Recovering Internationalism


By Waterman Peter


Peter Waterman, born London, 1936, has the unusual advantage of having been heavily involved as activist and academic in both the old social movements and the new, both the national and the international spheres, both with the old left print media and the new alternative cyberspatial media. With one foot in that past and one in the present, he also has the ambition of engaging critically with both. He also considers the value of a new utopianism.

This compilation of widely-scattered papers from the first decade of the 21st century includes reflections on: international Communism; labour, trade unions and a Global Labour Charter project; feminism, globalisation and internationalism; the alternative international communication projects of both labour and the World Social Forum; The global justice movement and a new kind of internationalism; Post-Communist Russia; and the contribution of ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ (such as himself), to global social emancipation.

Peter Waterman gives us much needed hope and inspiration for the struggles to come.
– Jane Wills, UK –

Peter Waterman takes us on a very engaging and lively journey in understanding the history of labour internationalism – –
– Edlira Xhafa, Albania –

KEYWORDS: GlobalizationInternationalism,LabourWorld Social Forum



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