri

GlobalProject interviews on the third day of Firenze 10+10:
Alessandro Valera (European Alternatives), Paolo Carsetti (European Water Movement), Claudio Riccio (“Io voglio restare”) Felipe Van Keirsbilck (CNE), Victoria Montero (Confederacion Sindacal de Comisiones Obreras) Cibel David (Union Syndacale Solidaires)

GlobalProject also did interviews with the organisers of the WSF in Tunisia, including Youssef Tilly from Tunisia, Rachid Malaoui from Algeria, Hamouda Soubi from Marocco and a presentation during the final assembly [FR]

WSF TV did several interviews, including Alex Zanotelli, Jason Nardi, Tommaso Fattori, Antonio Tricarico, Saida Garrach (about WSF Tunis)

Transnational Institute did some short interviews with ‘young activists that not only question the current system but also some of the traditional forms of activism’ (including participants of 15M from Spain, Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London):
New voices at Firenze10+10 tackle European crisis:
New Social Movement tactics:
The voices of Firenze:


Occupy Radio @ Firenze 10+10 (22 nov 2012)
This podcast was recorded recently in Florence where activists gathered from all over the world. As overwhelming debt cripples countries and citizens, we speak to activists from The Debt Jubilee Campaign and The 15M movement about the new waves of debt resistance that are forming in Europe and the UK.

Blogs & personal reflections

Firenze 10+10 attempts to wake-up Europe’s activists: how much longer can we abandon Greece? (12 nov 2012)
by Nick Dearden

Firenze 10+10: Learning from defeat (20 nov 2012)
by Stanislas Jourdan, but can be viewed here:

La otra Europa fija sus batallas en Florencia [ESP] (22 nov 2012)
by J. Marcos y Mª Angeles Fernández / Diagonal

Firenze 10+10 – Reflections on the Left in Europe (29 nov 2012)
by Andreas Bieler

Evaluation and debriefings

Babels: After Firenze 10+10: impressions, feedback, being in touch.. [forum thread]

Feedback from the international events (Agora99 and Firenze10+10) – Workshop in London, 27 nov 2012

Workshop on upcoming international crisis-protests – 2Dh5 Festival, Amsterdam, 25 nov 2012 [report is on its way,]

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